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Full Throttle
12/02/19 9:34:27 PM

Do you expect this heifer to face the death penalty?

36 y/o Pennsylvania Heifer, Lisa Snyder, the Mother of 2 young children found DEAD by HANGING from a Dog Leash was the one responsible for her children's death as Police had initially thought the 8 y/o's XBOX One was key to their deaths where they were lead to believe they may have been playing a game they learned through the XBOX online services but now that has been ruled out after a break in the case that lead to Lisa's arrest!!

The horrifying discovery of 8 y/o Conner and his 4 y/o sister, Brinley were found hanging by a dog leash on the ceiling beam as police found a break into the case that lead to Lisa being the prime suspect...who also had SEX with the FAMILY DOG!!

She is charged with 2 counts of first and third degree murder, endangering the welfare of children and animal cruelty

A coroner had ruled the deaths as a homicide after Lisa claimed to have found her kids dead in the basement as both were found hanging from opposite ends of the same plastic covered leash

The leash was purchased on that same morning from Walmart and was tied around the main support beam with 2 chairs overturned on the floor next to the kids.

Paramedics rushed to the scene and were able to resuscitate the children but were placed on life support upon arrival and died a few days later.

Lisa claimed her son was bullied at school and was SUICIDAL and that her daughter was hanged because Conner didn't want to die alone.

DA John Adams said "8 y/o's, generally, that i am aware of, do not commit suicide, so of course we had questions"

Conner was a 3rd grade student at Greenwich Elementary who enjoyed building forts and playing video games as his XBOX One was once a key to the suspected deaths as police had no leads at that point. Police believed he may have made friends with dangerous people on XBOX One Live services who coerced or showed him how to play a dangerous game.

But Police got suspicious of Lisa as they said Conner had a disability that would have prevented him from tying a noose around his neck as an occupational therapist who worked with Conner said it was impossible given his lack of dexterity

A break in the case occurred after a witness said Lisa said she was depressed and didnt' care about her kids anymore and "had enough"

Adams said this was a horrific, tragic incident and couldn't stand up there to talk about it anymore.

Her google searches showed entries such as "hanging yourself",short drop, simple suspension, carbon monoxide how long to die" and "does a hybrid car produce carbon monoxide"

She also searched online on a crime doc called "I Almost Got Away With It"

Social media shows she also had SEX with the DOG, a medium sized pit bull mix that has since been given away...

Social Services were also aware of the family as a 17 y/o son also lived at the residence but was not present at the time of the deaths and was not a suspect

Pennsylvania has the DEATH PENALTY and the Prosecutor will decide if Lisa will face it soon.

Do you expect this Heifer to face DEATH?

Conner and Brinley - Deceased

Lisa - Murderer

Where the kids were murdered -
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12/02/19 9:39:47 PM

This is legitimately heartbreaking.
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