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03/19/23 12:59:46 AM

Like if I go to the mall or Walmart or something I get like this overwhelming feeling. It is like just this big ball of noise and it makes me feel all this pressure.
Like the best way I found to counter it is to play music on my headphones. SO like I drown out noise, of everyone else. Like if I have that I am okay. And this is why I use to like to go Walmart at 2 am.

Anyone else have this issue?

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03/19/23 1:12:19 AM

Yes. And smaller groups too. Or just another person.
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03/19/23 1:13:12 AM

I only hate crowded trains

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03/19/23 1:19:55 AM

I hate crowds now more than I ever used to. But I feel like I've been having a bunch of adult ADHD epiphanies about how fucked I've always been, so maybe I've always hated large crowds of people.

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03/19/23 1:24:45 AM

Crowded restaurant or movie theater yes

Crowded sporting event or casino no

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03/19/23 1:25:39 AM

They're terrifying.

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03/19/23 1:31:20 AM

Yeah people are trash.

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