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01/13/21 5:28:55 PM

Hello our final 8! Half will continue onward to glory, half will be done until next season. Don't forget to still send picks to Wiggumfan267 and to pick tiebreakers!

Saturday, January 16th
4:30 PM ET
Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers
Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills

Sunday, January 17th
Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs
6:30 PM ET
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints

TB1: Pick any team to throw for 300 or more yards passing (again, as a team)
TB2: Guess the # of interceptions thrown in the CLE/KC game
TB3: Guess the # of rushing yards total across ALL games this weekend
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01/13/21 5:29:51 PM

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01/13/21 5:52:51 PM



I am Nick. Go Sens, Bills, Blue Jays!
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01/13/21 8:47:12 PM

Time to blow the best season I'll ever have, best of luck everyone.
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01/14/21 11:35:52 AM

Just to be sure BEFORE we start =)

About TB2, do we have to get the number right in order to win the TB or the closest to the number wins it (exemple: I say 5 and everybody else say 4. If the correct number is 6, do I win or we all go to TB3)
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01/14/21 12:40:09 PM

Closest number wins, and it will cascade to the next closest for the remaining spots unless there are multiple people with the same gap.

Say there's 5 people tied before TBs. All 5 get TB1 correct. Picks thrown = 6, 3 people say 5 and 2 people say 4. Those 3 people who guessed 5 are safe, the remaining 2 move to TB3.

Say that same scenario but only 1 person picks 5, 2 people pick 4, 1 picks 3, and 1 picks 2. THe person who picked 5 obviously is closest, then the next 2 closest get in, then the last spot is the person who picked 3 as the next next closest, whereas if the final 2 people had picked 3, they'd be tied and would therefore go to the last TB.
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01/14/21 4:50:08 PM

Congrats to all those who advanced! I'm happy to just watch the divisional round with no stake in who wins. Hooray, neutrality!

Since I missed the tiebreaker discussion in the last topic, here's my 2 cents:

I thought the tiebreakers were fine, and I don't think TB1 read at all as if the second closest would be correct if no one got the closest. In my mind, nobody getting TB1 right just means we all 'tied' at getting that tiebreaker wrong, so it moves onto the next tiebreaker.

I think the important thing is to have TBs that "increase in scope", if you will, so that the set of possible answers to the TB questions gets bigger as you go further down. I assumed that was why you picked what you did for TB3 - because while, yes, it was technically possible to tie that one as well, picking a single number out of hundreds of possibilities (let's say, 80-300+ yards) is nigh-impossible to tie compared to, effectively, picking a single number out of 6 (which of the 6 games will have the greatest margin) or out of 12 (which of the 12 teams has the highest rush yards).

If there was a mistake, it may just have been doing 2 "team-scope" TBs for the both TB1 and TB2. I like having TB1 be team-based as it fits with the competition the rest of the year, but perhaps TB2 should then be player-based, so that there are maybe 20-30 different options (how many players in all games combined will have at least 40 rec yards? etc.), and then TB3 is yards-based, so there are hundreds of different options.

The other key thing to note is whether the chosen TBs are discrete or relative. Discrete ones, like picking the teams, can just be "right" or "wrong". But relative TBs, like the yards guesses, can be compared by distance from the correct answer. Maybe TBs 2 and 3 should be relative ones, to reduce the possibility of a tie all the way down.

- TKS -
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