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03/19/23 12:31:57 AM

Asking for favors is one thing.

But over and over and over and over again. And never doing anything for others.


How do you prove that you exist?
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03/19/23 12:34:28 AM

Had a friend like that years back, but I cut him out of my life because he was basically just a parasite. He also turned into a huge asshole so that made it even easier.

Now my sister's going down that same path, I literally only ever hear from her when she wants me to do something and when I say I can't do it for any reason I'm the scum of the Earth. It's harder to cut contact with her though because she lives right next door and tends to take things out on either my mom or my grandma.
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03/19/23 12:43:47 AM

Asking for multiple favors in a row is pretty bad, but isn't nearly as bad as literally showing up at your house asking for money to buy cigarettes.

That was when I realized we weren't friends and I was just being used
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