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01/13/21 7:41:58 PM

Do you find it strange that none of their family or friends knew the girl was pregnant all this time?

16 y/o Wisconsin Teen Dad, Logan Kruckenberg-Anderson is charged with murder after he put his newborn daughter in a tree and SHOT her twice in the head IMMEDIATELY after his gf gave birth in a BATHTUB!!

He is charged with first degree intentional homicide Tuesday over the brutal slaying of his baby girl named Harper

He is charged as an adult and told authorities he left harper in the snow in a wooded area to die after the young couple decided they were unable to look after her

He later admitted to fatally shooting the infant twice and hid her corpse

The girl gave birth to the baby in the bathtub of her home in Albany on January 5 and 4 days later, a man contacted police stating his teen daughter gave birth but Logan had taken the baby and they had not seen the bay since

She is not being named as she told police the couple decided they couldnt keep the child so they made a plan for him to take the baby to a friend who would then adopt their child...

When they questioned him about this, he said he met a friend named "Tyler" in a park who he handed the baby to for 60 dollars to take to an adoption agency but didn't know his last name or phone number only of how he looked like plus the SUV he claimed to have driven. He said they met through a quick add feature on "snapchat" and then tyler blocked him

His story then changed when they interviewed him a second time claiming they decided to rid the baby and leave her somewhere by putting her in a backpack and headed to a remote wooded area and then said he covered the baby in snow and walked away knowing she would die from the elements and claimed he heard her cry and fell to his knees in distress

Then he changed his story AGAIN after police found the child with gunshot wounds and then admitted what he did..

An autopsy determined harper was alive when she was shot as shell casing was found

Under Wisconsin law, anyone aged 10 an d older is automatically charged as an adult when first degree intentional homicide is involved and if convicted, faces life in prison

His bail is set at 1 million as Logan sobbed uncontrollably claiming he was SCARED to raise a child and if his family had found out what he did that would ruin his life

Do you find it strange that none of their friends or family knew the girl was PREGNANT all this time??
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