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10/17/20 7:39:56 PM

You can Google your model and it'll give you the size. Choose closest option if you have fractional inches I did not include.

Kinda debating on getting one of those big honkin 6.7 phones. Ive always hated them but carried one around in my pocket and tried one out for the day and I really like it. Might consider a 5.8 or 6.1 one though idk. I have a 4.7 now and I felt it was sooo big coming from a 3.5 five years ago.

Figured Id sell my current one while its still sellable.
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10/17/20 7:43:05 PM

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10/17/20 7:43:58 PM

I have a 6.4" screen(Note 9), and I wouldn't go bigger. It's already pretty big for my hands with a case on it(I have larger than average hands), so going bigger would be too much. I guess it depends on how big your hands are, but I wouldn't go bigger than that.
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10/17/20 7:44:43 PM

You know, these poll values would probably be good for dick size too. This range probably include the average and like 3ish standard deviations.
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10/17/20 7:45:29 PM

4.7 inch

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10/17/20 7:45:50 PM

Smaller than my D

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10/17/20 7:47:03 PM


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10/17/20 7:55:11 PM

I converted a 65" OLED TV into a smart phone.

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10/17/20 8:20:26 PM

I have a 6.2" now. I don't need anything bigger, but I still don't feel like it is "too big". I probably wouldn't go bigger then a 7" though, as I feel like at that point you won't be able to fit it in your pocket anymore.

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10/17/20 8:38:33 PM

6.39 evidently. So long as it was still easy to get into my pocket i wouldnt mind going bigger. Definitely wouldnt want to go smaller.

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10/17/20 8:41:06 PM

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10/17/20 9:20:26 PM

Ogurisama posted...
s10+ 6.4"

Same, excellent phone.
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10/17/20 9:36:13 PM

I dont have tape on me, but its about 5.5 I think.

With a speaker that cuts into it at the top.

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10/17/20 10:40:00 PM

whatever a OnePlus 5 is. It probably qualifies as a Phablet.

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10/17/20 10:44:25 PM

5.7 because I went cheap.

I really miss my motorola I had a few years back.

That was a great phone. Huge and a great battery life.

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10/17/20 11:04:50 PM

Pixel 3 XL. 6.3"

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