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10/18/20 1:04:49 AM

Best Nintendo franchise of this century prove me wrong

Shenmue II = best game of all time
Shenmue = 2nd best game of all time
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10/18/20 1:06:43 AM

Even sadder when you find out that it was Advance Wars that got Fire Emblem to ever even appear in the west. It is directly responsible for getting Fire Emblem a chance at localization and then it died out. But at least we still have Fire Emblem. But all Fire Emblem fans should honor Advance Wars cause of that
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10/18/20 1:14:27 AM

We lost a game with integrity and a ton of soul and we gained a piece of shit fan service franchise.

Not a good trade.

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10/18/20 1:15:08 AM

HagenEx posted...
We lost a game with integrity and a ton of soul and we gained a piece of shit fan service franchise.

Not a good trade.


fuck FE, AW was always the superior series. so much fun and had god-tier aesthetics. that soundtrack was godly too

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10/18/20 1:16:28 AM

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10/18/20 1:16:43 AM

Hopefully they eventually bring it back.

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10/18/20 1:26:51 AM

Pre-deployed units allowed for REALLY good level design. Definition of tough but fair

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10/18/20 1:28:15 AM

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Jeff AKA Snoopy
10/18/20 1:34:29 AM

What if they bring it back as a mobile game alike to the Fire Emblem mobile game?

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10/18/20 2:18:40 AM

Kanbei was a beast! Hated playing against Eagle when they would move again. The guy that used him took FOREVER making his moves
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10/18/20 2:27:19 AM

I was hoping for a Days of Ruin sequel.

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10/18/20 2:58:16 AM

Something about being unable to add 'waifu' mechanics, which is odd when Nell, Sami, and Sonja exist.

Sturm is mai waifu.
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10/18/20 2:59:10 AM

Wargroove is a great successor though.
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10/18/20 3:16:19 AM

Not many bought the ds games right? Unfortunate.

To be fair, FE almost died as well iirc. Awakening could have been a swan song had it sold poorly.

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10/18/20 3:21:04 AM

Yeah that was cool

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10/18/20 4:32:47 AM

In case anyone doubts what others are saying about Advance Wars being dead because they can't figure out how to add dating sim elements.

That said.....

lolno. Real Fire Emblem (The Archanea, Jugdral, and Elibe games) is far better than easily cheesed AW. All Sami and Sensei have to do is spam Mech. All everyone else has to do is spam Infantry to save up funds then buy up their specialization units. (Eagle being especially OP since just like in real war, air superiority OP. Bombers and Fighters to protect the Bombers just wins.) Or just plain spam expensive units in the case of Colin.

Sure, AW is better than Neo-Fire Emblem. (Sacred Stones onwards.) But..... that's not really an accomplishment.
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10/18/20 5:18:07 AM

au_gold posted...
I was hoping for a Days of Ruin sequel.
This. I loved that game and it had a great soundtrack. I'd be cool with another game in the main series too.

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10/18/20 5:21:47 AM

AW died so that fire emblem could live. the fairest of nexts.

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10/18/20 5:41:48 AM

AW got me into turn-based strategy. I still play them on GBA and DS from time to time.

Battalion Wars was fun too.

I'm glad they didn't run the series into the ground like they did Fire Emblem, even if it's still profitable, it's lost favor with me at least.

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10/18/20 6:07:03 AM

Fire Emblem would have joined it, if not for the power of waifus.

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10/18/20 6:18:00 AM

it needed more waifus
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10/18/20 6:19:11 AM

a shame that days of ruin was such a massive step up with plenty of potential that would never be fulfilled

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