Current Events > ActivisionBlizzard is being sued by California for having a "Frat boy"

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07/22/21 1:15:11 AM

Environment. Apparently they allow rape jokes and alcahol boasting to be in the work place and a worker even committed suicide on a business trip because of explicit photos of that person shared around the work space. Activision Blizzard hasn't commented as of yet.

Big if true.

Y helo thar buttsecks
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07/22/21 1:17:41 AM

Thats interesting

the 90s and 2000s was pretty much a frat culture in the silicon industry

times are changing

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07/22/21 1:27:06 AM

Its true. Glad theyre finally being called out on it.
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07/22/21 3:52:06 AM

As if that wasn't obvious enough from the blatant xenophobia in Call of Duty.

This is like putting a t-Rex against a chicken. - Callinater
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07/22/21 3:54:19 AM

weekoldhotdog posted...
Just sayin'

Word from the wise: Don't run in the shower.
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07/22/21 3:57:36 AM

So it's like Bill Crosby?

"It was horrible," guard Jeff McInnis said.
"I took 100 naps and we were still in the air."
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07/22/21 4:46:42 AM

this entire company must be purged

You act like I don't know my own way home
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07/22/21 4:50:00 AM

Friendly reminder that Ubisoft has changed almost nothing internally since their scandal. Apparently everything is still going on and the bad actors are still there. All they did was oust a few high profile people as a display, but did nothing internally.

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07/22/21 7:38:28 AM

Wow gamers really were a mistake.

CyricZ He/him
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