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01/14/22 1:32:45 PM


Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum,
Minutus carborata descendum pantorum.
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01/14/22 4:04:01 PM

Mmmm vhs

Things are about to get arvified
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01/14/22 5:47:46 PM

Oh, no! Beta!

"I'm no hero. Never was, never will be. I'm just an old killer, hired to do some wet work."
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01/14/22 5:50:03 PM

What's a VHS?
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01/14/22 6:37:56 PM

Just made me think about the fact that my first stereo system had a record player, 8-track, and cassette. Which I later added a CD-player to by running a Sony Discman through the Aux port (after which my father used the same wires I'd added to hook up a 4-track instead - my response at the time was "I take one step forward, you take two steps back").


As far as I can tell, the company that made it doesn't even exist any more. I think it may have gone out of business before most people on PotD were born.

I still have it packed away in a closet somewhere.

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01/14/22 6:41:48 PM

This soap is from the sacred forest of Hokkaido, renowned for its countless soap factories.

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01/14/22 6:45:32 PM

That could just be a quirk of Springfield. Like the one Blockbuster that's still open.

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