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11/21/20 10:39:03 PM

Patron silver tequila

They said their dad bought a bottle of tequilla for them - and they are allergic to tequila.

I've never heard of anybody being allergic to tequila, especially since the distillation process takes out most anything that would make you allergic. Never mind the fact you'd hope their own father would know what they were allergic to.

Ultimately they had no receipt, and my company isn't taking returns right now anyways, so I told them sorry I could not. They understood.

BUT I didn't wait on 'em again but I feel think they just bought another bottle of tequila. If you are allergic to tequila, wouldn't it be all tequilas?

The only thing I feel like they could possibly be allergic to in this equation is overpriced fashion labels like Patron.

What I think is the most likely scenario here is that they bought or somehow were gifted a bottle of Patron they did not want, so to try to get around our no returns due to covid rule they said they were allergic to it.

Just doesn't make sense.
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11/21/20 10:52:21 PM

if the distillation process is shitty, you could have an allergic reaction to the agave plant it's made from

but given that it's patron, i doubt they'd fuck that up

paint me as the villain
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