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Full Throttle
05/23/20 1:30:05 PM

Is Alyza Hot?

18 y/o Arizona Party Girls, Alyza Alder and best friend, Ashley Ruth Degraaf were supposed to have the time of their lives after booking a one way trip to Hawaii in Honolulu on May 6th..but they both went full out partying and posted seductive pictures on Alyza's instagram just 2 days after landing..and now they're ARRESTED for reaking Hawaii's strict self-quarantine rules after they were busted on the social media platform!!

Alyza started posting pics of herself on the beach after Hawaii has strict orders in place requiring all visitors to self quarantine for 14 days to prevent COVID-19

She should have been in self quarantine until at least Wednesday but she broke that in just a couple days while going to Laie and Hauula between May 9th and May 14th

In one she wrote she just moved to her dream location in Oahu with "loving every minute of it" and during the time she had also been working at a restaurant in Laie

She was arrested while working at that location and is charged with violating the quarantine rule and unsworn falsification to authority

Her bail was set at 2000 as police said an anonymous whistleblower who saw her instagram made the complaint

While the self quarantine orders are unchanged some officials have lifted measure by opening up shopping malls, car washes, pet grooming and retail

Only restaurants and bars are closed and beaches are only open for exercise

State General Clare Connors said the measures were put in place to protect everyone's health and the 14 day self quarantine applies to everyone

Is Alyza Hot?



The News Will Continue...For Now
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05/23/20 2:53:53 PM


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05/26/20 3:30:11 PM



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05/26/20 3:32:13 PM

she's practice

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05/26/20 3:46:34 PM

The friction of sand and those thighs has got to be like sandblasting skin. It has to be like attack on Titan between there.
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05/26/20 5:07:30 PM

Fat ass and hot don't go together imo.
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05/26/20 5:23:46 PM

xjayguyx posted...
Fat ass and hot don't go together imo.

Only because they're usually on heavy set girls like her. Big for the body is nice (when not ridiculous), lady wearing smoughs leggings ain't nice.
Doctor Foxx posted...
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