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01/14/20 4:44:00 PM

Bowser is the final boss

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El Mexicano Texano
01/14/20 4:46:03 PM

Just some Smash characters from Brawl that I didn't want to know about

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01/14/20 4:54:02 PM

Not that I can remember, but a friend of my brother's a long time ago spoiled a part of FFX for him.

What's funny was how casually he said it.

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The Catgirl Fondler
01/14/20 5:08:48 PM

Undertale, during that one damn contest.

I pretty much know everything that happens in the Genocide and True Endings even though I've never played the game, and there's no point in ever doing so because it's one of those games you have to "experience for yourself" to get the most out of it.

Worse still, it wasn't the haters doing it across the site, but the people voting for it. For reasons I can't fathom, they thought dropping every spoiler possible was a great trolling method.
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01/14/20 5:19:15 PM

I heard about Aeris somehow.

Bur moviewise/ books people have spoiled Harry Potter, Endgame, True Blood, and some other shit. Im grateful I got to GoT finally before some asshole could ruin that too.
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01/14/20 5:22:11 PM

I guess FFVII Aerith, but it's an old game, and it didn't ruin my enjoyment when I finally played it.

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01/14/20 5:25:03 PM

The user saspa spoiled Assassins Creed Origins for a bunch of people on CE a few weeks ago

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01/14/20 5:25:57 PM

Some dipass posted on facebook (LA NOIRE SPOILERS)

"RIP Cole Phelps"

Needless to say I did not end up finishing the game

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01/14/20 5:26:03 PM

mario in smash
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01/14/20 5:29:12 PM

I made the mistake of visiting the Gears of War 2 board while the game was still less than a week old, and got Dom killing Maria ruined for me. I still thoroughly enjoyed the campaign, but man that was crushing at the time.

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01/14/20 5:39:02 PM

A friend spoiled Arkham Knight for me but I didn't care too much because it was a pretty dumb reveal to begin with.
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01/14/20 5:46:34 PM

My dad casually spoiled the twist in Fallout 4 for me once when I went to visit, while he was showing me the companion exploit. He's a big Fallout fan. He figured i was on my 2nd playthrough too lol I didn't mind tbh, never really got into 4 like I did 3 and NV.

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01/14/20 5:48:04 PM

i spoil videogames for myself much more often than anyone else

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01/14/20 5:49:23 PM

I got spoiled on the 8th party member of DQXI and it bummed me out for a while.
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01/14/20 5:51:27 PM

melange/izaul/crepes spoiled a few

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