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03/12/19 7:21:29 PM
#17. There's Something About Mary (1998)
Char- 2
Genny- 2
JONA- 10
Stifled- 10
Johnbobb- 15
Inviso- 18
Scarlet- 20
Snake- 21
Karo- 25
Wickle- 26
KBM- 29

"Probably the funniest film on the list. Lots of hijinks and physical humor. I was really convinced by Tucker's charade and thought he was just this faithful, possibly just gay, friend. It's just really good fun, honestly. Critiquing the film too much is difficult because I'd just be rehashing scenes I found funny I guess." ~Charon

"There's just something about There's Something About Mary- I predict at least one other gauntleteer will make this joke making me far less hilarious an individual than I think I am- that is so appealing to me. Could be the surprise Keith David cameo. Could be Ben Stiller, who was at his comedic peak during this era. Could be Cameron Diaz who's sweet innocence as the character Mary makes her easy to root for. Could be anything, but man I loved rewatching this movie. True, the romance isn't all that but the comedy is the height of low brow entertainment and this is my guilty pleasure." ~Genny

"Theres something about 'Theres Something About Mary' that is just likable despite the things going against it. The movie is two hours long, the main male character doesnt interact with the female character until at least an hour into the film and the comedy is immature. Despite the immature comedy, the unit could not help but laugh at times. JONALEON2 will have an improved humor system who will only laugh at the most high quality of jokes. It was intriguing to see which of the bachelors would eventually win the Cameron Diaz Bowl. While her character is written to pretty much be perfect, she is still quite likable. It is a fun time with a bunch of heart." ~JONABOT1

"I finally know what happens when a harem anime becomes a live action film. Despite being excellent at playing the nasty bitch role in some of her other movies, Cameron Diaz nails the unassuming cute role as her harem does awful things to each other to gain her favor. Its pretty great seeing just how deep the lies go with these guys as they try to one up each other and expose each other. The desperation and the obsession compliments the zany antics well." ~Stifled

"I keep going back and forth here. I've never been a Diaz fan, but watching this, I can get why she was popular. She's bubbly and goofy; it's almost like there's something about... Cameron. The thing is, I've never been a fan of the Farrelly brothers' style of humor. It's too gross-out and slapstick for my taste. It works in small doses, and definitely got some laughs out of me, but it just really starts to get old after a while. " ~Johnbobb

"This was certainly FUNNIER (to my sense of humor) than most of the films prior to this one on my watch. And there are definitely a lot of memorable MOMENTS. The whole opening bathroom scene, the hair gel scene, the entirety of Matt Dillons scumbaggeryits all memorable. And its random too, particularly with Ben Stiller randomly getting his ass beat en route to Miami because hes mistaken first for a participant in a gay orgy, then for a serial killer. That non-sequiter was interesting, but ultimately irrelevant to the movies plot. The plot itself isdynamic to say the least. Apparently, Cameron Diaz is the greatest woman to have ever lived, and like half a dozen different dudes want to bang her. But ultimately, its just a little TOO juvenile for me to truly appreciate it. Dont get me wrong, I can appreciate a good bathroom humor comedybut I guess its just not exactly my thing as Ive gotten older." ~Inviso
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03/12/19 7:21:32 PM
"Is Cameron Diazs character a catch? Because, correct me if Im wrong, but man, she doesnt seem worth it. She really doesnt. And that alone made this movie a confounding, awkward experience. Anyways, I spent most of this movie looking back depressingly on how, when I was in middle school, I loved Meet the Parents. I bet that its pretty terrible in hindsight.
Rating: 49/100" ~Scarlet

"Cameron Diaz is adorable in this movie and shes 100% the reason I ended up liking this as much as I did, despite not being a fan of typical gross-out teen style humor." ~Snake

"There's this stalker who hires a detective to track down his high school crush, who in turn gets obsessed with her as well, and they fight with each other and do all sorts of dumb things.
No matter how awful these assholes are, Mary just smiles and nods with a lobotomized expression on her face. Most girls would show some sort of reaction to a guy who uses professional wrestling moves on her dog, or one who tells her the story of how he bought a new leash for his pet r*****.
While we're on the subject, this movie has such terrible and cringey depictions of disabled people that I am surprised disabilities advocacy groups didnt riot upon release of the film.
Every character is stupid and unbelievable, and while that might have been the point, one shouldnt have to sacrifice character quality for humor (disclaimer: actual laughter may vary).
It seems like that for every joke that was hilarious, there were ten more that were horrible and juvenile, such as using cum for hair gel or a guy getting his ballsack stuck in his zipper. That's not funny, it's gross.
Ever so often we get interrupted by this weird guy with a guitar singing off key for no reason, which is a good description of this movie in a nutshell." ~Karo

"Theres just something about me being a kid and not understanding the cop literally doing coke every time hes on screen except for his first appearance, not getting just how stupidly perverted the entire movie is, and other things that made this movie funny as a kid. This time around there really was only the ending between how Mary chose Ted over NFL QB Brett Favre and the old man shooting the narrator. Otherwise, just a lot of stalker and really immature (despite mature content) humor." ~Wickle

"Ohhhh good god. I really hated this movie. Maybe all-out bad-taste/gross-out comedy was more of a novelty back in '98 and that's why critics and audiences went nuts for it, but... ugh, no. Clocking in at a mind-numbing 130 minutes in its more readily-available special edition form, this features Ben Stiller at his most stalker-y and irritating. Between the pointless, badly-sung narrative interludes, the constant barrage of gross, unfunny, and often downright insulting gags, I found myself rooting for Mary to just fuck off with Brett Favre and be done with all of this garbage. IT'S FUNNY CUZ SHE HAS SEMEN IN HER HAIR! Shoot me. Did anybody else notice that Lee Evans' character was only in the movie so that Stiller could seem like less of a stalker by comparison? How about all the homophobia? Aren't mentally handicapped people just hilarious? What about animal cruelty? To say I don't get the joke would be a massive understatement. Lin Shaye, Keith David, and Richard Jenkins are all wasted on this movie. The only real saving grace was Matt Dillon, whose off-kilter delivery (and very cute Great Dane) was the only thing in this movie that made me crack a smile every once in a while. Clearly I'm in the minority on this one, but this was basically everything I hate about modern comedy all in one disgusting, bloated package." ~KBM
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03/12/19 7:25:17 PM
I fucking knew it
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Mega Mana
03/12/19 7:30:46 PM
I love that it was right after yours XD
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03/12/19 8:34:00 PM
I liked the movie because it was back when people could take a joke and you could actually make fun of things you by all means good god never could nowadays.
Truly smilin'
03/12/19 8:57:10 PM
Can I just point out that Snake and I have been really close on a ridiculous amount of this list?
"It is too easy being monsters. Let us try to be human." ~Victor Frankenstein, Penny Dreadful
03/12/19 9:26:04 PM
There's something about this outlier that just makes people go all over.
Karo- 136
Genny- 121
Johnbobb- 118
Wickle- 116
Charon- 112
Stifled- 106
KBM- 92
JONA- 91
Inviso- 90
Snake- 83
Scarlet- 81

Hint for #16: Genny and Char really boost forward, and some other rankings move around as we have a group trying to avoid getting up to the 100s. Maybe it won't last with all three at the potential risk of their #1 falling. Yup, the other 30 and 1 split falls tonight.
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03/12/19 9:27:34 PM
v_charon posted...
I liked the movie because it was back when people could take a joke and you could actually make fun of things you by all means good god never could nowadays.

Yeah I agree. I brought that up a bit in my What Women Want writeup too. And while a sequel to that was made, it makes fun of men Im assuming. Thats the only group society has deemed acceptable to make fun of anymore. So making that movie is no trouble at all. But movies like this...just wont happen anymore. Its a shame.
Bear Bro
The Empire of Silence
03/12/19 9:29:45 PM
*waves goodbye to my #1*

*waves hello to sweet sweet outlier bank*
Bear Bro
The Empire of Silence
03/12/19 9:46:20 PM
This had better be my #30. But one of you ranking it at #1 is a scary thought.
Truly smilin'
03/13/19 12:19:37 AM
#16. My Man Godfrey (1936)
Wickle- 1
Scarlet- 3
KBM- 8
Snake- 11
Stifled- 15
Johnbobb- 18
Karo- 23
Inviso- 24
Char- 30
Genny- 30

"Oh man this movie was great. The comedy hit the mark well with me, between the stupid humor of the Bullocks and the sheer wit of Godfrey. It was a very fun movie and even ends on Godfrey just sitting there dumbfounded as Irene forces herself into his life. Poor Molly though, since she fell for Godfrey as well and does not get to run off and force him to be with her. But yes, I enjoyed the fact that as the story unfurled, we learned about Godfrey and see the fruits of his labor at the end of the movie, having created a new living space for what is basically the homeless." ~Wickle

"In the units opinion, this is the funniest movie on the list. The dialogue has such a quick pace, that it can be easy to miss jokes. Godfrey is a wonderful, charismatic straight man and seeing him interact with the odd members of the Bullock family is such a delight. The time period helps the movie because it is intriguing to hear terminology like 'forgotten man' and seeing how this forgotten man is sane compared to the rich people he works for. The romance here is only hinted at and played for laughs but the movie is such a good time that the unit didnt care while watching it." JONABOT1

"A beautiful screwball masterpiece, My Man Godfrey is an unrelenting skewering of society. Anchored by some damn impressive performances, My Man Godfrey has the raucous intensity of a stageplay with the deft touches of a screenplay, destroying an entire lifestyle, effectively taking the piss out of every foppish upper-crust socialite who has ever existed. Theres a line delivered by Irene at one point in this movie that really just nails the entire premise: 'Some people do just as they like with other peoples lives, and it doesnt seem to make any difference to some people.' Its such an effective turn of phrase. Theres two sets of 'some people' involved there, and Irene turns a lens from a wide angle of society onto the cast of characters quite deftly. Its little moments of nuance that embody what I really love in the strange mix of restraint and unrestraint in the script and performances here.

I think that line best defines the expectations you should have for this film. This family, born with a silver spoon in its mouth, is in need of a reality check, and the medicine goes down with a screwball comedy chaser of wonderful implausibility. Lightness doesnt negate the picture painted by My Man Godfrey of a insulated society unaffected by the ravages of a Great Depression turning around them. Its brilliant, totally aware of its social impact but not self-(Editor's Note: GameFAQs is a pain)aggrandizing. Im a sucker for a movie that explores a snapshot of culture in its zeitgeist, in that singular moment when it was created. For me, My Man Godfrey is that painting in the Smithsonian that speaks to a bygone era, reminding us of some ineffable quality in some of the people of that time, allowing us to witness, with good humor, the right and the wrong of a crust of culture.
Rating: 83/100" ~Scarlet

I apologize for the edit in the middle of a hyphenated word, but censorFAQs wouldn't let me post this without that.
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03/13/19 12:19:43 AM
"Here is a movie that has more quiet thoughtfulness and heart to it than almost anything else we're ranking. It's not uproarious, or even laugh-out-loud funny, for most of the runtime, but the dialogue is genuinely witty, and you can tell the filmmakers have something to say with this movie, and they say it well. Amongst the screwball-ness of the script is a genuinely good-hearted message about the forgotten men of the Great Depression, and while things do get frantic at times, it's never to the detriment of the story or the characters. William Powell is wildly charming in the title role, and though I didn't love the romance angle as much as I did in some other movies, few movies on this list do a better job of presenting their story as a cohesive whole. Hollywood could really benefit from being this empathetic about the human condition more often." ~KBM

"The performances are all-around excellent, especially William Powells Godfrey. Line after line he impresses with sarcastic wit and zingers that never failed to get a laugh out of me. The plot can feel mean-spiritied but the film presents in a light manner and everything does work out positively in the end." ~Snake

"This movie is fucking bananas. Oh my gosh, these people are insane. Using homeless people in scavenger hunts? Riding horses into libraries? Taking out fixtures in town during a drunken rampage? Holy crap. The insanity was definitely the charm of this film, however. Seeing poor Godfrey have to put up with all the nonsense was entertaining, but it also posed the question of was he better off being homeless? Godfrey claimed to have been saved by the crazy familys employment, but he got saddled with a lunatic stalker wife at the end. I was kind of at a loss as to how the ending was a happy one because Godfrey was practically taken hostage in that impromptu wedding. I thought the two of them were cute early on, butwoah. Shes got problems." ~Stifled

"It's a decently cutie movie. Godfrey and Irene are both entertaining, moreso than the rest of the less interesting cast. I'm a little surprised to see how many acting award nominations the film got, given how much some of the cast overacts. It falls into a kind of false sense of morals; the rich girl falls in love with the poor man to show how the rich are batty and the poor are people too, only he's not actually poor so it's ultimately okay. Watching it now is tough, because the social commentary might've been shocking for the time, but now its attempts at being progressive still feel kind of dated and the romantic plot at the center isn't quite enough." ~Johnbobb

"A homeless man ends up working as a butler for an eccentric family where he becomes sort of a straight man to their dipshit antics. The daughter has a thing for butlers apparently and keeps trying to get in his pants but is repeatedly rebuffed by his stuffy demeanor. This is pretty much the whole movie.
Everyone screams and/or cries a lot but nothing is especially funny, it is honestly just cringey. If you want to see family dysfunction and grown adults acting like small children, just watch the Jerry Springer Show." ~Karo

"I like Godfrey. Hes relatable and nice, and is a great straight man to all the lunacy of the rich family he winds up butlering for. I like the father, again because hes forced to deal with all the bullshit around him. But the rest of the family consists of awful people who deserve to be shot out of a goddamn cannon. The older sister is an utter bitch who I spent a good portion of the movie PRAYING it wasnt leading to her getting an undeserved face turn and falling in love. The younger sister is a vapid airhead whose obnoxious personality makes me furious when I realize that she got everything she wanted by the end of the film. And the mother is just generically annoying. This movie was just so frustrating when so many of the main characters are so utterly awful, and I was glad when it ended." ~Inviso
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/13/19 12:20:37 AM
"A film where I found there to be zero chemistry between the main romantic leads. While I appreciate Godfrey as a person, him having to put up with either of these sisters as a wife is a true tragedy. I know most films in this era often feature a nearly insane female character but this one was particularly bad because of how reserved and mannered Godfrey is. There's just so little spark or excitement you can feel when the characters interact. There are also characters I simply don't understand the point of; like Carlo. I know he's there to provide a sort of foil for Godfrey in a manner of speaking, but I can't for the life of me understand what it is he actually does in the home or why the father would allow this random man who contributes nothing of real value to be this burden on him for so long. I do like that character however; to me, he's the only source of the comedy portion of this film." ~Charon

"My Man Godfrey had a promising start, but over a surprisingly short span of time it devolved into one of the worst films I'd ever had the misfortune of seeing in its entirety. True, I've walked out on worse films, but I was never forced to watch those for a project. The plot is so boring that despite it being one of the shortest ones on the list I dozed off twice and I wasn't even tired. The characters are so awful that if the mansion burned down with everyone but Godfrey and the scullery maid in it I wouldn't get misty-eyed. The humor is so dated that I question why any generation could have defined this as a comedy. The romance is so non-existent that I question why this was included on this list. Riddle me this: what the hell is romantic about having two characters with zero chemistry get married at the end with ten minutes of buildup total and one party passively objecting to the notion? What a waste of my life!" ~Genny
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03/13/19 1:15:24 AM
WickIebee posted...
"Is Cameron Diazs character a catch? Because, correct me if Im wrong, but man, she doesnt seem worth it. She really doesnt. And that alone made this movie a confounding, awkward experience. Anyways, I spent most of this movie looking back depressingly on how, when I was in middle school, I loved Meet the Parents. I bet that its pretty terrible in hindsight.
Rating: 49/100" ~Scarlet

There's nothing wrong with this opinion :(
"You're stronger than you believe. Don't let your fear own you. Own yourself." - Michelle Hodkin
03/13/19 1:33:13 AM
I think, for me, I like the construction of movies a lot, and screwball comedies are all about playing Rube Goldberg with the scripts and characters, so this movie was one of those enjoyable intellectual exercises that combined with a bit of thought-provoking material. Not too much, not spoonfeeding it like TV shows tend to do now, but playing up the Depression Era's bizarre dichotomy between an upper-class that's aware of the disaster and an upper-class that lives in complete ignorance of it.

Anyways, that's what I saw in it, but apparently I should have seen less of that because if I didn't tie with Snake, I must be wrong.
"It is too easy being monsters. Let us try to be human." ~Victor Frankenstein, Penny Dreadful
03/13/19 1:34:25 AM
GenesisSaga posted...
There's nothing wrong with this opinion :(

This movie scared me. I guess Meet the Parents is a much different animal and way more tame in terms of the "Saturday Night Live sketch we put on at five til 1:00" humor.
"It is too easy being monsters. Let us try to be human." ~Victor Frankenstein, Penny Dreadful
03/13/19 3:01:59 PM
Oh. Interesting. I keep thinking mine is gonna drop but it hangs on!

I enjoyed Godfrey, but I can also see why some didnt. That ending was...not good.
Bear Bro
The Empire of Silence
03/13/19 3:26:34 PM
The ending was exceptional, it's so trolly. Like, you see Godfrey as someone who should get what he wants. He saved their family, saved the forgotten men and was going to be successful. And then he's hit with the reality that he will never shake this girl. He sits there dumbfounded that this girl chased him all the way to his office to force him to marry her. She'll never get his love, but it shows just how spoiled she is. It's not meant to be romantic, it makes you feel for the fact that it can't always be perfect.
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/13/19 3:29:04 PM
v_charon posted...
I liked the movie because it was back when people could take a joke and you could actually make fun of things you by all means good god never could nowadays.

I've responded to this in much more detail on Discord, but to make it a matter of official Ranking Topic Record, I couldn't disagree with this sentiment more, and believe you have greatly misconstrued my feelings about this movie.
03/13/19 3:33:22 PM
Yeah I'm kind of in the same boat with KBM there
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
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03/13/19 4:00:41 PM
Trolly is definitely a good word to describe the ending. But like...she needs help lol. Godfrey isnt in an imperfect relationship. He basically took part in a hostage wedding. Its funny in a way, but hes also pretty much screwed for life.
Bear Bro
The Empire of Silence
03/13/19 9:51:04 PM
Yeah it's such a horrible ending for a "romantic" "comedy". And yes I get that it's a tongue in cheek call back to statement the film made earlier in that rich people go on about their lives without any regard to the suffering of others but that's way too dark for me to find funny or even ironic or anything. What the hell is romantic about completely one-sided unrequited love resulting in a shotgun wedding? And what the hell is funny about it? I feel like if the genders of Godfrey and Irene were reversed people would be up in arms over it, but because it's only a young girl with a lot of affluence and influence it's just the most charming of political facetiae gathered into one film isn't that right, Reginald, fufufufu?

Yeah, no. At least the other screwball comedy ended up with the two leads falling for each other eventually.
"You're stronger than you believe. Don't let your fear own you. Own yourself." - Michelle Hodkin
03/13/19 10:23:01 PM
I'll just fucking say it. It wasn't funny to you. This, however, was the funniest film on the list to me and potentially JONA according to his write-up. Fact is, comedy will always be subjective.

Either way, I forgot to do outlier, so I'm doing it.
Karo- 143
Genny- 135
Wickle- 131
Charon- 126
Johnbobb- 120
Stifled- 107
JONA- 105
KBM- 100
Inviso- 98
Scarlet- 94
Snake- 88

There's stuff to say, but I'm too agitated to be bothered with it. I'm also not really in the mood for it, so no ranking today. Maybe hint if the evening is relaxing for people to guess on in the morning.
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/14/19 12:44:40 AM
I thought that it wasn't funny to me was implied in that statement. No wait, I outright stated it in my writeup that I felt the humor was dated and dull. People need to read between the lines. >_>

But that's fine. I'm not asking for you to defend your ranking, I'm defending mine. As I said in Discord some of the writeups made me appreciate the film more as art. Having context provided did help to establish the themes My Man Godfrey was going for. However as a movie made to entertain and not an artsy fartsy political statement it failed to do just that for me.
"You're stronger than you believe. Don't let your fear own you. Own yourself." - Michelle Hodkin
03/14/19 6:06:13 PM
As riveting as actually taking part in an active discussion has been, unless someone has something else they'd like to add I'm eager to continue with the list.
"You're stronger than you believe. Don't let your fear own you. Own yourself." - Michelle Hodkin
03/14/19 6:06:31 PM
I'm not a romantic comedy type of person, but I'm enjoying this topic. It's kind of like getting to experience the movies without having to watch them!
You did indeed stab me in the back. However, you are only level one, whilst I am level 50. That means I should remain uninjured.
03/14/19 8:40:18 PM
~KBM on her phone~
03/14/19 8:46:46 PM
(In all seriousness, sorry if I at all contributed to this topic's momentum grinding to a halt. Would love for things to pick back up! Even if it wasn't all in this topic, I think all that wants or needs to be said - probably more than needs to be said - about the last two movies has already been said.)
03/14/19 8:51:10 PM
Not in the best emotional state, but different than pissed off. But don't want to go two days with no rankings so here.

#15. Sabrina (1954)
Wickle- 3
Stifled- 6
Genny- 7
Scarlet- 9
Karo- 14
KBM- 14
Char- 16
Snake- 16
JONA- 23
Inviso- 27
Johnbobb- 27

"After watching this film I had a few questions in mind, first was how it would rank, second was what was the first movie to be titled the same as a character that the movie was about. I pray that makes sense, regarding the question. The film was very cute, it constantly left you hanging on whether it would have a bad end, or which of the two brothers would end up with Sabrina. Turns out it was the one that did not simply look at her as a booty call. I enjoyed just how it turned out, even getting a laugh out of Linus attaching the umbrella to a random mans coat." ~Wickle

"Two of the all time greats are together in this charming little film about love, money, money for love, love for money, and souffl. And as good as Bogey and Audrey are, the rest of the cast shines as well. It was such a joy to watch and Audrey is ADORABLE, even when she tried to take a carbon monoxide whiff at the beginning. As a side note, I watched the Harrison Ford remake the same day as I watched the Bogey version andwow. I love Harrison Ford, but I straight up hated it. It lacked all the charm and cast chemistry that the original had in spades. Just goes to show that Hollywood needs to leave the classics alone!" ~Stifled

"I hope this isn't too spoiler heavy on my list, but oh well if it is. Sabrina is the highest ranking golden oldie on my rom com list and here's why. I thought it was going to be a snooze fest when it started off in black and white and when it opened with dry disembodied narration I already felt myself nodding off... until I actually starting paying attention to what the narrator was saying. It was... a different kind of humor- a sophisticated high brow sort of humor, but I found myself chuckling all the same. Dare I say, this movie was one of the most entertaining on this list. The entire first two acts of the movie I was rooting against Sabrina for falling for such a tool as David, but over the course of the film not only did I change my stance, I completely fell for her. Something about Hepburn's performance here inspires adoration, and Humphrey Bogart as the manipulative but utterly charming Linus was an utter delight, as was this movie." ~Genny (Editor's Note: It is indeed a list spoiler, so click at your own cheating knowledge, I spoiler marked for her.)

"The movie loves to make sure every character has glib quips at every turn, but the real success in this film is the sharp commentary that pokes at the state of society. Not as we understand it, of course, but as a world of the 40s and 50s understands society. Specifically, the society that was devoted pages of newspapers, just to report the goings and comings of socialites. Its different and yet entirely the same as a Billy Wilder movie normally is, and anchored around the utterly irresistible Audrey Hepburn, this unique take on a Cinderella story presents a messy, complicated story with some charming but at the same time biting success. You can see the development of what femininity means to society actively evolve between this movie and Working Girl, and its pretty neat to get a historical perspective on how things have changed.
Rating: 71/100" ~Scarlet
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/14/19 8:51:14 PM
"There's this chauffeur's daughter who obsesses over the immature young master who is apparently blind to woman until they get haircuts that make them look like lesbians.
When he finally does notice her, she immediately decides she wants to be with his dour older brother who is just trying to seduce her for the 'good of the company'. Damn, girl, do you only want guys who have no interest in seriously being with you? The rest of the story is just Sabrina deciding which of these two guys (neither of which deserve her) she really loves.
While the characters could have been better, they are not terrible. While the story could have had more to it, it is not unwatchable. It is really only Audrey Hepburn's performance that elevates this movie to slightly above mediocre." ~Karo

"A very simple, cute little story that works thanks to its extremely charismatic cast. Billy Wilder is one of those classic filmmakers who's very hit-or-miss for me some of his stuff, like Sunset Boulevard, is outright legendary, while others of his films, like Some Like it Hot, tend to leave me wondering what the hell the big deal is. This lands somewhere in between. While it's always fun to watch Audrey Hepburn being Audrey Hepburn, Bogart being Bogart, and William Holden being, yes, William Holden, there's not a whole hell of a lot more that I personally got out of this movie. I found myself smiling appreciatively more than I actually laughed at anything, and I didn't really think about it much afterwards outside of 'boy those actors sure are charming.' It's a pleasant enough sit for a '50s movie (my least favorite decade of film, all told), but the mild upper-class '50s-topia it takes place in just isn't really my thing." ~KBM

"An odd one that got better as it progressed. It opens with something I'm not a fan of; someone this rich dude ignores Audrey Hepburn because her hair isn't just right and she doesn't have on nice enough clothing. It's so severe to the point where he can't even recall who she is after spending quite a bit of time driving her home, to HIS home. I just find this character completely unrealistic and ludicrous, and early on I don't really like Sabrina much either because there's nothing positive you can say about this guy. He's vain, arrogant and a playboy. We're introduced to Bogart's character along the way, when at first it's just clear he's far too old for her and also doesn't really have any keen interest in her romance wise. Somehow that changes though, which was a real surprise to me since there's not a lot of films that go with this age gap on the list. I'm glad they end up together, and it's actually quite charming by the end, even the douchey brother." ~Charon

"Its a great cast but the story here was cut-and-dry and didnt interest me all that much. It feels less like a comedy at times and more like a romantic drama, accentuated by the great performances. Its not bad by any means, but Id rather watch something else at the same time." ~Snake

"It's surprising to see the transformation of the malfunctioning service unit. The technicians did a commendable job with her repair. The unit is almost under the belief that she got replaced with an identical unit with implanted memories. While the characters are likable, they don't particularly stand out, despite Audrey Hepburn's great performance. There are some decent moments here and there but once again, they don't particularly stand out. The unit is unsure where the comedic part of this romantic comedy is. That sentence is not a joke making an expense at the movie being unfunny. That sentence's name is Triple H! That sentence is a statement of confusion as there is a lack of funny, and the film doesn't seem like it fits this list." ~JONA
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/14/19 8:52:20 PM
"Its a tough call with this one, because its not actively offensive, and I dont HATE any of the characters. Not really. But this is justthis is a romcom? Theres almost no com, and the rom is dry. Thats how Id describe the film: dry. The plot feels inert, and its like there are occasional interesting scenes that are just interspersed within the film, regardless of whether or not they can carry on to greater momentum. Humprey Bogartand I say this as someone whos never seen Casablanca and thus this was my first Bogart filmhes dull. Hes dull, and casting him opposite Audrey Hepburn just dragged the film to a crawl. For almost two hours and a COMEDY, there just wasnt enough of a pulse for me to care." ~Inviso

"I had high hopes for this at the start. Audrey Hepburn is fantastic, both as a solo lead and as a romantic partner. Too bad way too much is put on her shoulders here, as she essentially has to carry the entire film given the unimpressive performances and bland characterizations of the male leads. It's a shame too; both Bogart and Wilder are better than this. What ultimately makes it fall apart the most, however, is the general... creepiness of everything. Nothing about 54-year-old Bogart telling 24-year-old Hepburn how much she's matured is romantic, and repeating that "it's all in the family line" several times over legitimately made me cringe." ~Johnbobb
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/14/19 9:08:49 PM
That feels like an extremely fitting midpoint to the list! A pleasant enough movie, but with not too much to make it actually stand out against the crowd of better movies above it (but nothing really bad or offensive about it either).

So I suppose it could be time for the mid-list updates to start coming in! I'll get the ball rolling:

1. ???
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???
5. ???
6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
7. Pretty in Pink (1986)
8. My Man Godfrey (1936)
9. ???
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???
13. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
14. Sabrina (1954)
15. ???
16. Something's Gotta Give (2003)
17. Bridget Jones' Diary (2001)
18. ???
19. ???
20. ???
21. What Women Want (2000)
22. One Fine Day (1996)
23. ???
24. Can't Buy Me Love (1987)
25. Friends With Benefits (2011)
26. Serendipity (2001)
27. It's Complicated (2009)
28. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
29. There's Something About Mary (1998)
30. Just Friends (2005)

(Ignore the fact that I was technically one off on what would be the exact midpoint lol)
03/14/19 9:09:22 PM
Real conversation with a co-worker I had (paraphrased)

Me: So, I saw Sabrina last night. It was a romance movie between Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn.
Him: ...You mean Katherine Hepburn?
Me: Nope.
Him: Oh... but wasn't she like--
Me: Yup.
Him: Oh.
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
PSN/Steam: CheddarBBQ
03/14/19 9:11:21 PM
Audrey > Katherine imo

Both, of course, with their fair share of utterly classic performances, though.
03/14/19 9:13:54 PM
They're both pretty fantastic tbh.

also this list was the first time I realized they weren't related, so that was interesting
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
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03/14/19 9:20:01 PM
1. ??
2. ??
3. ??
4. ??
5. ??
6. ??
7. Friends with Benefits
8. ??
9. Sleepless in Seattle
10. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
11. One Fine Day
12. Pretty in Pink
13. ??
14. Just Friends
15. There's Something About Mary
16. Can't Buy Me Love
17. ??
18. My Man Godfrey
19. ??
20. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
21. ??
22. ??
23. Something's Gotta Give
24. It's Complicated
25. Bridget Jones' Diary
26. ??
27. Sabrina
28. Serendipity
29. What Women Want
30. ??
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
PSN/Steam: CheddarBBQ
03/14/19 9:31:57 PM
1. ???
2. ???
3. ???
4. Bridget Jones's Diary
5. ???
6. Sleepless in Seattle
7. One Fine Day
8. ???
9. ???
10. ???
11. ???
12. Just Friends
13. What Women Want
14. Sabrina
15. ???
16. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
17. ???
18. Serendipity
19. Pretty in Pink
20. Can't Buy Me Love
21. ???
22. Something's Gotta Give
23. My Man Godfrey
24. Friends with Benefits
25. There's Something About Mary
26. ???
27. ???
28. ???
29. It's Complicated
30. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Congrats to Advokaiser on being really good at predicting stuff
03/14/19 9:34:45 PM
Ugh. What the hell?
Errrbody in da club getting Tibbs!
03/14/19 9:35:43 PM
in hindsight, I had Just Friends too high, but it made me laugh at the time.
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
PSN/Steam: CheddarBBQ
03/14/19 9:46:06 PM
Johnbobb posted...
They're both pretty fantastic tbh.

also this list was the first time I realized they weren't related, so that was interesting


This post was the first time I realized this.
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/14/19 10:03:08 PM
8.My Big Fat Greek Wedding
10.Friends with Benefits
14.Its Complicated
17.Just Friends
18.Theres Something About Mary
19.One Fine Day
21.What Women Want
23.Sleepless in Seattle
24.My Man Godfrey
25.Somethings Gotta Give
26.Bridget Joness Diary
28.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
29.Pretty in Pink
30.Cant Buy Me Love
Touch fuzzy. Get fuzzier.
03/14/19 10:14:50 PM
1.Bridget Jones's Diary
8.Sleepless in Seattle
11.My Man Godfrey
12.Something's Gotta Give
18.It's Complicated
19.My Big Fat Greek Wedding
21.There's Something About Mary
22.What Women Want
24.One Fine Day
25.Pretty in Pink
26.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
28.Friends with Benefits
29.Can't Buy Me Love
30.Just Friends (I'd rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein's arse than watch this again)
I'm the one to blame, for when I felt that way, standing in the pouring rain
03/15/19 12:46:08 AM
Yay, Sabrina made the top half... ._.

I'll post mine when I get home
"You're stronger than you believe. Don't let your fear own you. Own yourself." - Michelle Hodkin
03/15/19 4:23:12 AM
Driven around by my emotions and these posts were such a catch I forgot to do outlier:
Karo- 144
Genny- 143
Wickle- 143
Johnbobb- 132
Charon- 127
Stifled- 116
JONA- 113
Inviso- 110
KBM- 101
Scarlet- 100
Snake- 89

Scar and Vis join the 100 club leaving Snake as the lone man still on the bottom. Wickle and Genny joining forces near the top and almost being tied with Karo. Genny might be the safest though with only one bottom 5 left, while Karo and myself have 3 still to drop.

Hint for #14. This is the second tie of the ranking, the first was between It's Complicated and One Fine Day. The one being eliminated first has something in common with the past few films.
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/15/19 4:21:27 PM
Guessing it's another oldie then.
Advokaiser was wiser against all the other Gurus!
03/15/19 4:36:41 PM
Audrey nooooo
Bear Bro
The Empire of Silence
03/15/19 4:37:43 PM
that they are in black and white?
Congrats to Advokaiser on being really good at predicting stuff
03/15/19 4:46:28 PM
I'll guess Bringing Up Baby.
03/15/19 5:40:37 PM
Everyone guessing few to mean the last two, but in reality, I meant the last three! Where there are two comparisons, an even year release (not comparable with this film), and a title that has the name of a major character. That's the answer.

#14. Annie Hall (1977)
Johnbobb- 2
Inviso- 3
KBM- 3
Snake- 4
Genny- 13
Scarlet- 14
Char- 25
Karo- 26
Wickle- 27
Stifled- 29

"Calling this just a romcom is a drastic oversimplification. Woody Allen is a weird dude but he's an intelligent filmmaker, and you can constantly see that here. He breaks the 4th wall over and over, but almost always in unique ways. Calling out someone talking out their ass, having the family dinners converse with each other. Annie herself is fantastic. It's all just really damn clever, and pretty easily stands out as the best Woody Allen film to date." ~Johnbobb

"Going into this movie, I knew that it had won a Best Picture award, but as a romance movie, that probably meant it was gonna be hoity-toity and obnoxious. But I was pleasantly surprised. Woody Allens neurotic personality leant itself to comedy quite nicely. I mean, he could easily have gone over the line into being too over-the-top and annoying, but I think he balanced that well enough with some self-deprecating humor. The relationship between Alvy and Annie was rather sweet, with both of them showcasing some serious personal insecurities. And I just found that it had some great moments. The cocaine blooper is iconic, and that scene with Christopher Walken and the carthats some brilliant comedic timing. So yeahthis was a SOLID comedyand its probably the fact that it was more focused on the human element than on the romance, that made it work for me." ~Inviso

"I know there are those Oscar enthusiasts who point to 1977 as the year Annie Hall robbed Star Wars for Best Picture. I gotta say, though, I think Annie Hall holds up better, at the very least from a storytelling and writing perspective (which is, of course, the focus here). This is one of three films on this list that I consider a stone-cold classic. The screenplay is razor-sharp; the performances, hilarious especially Diane Keaton at the absolute top of her game. It's honest (almost brutally so), and insightful, without ever coming across as manipulative or sugar-coated. It also comes in at a lean 93 minutes which is something more rom-coms should probably aspire to. One of Woody Allen's best, and it deserves its place in film history despite what we know now about its filmmaker's... questionable proclivities." ~KBM

"A perfectly executed rom-com in every fashion. Its of course very funny, but the intense chemistry of Allen and Keaton elevates this one to incredible heights. I love the different techniques and styles on display throughout, my favorites being the various 4th wall breaks. Theres a dryness and self-deprecation to it that is really impactful, and I like that it shows the different 'phases' of a relationship in a very real manner. Its one of the most intellectual examples of the rom-com genre ever." ~Snake

"The unit wonders how someone as annoying as Woody Allens character was able to attract the females with how whiny he is. The unit supposes it must be because of his humor, which the unit knows nothing about. Anyways, he is an enjoyable character and it is intriguing to see his relationship with Diane Keaton. The unit cannot believe she ends up with Jack Nicholson. There are several neat scenes that do something different from the usual, mostly with regards to the fourth wall and one with animation. While those scenes had their techniques shown in other media, they have their own uniqueness and flavor here." ~JONA
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
03/15/19 5:40:45 PM
"Annie and her family are odd, and I personally find it amazing that Woody Allen could have so many relationships. I'm not talking about the movie anymore. How can a man so against the standardly accepted definition of attractive find love multiple times in life? I digress... The lead of this movie is essentially Woody Allen. If he has a name I've forgotten it because it's not important so much as a self-insert placeholder. Ergo since I can't unsee Woody Allen I find the chemistry between him and Annie Hall unbelievable. That said the comedy makes up for the unrealistic romance, and trust me, with dark humor, racist humor, and situational comedy this movie is chok full of laughs." ~Genny

"Okay. Ill admit that I generally hate Woody Allen movies. I feel like, if I want to watch Woody Allen, Ill watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. But this might be Allen at his most open and most charming, despite his general narcissism. Keaton honestly knocks this movie out of the park, creating this effervescent, natural character that commands the screen. It clearly inspired a thousand Zooey Deschanel knock-offs in the decades since.
Rating: 62/100" ~Scarlet

"The only one of these films with a bittersweet, if not sad, ending, I just found this movie to kinda be much like most of Woody Allen's characters are; neurotic. It's not like I hated it really, but I also found it kinda hard to follow along with at times and knowing the ending is generally kind of a let down when that ending is the true one they show later on. I know how well regarded this film generally is and even though I actually like some of Woody Allen's comedy and humor, it doesn't really work that well in this sort of film for me. While I found his own character to be generally kinda endearing and really the only source of actual comedy, it's the fact I didn't care about his interactions with the rest of the cast that brought this down in my rankings." ~Charon

"This is the story of this amateur comic who is like a walking offensive stereotype of the jewish race chronicling the ins and outs of the most cringey romance ever all while beating the fourth wall savagely within an inch of its life.
The plot is almost nonexistent save for this bespectacled twit doing things that should earn him his teeth being kicked in, which sadly never happens.
Half of the lines are so badly acted the characters seem like they are doing improv or are reality show contestants, and even the few jokes that were funny don't land due to poor delivery.
A lot of the movie feels like the same old 'hur hur, lookit how lame nerds are', which is overdone, not funny, and generally makes the film an unpleasant experience throughout." ~Karo

"Well, a humor movie that I never really found funny with pessimism and jokes of the decade leading the charge. Okay fine, I laughed twice, but otherwise it just was not my style. It has a good delivery in some scenes with the adults reacting to a past scenes, plus some great cameos of actors in their early days. The second of my laughs was Goldblum appearing. But yeah, a couple drug scenes that bother me and even the protagonist just normally in many scenes, such as the final conversation with Annie towards the end of the movie." ~Wickle
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
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