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01/13/21 6:38:08 AM

Worth or not worth?

plz say worth cause I bought it already

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01/13/21 8:04:03 AM

Absolutely worth it! A great little Metroidvania with a unique spin. It can sometimes be annoying backtracking but it's a very charming game imo.

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01/13/21 8:52:31 PM

Definitely worth it! Quite a unique Metroidvania. I played it on Game Pass.

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01/13/21 8:56:20 PM

Not a perfect game, it has a few frustrating parts and I wish there was a little bit more of it, but it's definitely worth playing and I recommend it
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01/13/21 11:39:46 PM

awesome game, super unique yeah. very hard to hate it.

it starts to get a little uninteresting...and then it's over! so it's fine!

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