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07/21/21 10:56:32 PM

Do you support vaccine passports for people travelling between borders?

Just 2 days after Canada reopened its border with the United States for an August 9th target date, the US has decided to EXTEND the border closures to August 21 despite lawmakers on BOTH aisles demanding the border reopen!!

The Department of Homeland Security announced they have extended travel bans on BOTH borders with Canada and Mexico as they have been closed since March 2020 despite pressure mounting for vaccinated people to go in and out

The US Travel Association now estimates that every month the border is closed, it costs 1.5 billion in economic costs and tourism officials in Canada said it cost them 20 billion last year

Politicians have been calling on Biden to reopen the border with 75 House members pressuring them and to begin taking a science based, data driven approach to reopening

Before the pandemic, 1 million cars passed from Canada to the US every day but last year dropped to 100K.

Michigan sent a letter to both Justin Trudeau and Biden to reopen the borders as Michigan families on both sides are hurting from not seeing their loved ones

Canadian officials said they would allow fully vaccinated americans or permanent residents through but how they can prove it without proof will be tough with no mandatory passport.

It's been reported that 70% of Canadians have had at least 1 shot with 43.7% fully vaccinated and only 56% of the US has had 1 shot with only 48.7% fully vaccinated

COVID cases have been increasing in the United States as Delta is spreading across the country along with now with the Lamda variant and mask wearing may return seeing as Fall School is soon to reopen

Do you support vaccine passports?





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07/21/21 11:16:32 PM

I think our opening is a tad bit early, but it's almost time. 79% vaccination rate would be required to, like, whatever the reciprocol of its spread rate is... or whatever


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