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01/10/19 6:29:40 AM
Madison Kate (c) vs. Lady Zero - Results (4 votes)
Madison Kate
50% (2 votes)
Lady Zero
50% (2 votes)
We're running out of nominations, so NOMINATE YOUR FAVOURITE GIRLS! Do you like anyone already on the list? Nominate her and she may get a higher spot!

Please BUMP the topic every once in a while when I'm asleep (evening-early night hours EST).

Latest result:

Madison Kate 83.78% (31 votes)
Velvet Sky 16.22% (6 votes)

A promising win for Madison, can she make a good run?

This contest is similar to the "winning streak," except with babes.

Madison Kate d. Velvet Sky
Madison Kate d. Rolyatistaylor

Rolyatistaylor d. Amouranth
Amouranth d. Taylor Momsen
Amouranth d. Cristina Scabbia
Amouranth d. Emiru
Amouranth d. Jessica Kingham
Amouranth d. Simone Simons
Amouranth d. Tenille Dashwood
Amouranth d. Emma Stone
Amouranth d. Margarita Levieva
Amouranth d. Liv Tyler
Amouranth d. Rosario Dawson
Amouranth d. Susie Abromeit
Amouranth d. Elizabeth Hurley
Amouranth d. Elin Grindemyr
Amouranth d. Andrea Londo
Amouranth d. Adriana Lima
Amouranth d. Violett Beane
Amouranth d. Gina Carano
Amouranth d. Michelle Mylett
Amouranth d. Jenni Lee
Amouranth d. Jade Grobler
Amouranth d. Paige VanZant
Paige VanZant d. Kathy Ireland
Kathy Ireland d. Cass Martin
Cass Martin d. Linoy Sror
Linoy Sror d. Leticia Bufoni
Linoy Sror d. Natalia Andreeva
Natalia Andreeva d. Jennifer Lopez
Natalia Andreeva d. Amber Lee Ettinger
Natalia Andreeva d. Kiko Mizuhara
Natalia Andreeva d. Dena Marie Rock
Natalia Andreeva d. Hania the Shewolf
Natalia Andreeva d. Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift d. Megan Frey
Megan Frey d. Hannah Cranston
Megan Frey d. Bakhar Nabieva
Megan Frey d. Kim Kardashian
Megan Frey d. Kirstjen Nielsen
Megan Frey d. Shantel VanSanten
Megan Frey d. Kim Horcher
Megan Frey d. Taryne Mowatt
Megan Frey d. Camilla Hasselgrd
Camilla Hasselgrd d. Rachael Leigh Cook
Rachael Leigh Cook d. Mia Yim
Rachael Leigh Cook d. Lindsey Morgan
Lindsey Morgan d. Heba Ali
Lindsey Morgan d. Allison Mack
Lindsey Morgan d. Dajana Gudic
Dajana Gudic d. Gala Nikolic
Dajana Gudic d. Rachel Cook
Rachel Cook d. Erin Sanderson
Rachel Cook d. Marie Avgeropoulos
Rachel Cook d. Bryana Holly
Bryana Holly d. Erin Armstrong
Bryana Holly d. Giada Robin
Bryana Holly d. Eliza Taylor
Bryana Holly d. Mandee Sim
Bryana Holly d. Thaila Ayala
Bryana Holly d. Tiffany Trump
Bryana Holly d. Samantha Ravndahl
Bryana Holly d. Lara Lunardi
Bryana Holly d. Libby Vincek
Bryana Holly d. Danielle Vedovelli
Danielle Vedovelli d. Taylor Hill
Danielle Vedovelli d. Erin Sanders
Full history:

Madison Kate:

Lady Zero:

Please NOMINATE babes for the upcoming matches!

Bumping the thread every few hours when I'm not around is highly appreciated! Mentioning the current score when I'm not around is also appreciated, and will be taken into consideration when I decide whether to subtract votes and/or redo a match. :)

Nomination list:
Salma Hayek (Azuarc)
Cosplay Butterfly (Lordjers)
Naomi Wu (Uglyface2)
Melissa Anderson (ZeroSignal620)
JoJo (SuperNiceDog)
Angelina Love (Johnny Eagle)
Katarina Waters (ZeroSignal620)
Lana Rain (SuperNiceDog)
Ena Friedrich (ZeroSignal620)
Kate Winslet (SuperNiceDog)
Christina Applegate (SuperNiceDog)
Carly Rae Jepsen (SuperNiceDog)
Alyson Tabbitha (SuperNiceDog)
Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey (SuperNiceDog)
Megan Fox (SuperNiceDog)
Maria Sharapova (SuperNiceDog)
Cassie (SuperNiceDog)
Dizzykitten (SuperNiceDog)
Emily Something (SuperNiceDog)

Each match lasts 24 hours or so.
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Best game reviews:
01/10/19 10:59:26 AM
Go lady zero!
01/10/19 11:05:13 AM

Hayley Williams of Paramore
Maren Morris(of Zedd "the middle")
01/10/19 11:20:19 AM
Vlado, please switch my vote to Madison
pepsi for tv-game
01/10/19 11:41:35 AM
01/10/19 2:00:34 PM
DeepsPraw posted...
Vlado, please switch my vote to Madison

01/10/19 2:30:20 PM
DeepsPraw posted...
Vlado, please switch my vote to Madison

I'll vote for Zero instead to balance it out.
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01/10/19 2:33:56 PM
"We'll tell the customers that the features promised are in a place outside of Heaven now" -- GransonEx
01/10/19 5:38:33 PM
16 to 14.

Not sold on Lady Zero, and Madison's smile in her first pic is lovely. (Shame about the third pic, I never did like when people cosplayed that character.)
01/11/19 4:28:34 AM
Ooh, looks like we might be heading to a tiebreaker!
Blitzball fan? Try Captain Tsubasa II (in English) for NES!
Best game reviews:
01/11/19 5:22:38 AM
I made it 21:19. No tiebreaker necessary.
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01/11/19 5:23:26 AM
Lady zero's mouth and chin are bankrupt.
LoL ID = imajericho
XBL GT = Corrik
01/11/19 11:42:50 AM
Checked out Lady Zero and her Lightning cosplay is pretty awesome.
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01/11/19 1:13:21 PM
Nom: MacKenzie Bezos aka the soon-to-be ex-Mrs Amazon.

Like that Eddie Murphy skit; she want HALF!
I'll get back up for good this time and I ain't comin' down...
01/11/19 1:39:01 PM
lordjers posted...
Checked out Lady Zero and her Lightning cosplay is pretty awesome.

oh yea she's great.
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