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09/15/21 12:41:19 AM

Is Jennifer a MILF?

If it were any other red state, Jennifer Siebel Newsom easily look like a Republican Blonde but in California, she's a Democratic Liberal and will continue to stay in the Governor's Mansion after Newsome's decisive victory..is she a MILF?.






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09/15/21 12:53:34 AM

the dude going against newsom is gonna claim voter fraud, while also saying he has proof of it happening

mainly because he already did before anyone could even vote because his website had a thing posted to it early that claimed that already.

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09/15/21 1:07:34 AM

Looks pretty average for a rich guy's wife
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09/15/21 1:36:55 AM

Voter fraud will always be a thing now thanks to mail in voting being pushed onto people

I'd be interested to see the Democratic reaction to losing an election where most ballots are returned by mail....

Anyway, I wonder if there's any truth behind this woman telling an actress to keep her mouth shut over something involving Harvey Weinstein

Is Trump Jnr still dating Gavins ex wife?

.. so many questions o_o

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09/16/21 4:01:27 PM

She's still attractive, and for having had four kids she's in pretty good shape. I guess being rich helps.

...oh, she's 47? I thought she was older.

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09/16/21 8:51:14 PM

She's hot yes.

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