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04/14/19 5:23:36 PM
Should this rare bird be killed because it killed a "human"? - Results (5 votes)
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100% (5 votes)
75 y/o Marvin Hajos from Florida was horrifically killed by his pet BIRD, a rare and exotic but large and flightless animal according to authorities!!

The bird is native to Australia and New Guinea as the Cassowary killed the man near his property in Gainsville where it used its large long claws and attacked him.

Hajos was breeding the birds and it looks accidental as it appeared he was feeding the birds when he fell in front of the bird and the Cassowary viciously clawed him to death.

The horrific injuries on the man where he had open wounds all over his body and face were found by passerbys

These birds are similar to Emus that stand up to 6 feet tall and weigh up to 130lbs with black body feathers and bright blue heads and necks

They are the world's most DANGEROUS BIRDS with a 4 inch dagger like claw on each foot that can SLICE open a predator or threat with a single swift kick. It's powerful legs help it r un up to 31mph through the dense forest underbrush

They are not raised for food in the US but are sought after by collectors

In order to get a permit, owners must have "substantial experience" and meet specific cage requirements

Wildlife officials did not answer questions on what happened to the bird or what will happen to it

Should this rare bird be killed because it killed a "human"?...

Cassowary -



Its deadly feet -

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04/14/19 5:26:28 PM
Why is "human" in quotes?
04/14/19 5:33:35 PM
human is dead

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04/14/19 5:37:14 PM
Florida Man meets his greatest nemesis: ACCIDENTS
Board 8 Mafia Archive:
04/14/19 8:50:58 PM
If this was a dog then people would legit be calling for the culling/banning of all dogs. Birds are the new pitbulls.
04/15/19 10:53:46 AM
This thing is a velociraptor
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So more power to North Korea for this one. Good show. - MWC
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