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02/11/19 1:11:55 AM

The gist is that in the United States, the highest level of math class that a student takes in high school is the strongest predictor of whether that student will earn a bachelor's degree (no matter the field of study).

Specific data can be found in educational research articles. In one source published in 1999, about 50% of students whose highest math class was Algebra II went on to attain a bachelor's, but for students who reached up to precalc, this proportion jumps up to 76% and it goes up to 82% for students who got to calculus.

Why do you think this link exists? I have heard some people say because math classes typically will demand a positive attitude as well as logical thinking. Others say that no matter the field, quantitative thinking is becoming more important/valued. I agree with this, but why does the link involve "highest level" of math and not science or maybe even a foreign language?

For more info:
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02/11/19 1:33:06 AM
You even have to do calculus if you want an art degree.
02/11/19 1:41:21 AM
probably because the people that be dipshits in high school be dipshits in college

you may not think it be like it is but it do
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02/11/19 1:42:51 AM
I'm more surprised at the 18% who took calculus in high school, but didn't get a bachelors.
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02/11/19 1:46:26 AM
Maths is logic, if you can't logic you fail, that's perfectly reasonable.
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02/11/19 1:49:28 AM
Math is the most difficult of the four main subjects, so why is it surprising that those who can do well enough at it to tackle higher level classes have a much higher rate of getting a bachelor's degree?
02/11/19 2:19:52 AM
There are people really good at computer stuff, but are not so good at math.
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