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Full Throttle
06/10/21 10:41:49 PM

Have these conspiracy theorists scared you from getting the vaccine?

An anti-vax Ohio Nurse tried to prove that the COVID vaccines were giving people MAGNETIC POWERS by sticking a key to her body..only for it to embarrassingly FALL OFF in front of the Ohio House Legislature!!

After the key failed, she picked up a bobby pin to try the same stunt which also failed in demonstrating the magnetism.

Joanna Overholt testified before the committee about the dangers of these inoculations and demand they STOP giving them to people now

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an osteopathci physician gave testimony earlir about the "magnetic vaccine crystals" along with Overholt as the heifers tried to prove this theory by sticking magnetic stuff on their bodies

Ms Overholt was overheard saying "explain to me why the keys stick to me?" as it kept falling off and struggling to stick it on her neck and said "Yeah, so if someone oculd explain this that would be great. Any questions?"

It's not clear why the anti-vaxx nurse claims it sticks as the bizarre testimony has now gone viral which people are now mocking the couple

She also claimed the theory that vaccines contain MICROCHIPS using 5G technology and said "there's been people wo have long suspected that there was some sort of an interface, yet to be defined, an interface betwen what's been injected in these shots and all these 5G towers"

She was in favour of the Ohio State House Bill 248 dubbed the Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act that ban mandatory vaccinations.

People took a comedic turn to the accusations claiming they are now MUTANTS from X-Men

Do these conspiracy theorists scare you about the vaccines?












The News Will Continue...For Now
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06/10/21 11:07:15 PM

any 5g device small enough to be injected through the microlets they use would not have enough strength to even broadcast out of your arm, let alone receive power from anything lmao

same with if it was magnetic. even if there was something magnetic inside it, again, your body would be blocking anything it could do simply because of size.

these people are dumbfucks

the only actual reason why people had things stick to them is because their skin is gross and oily. one dude was doing a livestream to prove it was magnetic until someone asked him to rub baby powder on his arm, and it turns out the dude just had gross skin because nothing stuck to his arm anymore.

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06/10/21 11:15:27 PM

Holy shit we are all going to be Magneto!!

Talk about the best vaccine of all time.
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06/11/21 12:11:33 AM

Protection against deadly virus; nope!

Might give me Ernest Goes To Jail powers; shoot me up.

No locked doors, no windows barred. No more things to make my brain seem SKARD.
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06/11/21 12:12:49 AM

How is that gonna discourage anybody

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06/11/21 12:14:03 AM

Soon-to-be former Ohio nurse

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06/11/21 4:38:28 AM

Mead posted...
How is that gonna discourage anybody
For real.

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06/11/21 5:02:58 AM

This just in, vaccines cause male potency

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