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03/14/19 9:55:01 PM
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54 y/o Lori Loughlin's daughter's 19 y/o Olivia Jade and 20 y/o Isabella have QUIT USC after they faced vicious bullying online AND on campus as they feared going back..and Lori's day got even worse just as she returned to Vancouver, Canada to finish filming her Hallmark movies only to be told she was FIRED from the network as they cut all ties with her!!

The daughters were pictured returning home hours after Lori was granted 1 million bail and a passport to enter Canada despite the reluctance of the judge in her bribing case to get her daughters into the elite universities.

Bella as she's known in the family said nothing when she arrived in Bel Air and her sister, Olivia has not been seen since. Their father, Mossimo Giannulli is also charged after he and Lori paid 500,000 to get their daughters in and pretended they were athletes in rowing..of which they were not.

USC said they will review the status of students who were attached to the scheme and reject any prospective students in the current cycle who may be connected

Lori is among 50, including Felicity Huffman who paid 15,000 to the bribery scheme that was discovered by the FBI by ACCIDENT while investigating another fraud

USC Board of Trustees Chairman Rick Caruso confirmed that Olivia was on board his boat with his daughter Gianna but had gone home for spring break

The review could have expelled Olivia and Isabella but since they quit there's no point in the expulsion other than they cannot return

Lori appeared in a LA courtroom who looked visibly upset after flying back from Vancouver as she only answered yes or no responses...

Olivia came under fire for her ignorant comments she made about college including an interview just last week where she admitted she went to college cause her parents forced her since they didn't go and that her parents were HYPOCRITES. She also touched on her dad who FAKED his way in college to start his business with tuition money when his parents thought he was paying for college. He became a millionaire who sold his business to target

Olivia also made a youtube video where she said all she was going to do was PARTY when going to USC which has become a meme for internet users. She was also dropped by TreSemme modelling as all the major brands they were tied to have now cut ties with the Loughlin family

William Rick Singer, the founder of Key Worldwide Foundation was identified as the mastermind who had these kids SAT tests being written by OTHER people and sometimes corrected their answers

Loughlin and Giannulli emailed Singer abot their daughter's prospects and wanted to do the necessary work to see they got into USC rather than ASU and that is when the bribes came in

Lori and her husband and others face 5 YEARS in Prison if convicted

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