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05/23/20 10:22:52 AM

the first one? did you like the cartoon movie more than all of them?

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05/23/20 10:23:28 AM

I somewhat liked the first half of the second movie.

Both the G1 movie and the Prime pilot movie are miles better.

Still gotta see Bumblebee

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05/23/20 10:24:06 AM

The first one. A lot of people like the animated movie but I never saw it.

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05/23/20 10:33:08 AM

the first one was god awful and I never had the slightest desire to see more after that

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05/23/20 11:30:56 AM

I've only ever seen the first 2. Liked the first one, thought the second one sucked.

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05/23/20 11:32:31 AM

Only seen the first two.

loved the first one. The 2nd one was horrendous

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05/23/20 11:41:13 AM

The first one was decent.

After that they all sort of blend together.
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05/23/20 12:09:51 PM

First one

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05/23/20 12:24:50 PM

Beast Wars
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05/23/20 12:34:39 PM

I haven't seen any of the movies.

And Beast Wars.

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05/23/20 1:18:39 PM

I thought the first one was okay and hated the next two. I caught some of the last knight a while ago though and it was hilarious. An absolutely terrible film, but in ways that made laughing at it entertaining.

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