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11/21/20 6:15:29 PM

Sorry to hear that. :( My wifes grandma is 98, shes still good for her age. Her husband was a lawyer and fought for racial equality in schools. My heart goes out to you and your family. Thoughts and prayers.

Here we go
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11/22/20 12:23:57 AM

Tsuyoi3 posted...
I'm very sorry for your loss.
She sounds like she was awesome.
I'm going through similar with my grandma, who also has dementia and Alzheimer's. She's ok some days, for now.
She has been similarly prominent in the family.
Again, condolences.
Sorry to hear about your grandma. Dementia/Alzheimers is such a terrible disease and so hard on family too. Best wishes to your grandma.

Parappa09 posted...
how are you feeling cleo? was it hard visiting the apartment to sort out her stuff? and were there any photos that you havent seen before?
Im doing ok. It kind of helps that we sort of knew it was coming. Also they allowed visitors before she passed so I was able to go see her and also called my siblings so they can speak to her on speakerphone. My other family in Egypt also all got to call and say their goodbyes. With everything going on with covid, we were so grateful for the time.

And yeah my grandma had several albums with tons of pictures. Several of my siblings and all my cousins when we were little.

I found this one of my and my bro that Ive never seen before

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11/22/20 3:47:33 PM

My mom just called me as shes going through my grandmas jewelry to figure out a piece to give to each daughter and granddaughter. I am getting my grandmas diamond tennis bracelet. Its so beautiful and Im honored to have it. It will be something I can pass on to my daughter too

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11/22/20 3:54:16 PM

RIP but it sounds like she lived a full and more than fulfilling life with a huge legacy
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11/22/20 6:01:13 PM

Cleo_II posted...
I found this one of my and my bro that Ive never seen before

thats so sweet, what a lovely picture of you both

i really want to go through my grandmas pictures to see what she has of all of us when we were younger

glad it wasnt sudden, and that most of you got to say goodbye

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