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01/11/22 12:36:34 AM

Are you afraid of needles?

51 y/o high flying Scottish Computer Video Games Developer, Stewart Gilray who was the CEO of Just Add Water has died of COVID-19 because he FEARED and hated getting NEEDLES which meant he couldn't get vaccinated because of it!!

He was hospitalized with the virus on December 20 and his condition worsened over the coming weeks as his grieving widow, Bec is urging the public who are worried about getting the jab to overcome their fears and get vaccinated.

The father of 2 described having covid as "horrendous" and wouldn't wish this on anyone as he's never felt this kind of sickness in his life as he urges everybody to get vaccinated and wear a mask to avoid the virus if you can

He was pictured on a ventilator while giving updates in his hospital bed stating he was not doing great and the amount of oxygen he needed was keeping him alive.

He was later put in an induced coma as his condition deteriorated rapidly where he died on January 6th

Tributes poured in for the game developer with american video game programmer John Romer tweeting "It's hard to believe he's gone" writing he was a good friend to him and was always there when he needed him

Other game developers wrote their condolensces and for his work as CEO for a company he founded in in 2006

He developed remasters of the Oddworld Series and a video game adaptation for Doctor Who and Sniper Elite VR that released on several platforms including Playstation 4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch and Oculus

Are you afraid of needles?

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01/11/22 12:42:59 AM

If I was afraid of needles (which I'm not since I am vaxxed) that third pic would scare me straight.

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01/11/22 12:46:05 AM

Ventilators are scarier.

Even children terrified of needles can be distracted long enough to get a shot.

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01/11/22 12:50:33 AM

I genuinely feel bad because it isn't like he was pushing against vaccines themselves. It sucks that he just took a chance that it wouldn't be a problem and lost.

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01/11/22 1:09:45 AM

Well unfortunately some people just have debilitating phobias that they can never get over. My condolences to the family.

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01/11/22 1:12:00 AM

That's a shame. I have a friend that took xanax to get vaccinated.

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01/11/22 2:05:57 AM

51 years old
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01/11/22 7:54:05 PM

most say no

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01/13/22 12:10:48 PM

How can someone be that much of a baby? I hate needles, drawing blood is a terrible time for me and I need the nurse to talk to me while I stare only at their eyes until it is done. Still got the vaccine and the booster without complaint.

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01/13/22 12:13:14 PM

i would much rather deal with a shot more than blood drawn.

i chose shot over being on a ventilator. have a low chance of living if end up on one of those and i fear death.

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01/13/22 12:31:33 PM

Genuine fear of needles is at least an honest reason, even if it's still an ultimately bad one. And I can't look down on someone's phobia when I can't personally experience how severe it is - if the best way to protect against Covid happened to be skydiving, I'd probably be dead or on a ventilator right now.

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01/13/22 12:33:12 PM

Yeah, I'm pretty uncomfortable with needles AND I've had a bad reaction to another vacine in the past. (I don't actually remember what one it was now, it was something I got around age 10, I forget if it was routine or if there was a specific reason.)

I'm still fucking double-vaccinated against covid anyway. (Will be triple once I'm actually eligible, but NZ's piss-slow rollout strikes again...)

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01/13/22 12:33:51 PM

Hate needles, still doubled up.

Thank fuck because it hit my house.

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01/15/22 2:25:44 AM

goddamn dude probably has money. what was stopping him from getting a personal dosage at his house when he was sleeping.
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01/15/22 2:36:42 AM

I dont hate them, but I certainly dislike them. My first two corona shots didnt hurt one bit. Then the third one, the girl stabbed me like she was putting a stake through a vampires heart. She must have come close to the bone. Then my brother said she gave him his shot and openly laughed about how she liked to make it hurt!

Once, I got a Vitamin B12 shot in my shoulder and I thought I was going to cry. It felt like they injected me with magma or something.

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01/15/22 3:23:58 AM

used to be deathly afraid of needles til an embarrsingly late age... still got the 2 jabs and booster

if I still had that phobia, i might have considered asking to be put under and then get the jab... is that possible?

just seems like there's definitely a way around this when the stakes are high enough

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01/15/22 3:24:28 AM

Rayman2943 posted...
goddamn dude probably has money. what was stopping him from getting a personal dosage at his house when he was sleeping.

yeah this

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01/15/22 3:26:07 AM

That's stupid. He couldn't get put under and then get vaccinated?

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01/15/22 3:31:02 AM

Scared of a few quick jabs, still willing to clog up hospital and get IV needles
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