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Full Throttle
11/08/19 12:52:01 AM

Who do you think the child should go to? - Results (1 vote)
Jean. It's safer for the child to stay in america and the mother isn't charged
0% (0 votes)
Mengqi's parents. I wouldn't trust that family and it's better for the child to go to China with her parents
100% (1 vote)
A Missouri Judge will decide custody of a 1 y/o girl after her father, Joseph Elledge, a 28 y/o University of Missouri STUDENT is the prime suspect in the disappearance and likely MURDER of his CHINESE WIFE, Mengqi Ji Elledge!!

And now the parents of BOTH of them are fighting for custody as the woman's parents who both are in China and the jailed husband's mother are fighting for guardianship and permanent care.

An attorney for Ke Ren and Xioalin Ji, who are the parents of 28 y/o Mengqi said they had a close relationship with their granddaughter despite being a distance between them and said it was in the best interest for daughter to raise her daughter instead of the mother in law, Jean and said it would be what Mengqi wanted..

Joseph is in jail and in 500,000 bond on a child abuse charge but hasn't officially been charged in the murder of his wife who has been missing for 3 weeks as the graduate student is still missing but detectives said foul play is suspected and he is the prime suspect.

He waited 36 HOURS before reporting her missing and he took a LONG DRIVE through UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY of central missouri

Police also said he ABUSED his daughter by striking her in the buttocks so hard it caused bruising as Mengqi wanted to call police but gave him another chance if he promised not to do it again as she sent a picture of the bruising to another person

He admitted to doing it before initially stating he didn't know how it happened and said his daughter wouldn't stop crying so he hit her.

The couple has also had problems where a heated argument occurred after he told her "I don't like being with you" and "I'm eager to end it" and "I will bury the earth under you" in secret recordings.

Police also said he tried to LEAVE Columbia with his child and his mother, Jean Elledge, the mother fighting for custody too

Jean continues to withhold information from Mengqi's parents and failed to inform them on the pending caseof guardianship of the child as the parents have now flown to Missouri so they can be present as the investigation fols.

Should the judge decide who should have custody will also decide the child's fate on her citizenship if she will remain American or give up citizenship to be Chinese.

Do you think the child should go to the murderer's mother or victim's parents?




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11/08/19 12:54:36 AM

Little dork isnt going to make it in jail.
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11/08/19 1:10:45 AM

I feel the kid should go to China personally.
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11/08/19 1:15:20 AM

The mother withholding information and not even telling the other parents of the pending guardianship case pretty much makes my mind up for me.
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11/08/19 2:00:35 AM

Clearly keep her in America, I wouldn't want to ruin a child's life by sending them to hellhole like china
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11/08/19 6:51:06 AM

She sent a picture of a 1 y/o's buttocks? Probably disappeared herself to avoid the sex offenders register.
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11/08/19 7:22:07 AM

She'd probably be better off in America, given the increased opportunity and higher standard of life. Plus the kid has been America so far, so it just seems like it'd be in the child's best interests.

Keebs05 posted...
The mother withholding information and not even telling the other parents of the pending guardianship case pretty much makes my mind up for me.

Which is a custody issue, not a care issue. And when courts are involved, it's the obligation of the court -- not the opposing party -- to inform somebody. And, in general, if one parent is dead and the other is in prison, pretty much anybody would assume that there'd be a guardianship case. Not to mention that it's not even established how much contact the two groups had in the first place or if there's a language barrier as well.
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The Popo
11/08/19 7:26:06 AM

Dude looks like Screech
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11/17/19 4:41:31 PM

Full Throttle posted...
"I will bury the earth under you"

wtf is with these guys
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