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02/14/20 10:58:28 AM

Im excited. First date with her and were going out for pizza and drinks since we both agreed that Italian on Valentines day is a cliche.
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02/14/20 11:04:02 AM


gonna get our cheddar bay biscuits on

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02/14/20 11:23:16 AM

Not out out but my girlfriend and I are making a nice dinner, watching Star Trek, making out, and getting a little wine drunk.

So like a regular Friday night but with a nicer dinner and more rope stuff
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02/14/20 11:33:45 AM


Don't ask.
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02/14/20 1:20:52 PM

Nah. I'm having a quite night in with romantic music, good food and my hand.

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02/14/20 1:25:09 PM

Not a romantic one but I'm seeing the Sonic movie with some friends

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02/14/20 3:42:32 PM

My wife and I are watching the blart side of the mall like we do every valentines day because it's a stupid thing, and we do it on a stupid holiday.

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02/14/20 3:53:25 PM

home, pizza, wife, movie
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