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04/12/19 1:28:28 PM
What is this tea party thing really? They are talking as if they are stuck in some sort of limbo unless Battler believes in Beatrice, after which some magic would happen and they go to the Golden Land. Yet if this 'tea party' is actually part of the story, it is absolutely magic.
04/12/19 1:33:39 PM
Finally, Beatrice appears.
Wait, doesn't that prove she exists? I am so confused right now.
04/12/19 1:41:18 PM
I guess... this is a way to discuss the mystery using in-game characters?
04/12/19 2:02:18 PM
I unlocked ????. And it seems to be some sort of witch world? There's also another witch called Bernkasel, and has a tail for some reason.
04/12/19 2:03:03 PM
Character rankings before start of episode 2?
04/12/19 2:09:51 PM
Hmm so the witches do 'exist' after all. They sure like teleporting around when talking to each other.
04/12/19 2:10:42 PM
Dels posted...
Character rankings before start of episode 2?

Yeah will probably do that. It's late here though and I still have to finish ???? so you would have to wait.
04/12/19 2:14:53 PM
Uh is she talking to me?
04/12/19 2:19:57 PM
I can execute or resurrect the witches, but it doesn't seem to do much
04/12/19 2:24:34 PM
Despite denying it and saying she just wants to not be bored, Bernkastel is indeed helping me in some way, or whoever she's talking to
04/12/19 2:30:00 PM
Also unlocked some tips from the main menu which summarizes episode 1. That's what the execute and resurrect buttons are for.
04/12/19 2:35:57 PM
I will save my thoughts so far and rankings for later.

One thing I would say right now is that I love how this game has completely blown away all my expectations.
04/13/19 2:32:18 AM
Here's my current understanding of the story.
Witches and magic are real. Kinzo started the whole thing because he wanted to see Beatrice once again, and thinks his lover who died and the witch are the same person. He is probably betting on being the last few to die because that's when Beatrice is 'revived'.
For the magic to work (don't know what's exactly the end result here) everyone who died has to believe in Beatrice, but Battler refuses. So the next episodes should be Beatrice screwing with him by repeating those events until Battler surrenders. Another witch wants to beat Beatrice and helps in some way.
04/13/19 2:44:45 AM
There is certainly a way a human can commit these murders. The key here, I think, is that this is not impossble and related to the other witchs ability. So Battler has to find out how, though this would imply one of the 18 in the mansion did it.
I also wonder if Battler or the others would remember anything from episode 1.
04/13/19 2:52:12 AM
The description of Episode 1 said the difficulty is standard, but come on, theres no way I could figured out the murders or have guessed how the story is going to play out. At the start I thought this is going be people dying one by one without magic.
04/13/19 2:59:10 AM
Congrats on finishing EP1, glad you liked it! There's so much more waiting, uu~
I don't wanna show off no more.
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04/13/19 3:26:46 AM
Looking back at my comments and man do I sound like Battler at times. All the time I was basically denying magic could be involved.
04/13/19 10:03:29 AM
Time for some character rankings.

18. Maria
There are characters you love to hate, and others you just outright hate, and Maria is one of those I despise by being an annoying piece of shit that won't shut up. I dislike both of her personalities and there better be a good reason why she is such a psychopath.

17. Kinzo
An old douche who constantly rants about his family even though he is the one who raised them and is just as bad. Wants to get everyone killed, including those he liked and trsuted, just for some old dead love that may or may not be the same as the witch. He could have been an interesting character, right now he's nothing more than an raving madman.

16. Krauss
Another asshole who also hates his family. At least he didn't try to kill them.

15. Gohda (why is it translated that way? Shouldn't it be Goda or Gouda?)
Kind of arrogant. And just there.

14. Nanjo
Overall a nice person but just not that interesting of a character.

13. Rosa
Never contributed much to the inheritance discussion. Seems innocent enough here, but I can't help but think she was plotting something. The only interesting trait so far is her mood swings. I'm a bit conflicted - she didn't have a very good relationship with her daughter and shouldn't slap her like that, but part of me just wants to beat the living crap out of Maria.

12. Kumasawa
My earlier suspicion on the granny is entirely unfounded. She is funny from time to time, but I don't like some of the voice acting, like when she screams or laughs.

11. Shannon
Died too quickly and doesn't do much either. At least she is cute.

10. George
Battler highly respects him and think he's such a grown-up, but he doesn't deserve that reputation. All through the episode I see him try hard to act calm and rational like an 'adult', but never stepped up to do anything worthwhile while the situation gets worse. And while I wouldn't say he's weak-willed yet, seeing that his girlfriend and parents all died first, I can somewhat understand where Kinzo came from when he said George didn't have it in him to be a man.

9. Rudolf
Even though he supposedly betrayed his first wife and is a womanizer, nothing I've seen so far suggest him to be that bad of a person. Putting aside his way of talking (which sounds as if he's sneering at you all the time), he seems a nice friend as long as you aren't his son, his father or his older brother, and would have been higher if he didn't die so early. I also feel he has a ton of depth that will get explored as the game goes on.
04/13/19 10:06:46 AM
8. Hideoyoshi
It's obvious he is biased towards Eva, but still manages to come off as reasonable. His reasons for wanting money is much more sympathetic than the others, and does earn some points for being dedicated to his family and a self-made man.

7. Genji
I feel he is once of the more useful people around, making some good observations and providing information if needed. He is very loyal to his master and barely has his own opinions, but does act on his own if it's realy necessary. However, the habit constantly calling himself furniture rubs me the wrong way, and despite having some idea what Kinzo is doing he just ignored everything, so he's partly responsible for what happened.

6. Kyrie
Another very interesting character that died too soon. She is smart, doesn't fuck around, managed to keep Rudolf under control, and would definitely be useful had she survived the first killings. Right now, she's definitely someone I want to see more of.

5. Eva
I don't care for her constant unwarranted bullying of Natsuhi and being a prick. Putting that aside her insults and sarcasm are hugely entertaining. Sort of falls into the 'love to hate' category, though I don't exactly hate her.

4. Kanon
Was bland at first until his rebellion against Beatrice. It's great to see him go from 'I'm furniture' to having the balls to fight his rate (after all he does believe in magic)

3. Jessica
She has a great personaility and did not get any of the bad traits of the Ushiromiya family. Her bantering with Battler is enjoyable too. Generally she is the type of person I would want as a friend. In the early game I actually had her at the top, but she didn't do too much throughout the episode and just ... isn't very clever at all. Gets emotional all the time and makes bad calls. It might be unfair to Geroge, but at least she didn't put on an adult act and so I can't expect that much from her.

2. Battler
The earlier part depicted him as dumb as possible, but he's at least trying to solve the mystery and refused to give in. Has a few cool moments too. His tendency to overthink and be logical as possible is actually kind of like me when playing through this. He's kind of a typical mystery protagonist, and being relatable puts him high.

1. Natsuhi
Maybe it's because I spend quite some time in her POV, she comes across as a very no-nonsense character with a strong sense of duty. Even with all the shit thrown at her she is still able to lead everyone to the very end. The scene where she faced Beatrice was pretty badass.
04/13/19 10:20:15 AM
Yeah, Natsuhi is pretty great!
I don't wanna show off no more.
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04/13/19 10:38:16 AM
Really interested in what everyone else thought of the story and characters at this point in the game.

And Im not ranking Beatrice or the other witch just yet.
04/13/19 11:07:20 AM
I think I really liked Eva due to her entertaining sass. Kumasawa since I'm biased for old lady characters lol. I also liked Hideyoshi since he's just like a jovial uncle.
I put Gohda low IIRC...though him being an excellent cook is pretty cool. And I think I had Kanon way lower, I just don't like the overly serious characters.
I don't wanna show off no more.
Play the saucy Swiss miss no more.
04/13/19 12:29:18 PM
I really liked Rudolf right off the bat, something about him was just entertaining. I also liked Battler for refusing to give in to magic.
04/13/19 3:46:06 PM
My post-chapter 1 character rankings are about midway through the page here:

We both defaulted to putting Natsuhi at the top, not really a surprise since she was the main PoV of the episode (besides Battler)
04/13/19 3:47:23 PM
Would like to see some mastermind rankings maybe? Who do you think has the highest chance of being the main villain?
04/13/19 8:38:44 PM
By the end of Ep 1, I mostly liked the mom/aunt characters the best, even the ones that were killed early. Something about their designs just stood out to me and I liked it. And yeah, without ruffling any feathers, my thoughts on Maria were about the same as yours lol.

Arria's ranking as of the end of the tea parties was (from best to worst):

(new!): Beatrice
(Battler got placed here after the tea party)
(Battler was here before the tea party)
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04/14/19 5:13:50 AM
Dels posted...
Would like to see some mastermind rankings maybe? Who do you think has the highest chance of being the main villain?

Unless the tea party or ???? part is some lie or meta, I can't imagine anyone but Beatrice of being the main villain. There just isn't enough information for me to imagine someone else at this moment.
04/14/19 2:34:10 PM
Okay. I did mastermind rankings at the end of chapter 1 so there's no further implication there, fwiw.
04/15/19 11:41:55 AM
Ehh don't have a lot of time today. Will just play a bit.
04/15/19 11:42:43 AM
I didn't mention it before but the menu background changed. Not somewhere I can recognize.
04/15/19 11:57:38 AM
Also is there a link for the music that plays at the very end of Episode 1 tea party because that was awesome and I'm afraid of getting spoiled on Youtube.
04/15/19 11:59:05 AM
Episode 2 has extreme difficulty. Are we getting into the action straight away?
04/15/19 12:02:08 PM
It's George and Shannon in an aquarium. What.
04/15/19 12:08:54 PM
Looks like there is an intro and credits for every episode then.
I see everyone's names, but now Beatrice is also here...
04/15/19 12:15:47 PM
This time it's George's POV... wonder if it's going to last the whole episode.
04/15/19 12:17:25 PM
Where is this place anyway? Obviously it's not Rokkenjima or related to the family conference anymore.
EDIT: So it's Okinawa
04/15/19 12:20:51 PM
Oh wow George does say a lot of cringey lines
04/15/19 12:23:18 PM
This change of scenery and clothes is a welcome surprise, but I somehow feel this is some trick by Beatrice and we will soon be back to the mansion.
04/15/19 12:30:05 PM
They're already talking about magic. Wasn't there something about George asking Beatrice to revive Shannon at the credits of episode 1? What world are they in really?
04/15/19 12:32:53 PM
In episode 1 George straight up gave a ring to Shannon, here they are just dating, so this should some other timeline.
Some stuff is also different, like George telling Shannon to change the way she addresses him, or just being told her real name.
04/15/19 12:46:31 PM
Someone broke a mirror in the shrine. Apparently she is trapped with some fate and wants to break free. This must be related to the broken glass image/sound I keep experiencing throughout the game.
04/15/19 12:47:12 PM
Never heard this voice before, is she some new character? Since she thinks herself as furniture, was she a servant too?
04/15/19 12:50:31 PM
Needless to say, I have no idea what this is all about. The Opening theme played, but I didn't notice anything different from last time.
04/15/19 12:52:59 PM
Yup, back to Rokkenjima. The situation seems to totally different though.
04/15/19 1:19:48 PM
I guess this is happening before the family conference. IIRC it was already mentioned in ep1 that Jessica found out about Shannon and George a while ago.
04/15/19 1:37:50 PM
Nothing much other than George and Shannon embarrassing themselves and Eva being a dick once again. Their stuttering was funny.
04/16/19 10:54:12 AM
Just want to add I'm not a huge fan of the recent focus on George and Shannon.
Shannon is a meek and shy anime girl.
George mannerism's are sort of... unnatural and he just folds when things get tough, like in Ep1.
Their relationship is also boring.
04/16/19 10:57:18 AM
handsomeboy2012 posted...
Just want to add I'm not a huge fan of the recent focus on George and Shannon.
Shannon is a meek and shy anime girl.
George mannerism's are sort of... unnatural and he just folds when things get tough, like in Ep1.
Their relationship is also boring.

I agree!
I don't wanna show off no more.
Play the saucy Swiss miss no more.
04/16/19 11:21:57 AM
It's so weird that I switch between first and third person while being in the same POV. Made up your mind game.
04/16/19 11:38:46 AM
Just how does the Ushiromiya family treats the servants? Whenever 'furniture' is mentioned it's as if they think themselves as property. This self-depreciation is way too much.
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