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03/17/23 1:39:59 PM

getting really drunk

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03/17/23 1:46:42 PM

Corned beef and cabbage. It's really good when cooked right.

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03/17/23 1:51:43 PM

my cougar milf wants to go to some ayahuasca ceremony
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03/17/23 2:21:39 PM

Rissoles tonight, green and gold nails all day and green underwear.
Rissoles are corned beef and potatoes mashed into a patty and fried.

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03/17/23 3:22:38 PM

knightoffire55 posted...
getting really stoned

Big yellow joint big yellow joint I'll meet you down at the big yellow joint
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03/17/23 3:25:29 PM

I'ma fuck a leprechaun in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

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03/17/23 3:39:48 PM

Had a bad sleep last night, so im going home after work a d early bed.

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03/17/23 3:40:05 PM

it's ma mums birthday so we always have a good time

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03/17/23 5:00:02 PM

Going to a bar with some friends today

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03/18/23 12:08:44 AM

I don't really celebrate it. The only thing I do is wear green.

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03/18/23 11:07:24 AM

I went to the gym, then got dinner, then smoked a bunch of weed. Finished Barry (fantastic BTW, highly recommend). Then went to bed early cause I have dek hockey all afternoon today

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03/18/23 11:13:30 AM

Mowed the yard and the area around our barn and had corned beef and cabbage.

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03/18/23 11:55:38 AM

I am not. Why would I?

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03/18/23 4:30:02 PM

Had a green hot white chocolate with marshmallows.
Didnt really do anything special, though, but I did wear green.
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03/18/23 4:34:26 PM

On the actual day, just wore a green shirt after work.

Will be having corned beef and cabbage tomorrow.

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