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11/21/20 11:19:19 PM


These are the kinda COINections you make with people sometimes and it's neat.

So I was talking about how I collect currency and a customer overheard me and was telling me his son collects coins(moreso like the kid got interested and the dad was along for the ride, perhaps), but I went on about how cool it is and this n that. Today the guy comes back with his kid, so I was showing him some things, such as an older 1985 $100 note I had in my wallet and a newer $100 in my wallet to show him the lack of security strip on the older one. The $100 was a star note too so I pointed it out and he already knew what they were.

So, when they left I said if he comes back i'll have a gift for him.

But...what? Something that will knock his socks off. I think a morgan dollar or american silver eagle is kinda too much, but i want this kid to realize I am serious and I have balls. I think maybe a combination of stuff.

I don't know....I'm thinking maybe a silver nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and then a clad eisenhower dollar. That seems pretty fair. Those are all things he may not really have. But I am so tempted to just give him an american silver eagle and call it a day. The value of what I am giving up($26.36 for an ase today) doesn't even matter. The fact I can give him some life lessons in one go is worth whatever:

a) tell him to turn people at school onto coins, because it's cool
b) find somebody who has taken a genuine interest in coins and be generous to them on their journey.
c) an explanation into spot price/silver/investing.

Damn yo this kid 'bout to get somethin' badass next time I see him.
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11/22/20 12:07:57 AM

You should take his mom to brunch

Next Xbox will be named Xbox1 2
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11/22/20 12:28:46 AM

Isn't this more or less how the movie "One Hour Photo" starts, except with a disposable camera instead of numismatics?

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