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01/10/19 5:41:26 PM
Give a ranking 1-10 of how important the following aspects are in a video game, and then rank them in order from most important to least

Sound (like sound effects)
Replay ability
Multiplayer (online or in person)

For me, personally
Graphics 4/10
Story 6/10
Music 3/10
Sounds 1/10
Controls 8/10
Gameplay 9/10
Replay ability 3/10
Fun 10/10
Multiplayer 2/10

In order:
1. Fun
2. Gameplay
3. Controls
4. Story
5. Graphics
6. Music
7. Replay ability
8. Multiplayer
9. Sounds
01/10/19 5:54:09 PM
1. Story 10/10
2. Controls 9/10
3. Graphics 8/10
4. Gameplay 7/10
5. Fun 6/10
6. Music 5/10
7. Replay ability 4/10
8. Sounds 3/10
9. Multiplayer 2/10

i'll be happy to discuss my results with you or anyone else here, ok?

Oh, and i almost forgot...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89vnu8Nppy8" data-time="&start=19

01/10/19 5:57:35 PM
1. Gameplay.
2. Control
3. Music
4. Sound Effects.
5. Story
6. Graphics
7. Replay Ability
8. Multiplayer.

And fun is just a buzzword so it gets nothing.
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01/10/19 5:59:14 PM
Replay ability

Only 9. Cant go to 10. Also, multiplayer for me can move depending on the game. I think thats about right for me, though...
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01/10/19 6:13:03 PM
That's too many things to try to rank. Plus Gameplay kind of overlaps with Fun, Controls and Replayability, though those things don't necessarily overlap with each other.

In general I'd say fun and gameplay are most important, but a game also needs a nice atmosphere (which is kind of a combination of graphics/music/story) to really put it over the top. Something like Smash for example might be endlessly fun and replayable but I wouldn't consider it a better overall game than a top single-player experience.
01/10/19 6:27:34 PM
I'll agree, too many things to rate that are all intertwined. The quick rule is gameplay over graphics. Depending on the game MP may not be necessary. Music and sound could really set a mood in some games. I don't need a story unless it's an RPG.
01/10/19 6:29:30 PM
I'm gonna have to do a separate list for RPG and all other games. The importance of story in a good RPG is just too massive to have the same list.
Fun seems like dumb as its own category, most fun will come from other categories being good. So I'm not gonna count fun gameplay as "fun," or count amusing character interactions (story) as "fun," only the little things that don't neatly fit anywhere else like a humorous 4th wall reference or the like.

For RPG's, In order:
1. Story
2. Gameplay
3. Music
4. Controls
5. Fun
6. Graphics
7. Sounds
8. Replay ability
9. Multiplayer (in person only; online I don't give a shit about)

For non-RPG's, In order:
1. Gameplay
2. Controls
3. Music
4. Sounds
5. Graphics
6. Multiplayer (in person only; online I don't give a shit about)
7. Replay ability
8. Story
9. Fun
01/10/19 9:04:20 PM
Gameplay 10
Replayability 9
Fun 9
Music 8
Controls 8
Sound 7
Graphics 5
Story 3
Multiplayer 0
01/10/19 10:05:57 PM
Story 8
Gameplay 10
Fun 9
Controls 8
Replayability 6
Sound 4
Graphics 7
Multiplayer 2
Music 2
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01/10/19 11:09:29 PM
Graphics: Extremely important up to a certain threshold (namely, being able to tell what's going on), then pretty meaningless unless the art direction is exceptional (presuming that we're including art direction here and not just talking graphical fidelity).

Story: Possibly the least important, but this really depends on the game. A good story can contribute tremendously to a game's enjoyability, but I find a mediocre or bad one is just kind of there and doesn't influence much of anything. The exception, of course, would be story-heavy games like VN's that have nothing else going for them, in which case story obviously becomes more important.

Music: If it's good, music has the potential to make a game vastly more enjoyable with the emotive content it can add. If it's bad, vastly less enjoyable (though mute is a thing that can mitigate that). Anything in between, it's just kind of there and doesn't influence much.

Sound: If it's bad, it can all but ruin a game (though again, mute). Anywhere else on the spectrum, and it doesn't noticeably affect my enjoyment. I guess that means it's important to get it at least passable, but I never particularly say "the sound direction was really good in this game" because that's not something I notice.

Controls: Similar to sound, only without the ability to be saved by mute. If I have to fight with a game's controls, that's going to seriously hurt my enjoyment. Everything from passable to phenomenal, though, I'm not likely to notice. I'd consider getting it right to be extremely important, but anything better than that isn't to stand out for me (to the point where I'm not even sure how I'd define "amazing controls").

Gameplay: Most important, I'd say. Provided the other pieces are there, this is what dictates how much I enjoy playing a game. What qualifies as good gameplay is going to depend on the game in question (i.e. I expect much less from a visual novel than an ARPG), but this is the main point I'd consider.

Replayability: Take it or leave it. It's nice when it's there, but I don't worry if it isn't.

Fun: This is just another way of rating overall enjoyability, in my eyes, so I don't think it belongs in a comparison like this.

Multiplayer: Same as replayability.

It's not a ranking or a rating, obviously, but I feel the comparison is too multifaceted to make without more detailed analysis.
01/11/19 12:01:55 AM
Depends on the genre. I value story more in some genres than others. I also value graphics more in some games vs others. Gameplay is always important -- although it's a vague catch-all -- although there are games with shitty gameplay that I've sat through because I liked the story but, in the case of RPGs, great gameplay can't get me through a story I hate.

Controls and gameplay are kinda tied at the hip.

Replayability is a big want -- I wish pretty much every game offered a new game+. Multiplayer is a concern depending on the genre.

Music I don't really care about. Sound is moderately important.
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01/11/19 7:46:45 AM
Sound design
Art style

In that order.
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01/11/19 10:44:49 AM
Graphics 5/10 (they are nice, but not super important)
Story 5/10 (again, nice, but not super important)
Music 5/10 (nice, but not important)
Sound (like sound effects) 6/10 (a touch important, but can tolerate)
Controls 8/10 (somewhat important, bad controls can hurt the fun area)
Gameplay 8/10 (somewhat important, bad gameplay can hurt the fun area)
Replay ability 5/10 (nice, but not important, there are many games with no replay ability that I play over and over)
Fun 10/10 (the most important aspect, if it's not fun to me, I'm not playing it)
Multiplayer (online or in person) 1/10 (the least important thing to me as I mostly play single player)

1. Fun
2. Controls = Gameplay
3. Sound
4. Music = Graphics = Story = Replay ability
5. Multiplayer
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01/11/19 11:00:43 AM
Graphics: 07 / 10 **
Story: 10 / 10 *****
Music: 06 / 10 *
Sound/FX: 02 / 10
Controls: 04 / 10
Gameplay: 05 / 10
Replayability: 09 / 10 ****
Fun/immersion: 08 / 10 ***
Multiplayer: 01 / 10

For me the story of a game has always been what I seek out. I'm a tad strange but if a game has an incredible narrative, I might be able to overlook the other snags with the product.
01/11/19 11:10:08 AM
1) Fun 9/10
2) Gameplay 9/10
3) Controls 8/10
4) Replay ability 7/10
5) Story 5/10
6) Music 5/10
7) Graphics 4/10
8) Sound (like sound effects) 3/10
9) Multiplayer (online or in person) 0/10 (would go lower, but I will keep it at 0).
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01/11/19 11:20:55 AM
Fun 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Controls 10/10 (isn't that a key factor in Gameplay?)
Replayability (or longevity) without getting bored 9/10
Graphics 5/10 (as long as they work, pretty unimportant)
Sound effects 2/10 (meh, I'll often play with sound turned off)
Music 1/10 (if I want music, I'll play my own)
Multiplayer 1/10
Story -20/10 just give me a fast-forward button so the story doesn't intrude on gameplay
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01/11/19 11:30:56 AM
1. Fun
2. Gameplay
3. Replayability
4. Controls
5. Music
6. Story
7. Sound
8. Graphics
9. Multiplayer
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01/11/19 11:57:39 AM
Gameplay > Story > Visuals = audio

Gameplay: 10/10
Story: 8/10
visuals/audio: 6/10

Fun, replayability, multiplayer and controls are all part of gameplay. i lumped sound and music together as audio. I changed graphics to visuals because the art style/aesthetic design is more important to me than just the graphics quality.
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01/11/19 12:09:37 PM
Replayability is the deciding factor for me. I love stuff like Disgaea, Monster Hunter, Dead Cells, Fallout, etc.

Games I can reboot and play differently countless times

Graphics take a second stance, mostly because I love cell shaded and 2D games. I've never been a huge fan of ZOMG Graphics like RDR2, The Order, etc though it's always nice to play a AAA game every once in a while.

OST is also very important and helps to keep me engaged me a lot.

The rest can all be thrown into a single category (Gameplay, Fun, Controls).
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01/11/19 12:17:34 PM
Does "Replayability" just mean ability to play through it multiple times, or just general amount of time you can devote to it? I've always thought it's the former, but I'm not sure why that has been such a cornerstone of game reviewing. I think overall time you can spend on a game is more important, regardless of whether that is in replays or not.

Plus it's kind of an imaginary/subjective concept in a lot of games. You can have games with a lot of character customization and options that I have no desire to replay, as well as games that are basically the same exact thing every time that I'd happily play over and over.

Replay value tends to diminish for me the longer a game is, but length itself is a value too when not overly padded/artificial.
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