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05/14/22 1:52:48 PM

No megas, no counterparts, no gods, only Normal

Note that Indeedee is depicted twice in the bottom right, in male and female forms.

The megas are done with and we're back to normality. Literally! Today we have the rest of the single stage normal types, after having gone through several already in different polls. This batch doesn't have mega evolutions or counterparts (or finite multiple non-gendered forms), they are entirely alone. But who's the best of them?

Previous results
Basic early rodent: Zigzagoon > Bidoof >> Sentret
Evolved rodent: Furret >> Raticate > Linoone
Basic early bird: Starly > Pidgey > Hoothoot
Middle bird: Pidgeotto > Fletchinder > Corvisquire
Fully evolved bird: Corviknight > Staraptor > Talonflame
Larval bug: Caterpie > Venipede > Sewaddle
Middle bug: Swadloon > Charjabug > Whirlipede
Fully evolved 3-stage bug: Scolipede > Butterfree > Beedrill
Basic early 2-stage bug: Cutiefly > Spinarak > Combee
Evolved early 2-stage bug: Shedinja > Ribombee > Centiskorch
Pikaclone: Mimikyu >> Emolga > Pachirisu
Basic 2-stage primary ghost: Misdreavus > Drifloon > Pumpkaboo
Evolved 2-stage primary ghost: Mismagius > Trevenant > Cofagrigus
Basic 2-stage pure grass: Skiddo > Tangela >> Petilil
Evolved 2-stage pure grass: Lilligant > Gogoat > Lurantis
Basic 2-stage primary fire: Vulpix > Growlithe >>> Slugma
Evolved 2-stage primary fire: Arcanine > Ninetales >> Alolan Marowak
Basic crustacean: Dwebble > Krabby > Clauncher
Evolved crustacean: Clawitzer > Golisopod > Kingler
Basic 2-stage pure ground: Cubone > Sandshrew > Phanpy
Evolved 2-stage pure ground: Sandslash > Marowak > Mudsdale
2-stage baby: Riolu > Mantyke > Munchlax
3-stage baby: Elekid > Pichu > Togepi
Basic fossil: Tyrunt > Omanyte > Archen
Evolved fossil: Kabutops > Tyrantrum > Archeops
Chimeric fossil: Dracovish > Arctozolt > Dracozolt
Basic human-like: Abra > Ralts > Machop
Middle human-like: Kadabra > Electabuzz > Machoke
Fully evolved human-like: Gardevoir > Alakazam > Gallade
Basic 2-stage primary ice: Alolan Vulpix > Snom > Cubchoo
Evolved 2-stage primary ice: Froslass > Alolan Ninetales > Glalie
Basic mollusc: Shellos > Shellder > Inkay
Evolved mollusc: Cloyster > Gastrodon > Octillery
Basic 2-stage primary fighting: Pancham > Galarian Farfetch'd > Mienfoo
Evolved 2-stage primary fighting: Lucario > Pangoro > Mienshao/Sirfetch'd
Basic pseudo-legendary: Goomy > Dratini > Larvitar
Middle pseudo-legendary: Dragonair >>>> Drakloak > Gabite
Fully evolved pseudo-legendary: Tyranitar > Metagross > Garchomp
Basic pure poison: Koffing > Ekans > Trubbish
Evolved pure poison: Arbok > Garbodor > Muk
Basic 2-stage primary electric: Blitzle > Yamper > Voltorb
Evolved 2-stage primary electric: Toxtricity > Zebstrika > Electrode
Single stage rock: Shuckle > Corsola > Relicanth
Single stage flying: Hawlucha > Skarmory > Aerodactyl
Basic primary fairy: Flabb > Snubbull > Spritzee
Middle fairy: Jigglypuff >> Clefairy > Togetic
Fully evolved fairy: Togekis
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05/14/22 1:53:19 PM

Fully evolved 3-stage water: Ludicolo > Kingdra > Azumarill
Mega evolved pseudo-legendary: Mega Metagross > Mega Salamence > Mega Tyranitar
Mega evolved 3-stage: Mega Beedrill > Mega Ampharos >> Mega Gardevoir
Mega evolved 2-stage (XY): Mega Banette > Mega Houndoom > Mega Scizor/Mega Lucario
Mega evolved 2-stage (ORAS): Mega Slowbro > Mega Camerupt > Mega Steelix

Slowbro and Camerupt traded the lead a couple times, but the gen 1 rep wins out in a big reversal from the previous day. Steelix edges out Altaria for third.

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05/14/22 1:54:43 PM

Bouffalant I guess, but dont care for most of them all that much
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05/14/22 2:02:47 PM

Gotta be my boy Dunsparce although Spinda is very cute too

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05/14/22 2:04:10 PM

First Spinda vote out of 14? ouch, rough competition

although yeah there is a a lot of good choices here

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05/14/22 2:05:50 PM

Yeah these are all very bland but that's typical for Normal types, it's in the name!

Guess I could cheat and vote for Ditto, it can simply transform into a better pokemon... but I kinda have a soft spot for Girafarig. A) There isn't enough giraffe representation, and B) palindromes are neat.

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05/14/22 2:07:51 PM

first for STANTLER

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05/14/22 2:16:37 PM

I love Spinda the most, but I actually kinda like this group!

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05/14/22 2:17:25 PM

Finally back to the good stuff. Stantler and 50% of Indeedee are the lowest tier, but most of them are good for several various reasons.

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05/14/22 2:20:24 PM

Not much love for any of these so voted Ditto because of its usefulness

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05/14/22 2:37:20 PM

Kecleon should NOT have 0 votes.

That being said I voted for Smeargle.

But still, come on guys.

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05/14/22 2:38:22 PM

Komala > Girafarig > Spinda > on phone so I'm not ranking the rest

does anyone even read this
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05/14/22 2:39:30 PM

Voted Girafarig but kind of wishing I'd given one to Kecleon

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05/14/22 2:40:20 PM

These all suck

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05/14/22 3:21:25 PM

Why is Stantler here? I thought we started taking LA into consideration weeks ago

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05/14/22 3:29:07 PM

Most of these are super dull.

Ditto is great though.

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05/14/22 3:35:20 PM

Dunsparce is a top 10 Pokmon

Congrats to BKSheikah, who knows more about years than anyone else.
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05/14/22 4:16:06 PM

For some reason I always thought girafarig was Normal/Psychic. Not sure why.

No problem!
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05/14/22 4:17:37 PM

Girafarig is criminally underrated.

Lopen posted...
For some reason I always thought girafarig was Normal/Psychic. Not sure why.

Because it is?

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05/14/22 4:25:25 PM

This day is stacked for me, hard decision. I went with Keckleon just because they're in second-to-last atm
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05/14/22 4:47:46 PM

Easy vote for BOUFFALANT!


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05/14/22 5:00:39 PM

swirIdude posted...
Girafarig is criminally underrated.

Because it is?


Misunderstood the poll criteria then lol

No problem!
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05/14/22 5:23:39 PM

It's Girafarig for me, though I think a bunch of these are decent and wish they got evos or variants or something.

hombad46 posted...
Why is Stantler here? I thought we started taking LA into consideration weeks ago
That was just for those topics, outside of the LA specific polls every other topic has been as if Legends didn't exist. Also there was nowhere else to put Stantler and it made sense to use it here (same with Girafarig and Indeedee, there was space on the poll and it's not like there's many other places to put Normal dual types!)

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05/14/22 5:28:44 PM

Went for Kecleon, and I was a bit incensed that I couldn't grab one when I was trying to go for an all-lizard team.

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05/14/22 5:48:56 PM

TIL dunsparce is not ground

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05/14/22 5:54:16 PM

Dunsparce can fly. That is all.

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05/14/22 6:26:16 PM

Most of these are solid, but Girafarig and Kecleon are my faves.

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05/14/22 6:29:11 PM

Ditto is useful so that

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05/14/22 6:39:00 PM

Kenri posted...
Dunsparce is a top 10 Pokmon

Might just be bottom 10.

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05/14/22 7:58:15 PM

it's just really hard to imagine pokemon without ditto

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05/15/22 12:38:22 AM

Indeedee > Ditto > Smeargle > Kecleon > Dunsparce > Komala > Stantler > Girafarig > Spinda > Bouffalant

Previous 4 days:

Mega Altaria > Mega Camerupt > Mega Sharpedo > Mega Slowbro > Mega Lopunny > Mega Steelix > Mega Glalie

Mega Lucario > Mega Gyarados > Mega Scizor > Mega Manectric > Mega Houndoom > Mega Abomasnow > Mega Medicham > Mega Banette

Mega Gardevoir > Mega Gengar > Mega Gallade > Mega Pidgeot > Mega Ampharos > Mega Aggron > Mega Beedrill > Mega Alakazam

Mega Metagross > Mega Salamence > Mega Tyranitar > Mega Garchomp

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Tom Bombadil
05/15/22 9:08:44 PM

I like these!

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