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02/14/20 9:08:19 PM

I'm not Chad.

Stop telling me to get games I already own!!!!
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02/14/20 9:09:18 PM

It's a Friday night and I don't feel like watching Anime or working.
I'm doing this while playing STO.

You're a regular Jack Kerouac
I'm a Senior Software Engineer. No I don't write TPS reports, this isn't Office Space.
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02/14/20 9:09:29 PM

It's still league night.

Align your chakras, it starts with your breathing.
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02/14/20 9:10:54 PM

I love multi-tasking. Im currently banging Stacey and surfing this website hahaha have fun with your night buddy

Impressive. Except if you had known what you were looking for, you would've seen it written on my dorm room window
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02/14/20 9:22:46 PM

because my boyfriend is working tonight

"I am not gay! Can't you get that through your head? I am very much aroused at the site of a naked woman!" - Dan0429
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02/14/20 9:26:34 PM

just got done banging my tinder babe. her nuvaring kept bothering my junk so it wasnt that great
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02/14/20 9:29:20 PM

My wife and I are watching a movie and I'm playing Siege. We're having the exact day we want.
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02/15/20 2:41:52 AM

Maybe I am too accustomed to celebrating stuff not on the actual date to avoid traffic, crowds, etc but what percentage of folks feels they have to celebrate stuff on the actual date (i.e. Valentine Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)? My family and relatives have always done our celebration on a date that is convenient even if it is a few days early/late. Does celebrating on an unofficial date suddenly make it less valid to some folks?

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