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11/08/19 1:39:01 AM

If these bums have controlled substances just call the cops. Pretty sure theyre not gonna want to return.
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11/08/19 11:28:37 AM

PK_Spam posted...
Theyre leaving first thing in the morning, which is surprising, because I remember, on multiple occasions, I would leave the house at 7:30 and come back at 5 or 6 and those two would STILL be sleeping.

Are these people also cats?
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11/08/19 11:36:55 AM

I had a roommate move her new boyfriend in from halfway across the country while I was out of town. I was fucking PISSED. She claimed she didn't think I'd have a problem because she thought "I'd really like him" (he ended up being an obnoxious piece of shit) and because she offered to let a girl I was seeing move in with us when I had zero intention of moving her in.

I hate fuckers that do/offer nice things for you just to guilt trip you into owing them a favor later. I ended up letting the dude stay because they offered to pay 3/4 of the rent (we had been splitting 50/50) so I was able to save a ton of money and travel for a few months once the lease was up.
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