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02/11/19 1:56:41 PM
Caution999 posted...
If you don't even have any loyalty or love to your own mother, it says a lot.

Either she didn't raise him correctly and possibly abused him, or he's just a piece of crap. Considering that he visits her I would think it's not the former.

it sounds like she's the one that's gotten cold towards him and he wishes she would become a normal person again
Hey what's going on in this thread
02/11/19 1:56:54 PM
Lol he sounds like my sister.
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02/11/19 2:16:19 PM
MeIon Bread posted...
You think that when Trump is kicked out of office, in either 2 years or 6 years, he'll make the people at the White House drink Kool-aid, and he will too?

My mom seems to think he wont last two full terms either. Yall need to prepare for it because its more likely than not in my opinion that hell get a second term and finish the whole thing out.
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