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06/23/22 2:28:47 PM

Seems similar to how they updated FTL; free, but with a substantial amount of new content.

Time for me to put another ~200 hours into this game again.

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06/23/22 3:01:56 PM

wow, thats a surprise. Its been four years since the game came out


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06/23/22 3:15:20 PM

I played the crap out of FTL but never played this, and I only got FTL after all the extra stuff came out, so now seems like a good time to do that with ItB!

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06/23/22 3:25:02 PM



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06/23/22 3:34:53 PM

Holy shit
This is so much
If they'd even done one of these things (other than mobile) then I'd be pretty excited

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06/23/22 4:46:17 PM

This is good, Into the Breach is a game that desperately needs more stuff
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06/23/22 5:37:51 PM

What the hell

I got all of the achievements in that game and stopped playing like four years ago. I'm shocked they're adding more to it instead of making a new game.

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07/04/22 12:20:15 AM

So I got into the breach since it's on sale and had that big update. Some thoughts:
-It's fun! I will be playing a lot more of it.

-It seems...easier? Than FTL. I got a victory on my first run, all 4 islands. I remember it took me foreeeeever to get my first win on FTL, it seems like it's because FTL has a bigger element of luck to it than this. There's lots of learning what the events do, etc in FTL, but in this it's purely tactical. I didn't even lose a mech.

-I didn't use much of the extra tactical stuff that you can get during post-island rewards, I spent p much all my stars on extra grid and reactors, a couple new weapons here or there. I kinda wonder if I should pour more stuff into reactors going forward though so I can get some better damage going, the last few maps were p tight.

-I really like the emphasis on survival. You don't have to kill everything, just keep everything alive, it makes everything a little bit more manageable, esp when you start to get to where you can't ohko stuff AND get outnumbered. I could probably stand to use my health as a disposable resource though for blocking new vek.

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07/04/22 12:21:08 PM

yeah health is definitely a resource to expend since it gets refilled every level

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07/04/22 12:57:33 PM

I found it pretty easy too in the beginning but some of the other tank teams end up being pretty challenging.

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07/04/22 1:00:03 PM

Into the breach is an excellent game, I can't recommend it enough

It's more puzzle tactics than anything else (some describe it as a roguelike, which doesn't seem accurate)

Clearly marked indicators, low rng, no random events to memorize... The game is simply designed well, and that's why it can feel easy, aka fair

You can make the game more challenging by unlocking some of the weirder mech teams and giving them a try

The starter team is intentionally as straightforward as possible

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