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10/09/19 9:59:00 PM

Have you ever done something like this where you tried to catch people who committed a crime? - Results (0 votes)
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A 17 y/o girl and her 2 friends went on an amateur PEDOPHILE STING outside a California strip mall after they lured 32 y/o Robert Dreyfuss where they made contact with him on social media who was suspected of looking to have sex with a young girl.

But upon meeting, Dreyfuss lured HER into his car and then DROVE OFF against her will!!

The abducted girl frantically texted her friends who then called police..

Police then tried to call Dreyfuss through his cell where he then pulled over and fled and that's when the teen girl fled and was found unharmed

He was later arrested and charged with suspicion of kidnapping, sending harmful matter to a minor and communication with a minor

Amateur pedo stings, similar to that of cancelled NBC program "To Catch A Predator" while sometimes have been successful, have been discouraged by law enforcement for exactly these kinds of problems

The Sheriff's Dept strongly discourages the public from setting up meetings or contacting anyone for the purpose of catching an individual who is committing a crime

It's not known why the girl got in the man's car but she did not anticipate he would kidnap her nor did she mention if she revealed to him at the time that it was a sting which may have caused him to drive off

Drefyss was released from the San Diego Detention Centre on 175 bond and the girl's identity have not been released

Have you done something like this before to bust people who committed a crime?

Where the sting happened -


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mrduckbear posted...
Drefyss was released from the San Diego Detention Centre on 175 bond

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How can people be attracted to 17 year old children? The world is sick
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