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Full Throttle
01/13/21 10:54:32 PM

Do you think these people f***** up their lives by going there?

Former Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer, Klete Keller was spotted at the Capitol Riots and was outed by his former TEAM MEMBERS when he participated in the violent demonstration!!

He won 2 gold medals as a relay teammate of then Golden Boy, Michael Phelps and is now charged in a federal court

The 38 y/o is accused of obstructing law enforcement, knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building and violent entry and disorderly conduct

The Las Vegas native and a California doctor were identified by their colleagues and friends when their pictures were posted online

He was spotted as the towering man wearing a US olympic team jacket inside as the 6'6 Olympic medalist rambled on election fraud

The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee addressed the controversy by stating they strongly condemn the actions of the rioters and do not represent the values of Team USA as they are held at a very high standard

Keller now works as a real estate broker as a woman who answered the phone for the Colorado and Ohio based real estae agency where he works said "We are not commenting on anything right now"

He beat the Australian great, Ian Thrope back in 2004 in Athens when he won Gold for team usa as the anchor leg of the 4x200m freestyle

He then won 2 bronze, 1 silver and 2 gold during the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics and set the amerian record in 40m freestyle and then the 800m relay but both have since been broken

He STRUGGLED to adjust after his post Olympic career as swimming set high expectations for his success which made him "entitled" in the workplace and a poor worker. He once said "I'll be honest, i wasn't a good employee for the longest time because i expected it to all come to me as easily as swimming dd. Once things started going south, i lost that enthusiasm."

In 2014, he and his wife got divorced and lived out of his car for a YEAR and did not have visitation rights for 4 years.

He said his outlook on life was getting "lower and lower" but was saved by his siter Kalyn who is also a swimmer as he worked through this time by becoming a swim instructor.

He has now deleted all social media including pro-trump posts

55 y/o Simone Gold was the other identified as a founded the group America's Frontline Doctors where they OPPOSED government lockdown, mask wearing to contain the virus

She confirmed she was the woman in the picture carrying a bullhorn but thought the capitol was "open" to them and now she REGRETS going there and is BEGGING for forgivness.

Do you think these people f***** up their lives?
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01/13/21 10:55:41 PM

He's NOT hot.

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01/13/21 11:03:00 PM

Take away all of his medals
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01/13/21 11:03:59 PM

Holy shit he got fat like Mac in it's always sunny

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01/13/21 11:04:01 PM

That's way more disgraceful than smoking weed.

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01/13/21 11:06:18 PM

The Olympic governing body should strip him of his medals and strike his name from their records.

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01/13/21 11:07:59 PM

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01/13/21 11:09:02 PM

Damn that shit sucks

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01/13/21 11:28:44 PM

Terrorist go to jail
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01/13/21 11:34:38 PM

This isn't even about Michael Phelps.
It says Klete Keller in the first damn sentence, you clown.
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01/13/21 11:40:59 PM

What is it with American swimmers? Phelps is a pothead, Lochte trashes Brazilian hotels and now this guy.

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Wedge Antilles
01/13/21 11:42:09 PM

Winning the gold at being an idiot.

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