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06/23/22 2:28:47 PM

Seems similar to how they updated FTL; free, but with a substantial amount of new content.

Time for me to put another ~200 hours into this game again.

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06/23/22 3:01:56 PM

wow, thats a surprise. Its been four years since the game came out


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06/23/22 3:15:20 PM

I played the crap out of FTL but never played this, and I only got FTL after all the extra stuff came out, so now seems like a good time to do that with ItB!

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06/23/22 3:25:02 PM



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06/23/22 3:34:53 PM

Holy shit
This is so much
If they'd even done one of these things (other than mobile) then I'd be pretty excited

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06/23/22 4:46:17 PM

This is good, Into the Breach is a game that desperately needs more stuff
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06/23/22 5:37:51 PM

What the hell

I got all of the achievements in that game and stopped playing like four years ago. I'm shocked they're adding more to it instead of making a new game.

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