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02/11/19 8:10:26 AM
Do they just want votes that desperately. Lol. (fyi i live here).

System of model: Capitalism with empathy model like welfare etc
Voting system: Smaller parties can be aligned to bigger party vote. Left or right leaning etc.

USA: System of model: Capitalism... period.
Voting system: two big parties: Democrat or republican (small independent exists... but they are not going anywhere and have no influence on big parties even if people vote for them)
02/11/19 9:01:03 AM
Because they're desperate to convince people that socialism can work... sorta. Kinda. Maybe? Which typically appeals to one of the TWO (only two) genders that tend to vote for the left and are the majority of voters.

History has however shown that it eventually becomes a shit show lazy, irresponsible assholes.
"Whatever! Everyone is woman!"
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