Current Events > Customer kills nail salon employee while attempting to skip her bill.

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01/09/19 5:49:53 AM
My friend was the mother's daughter. We both live in Garden Grove and it sucks that she's going through all of this. This was her facebook post:

"On Saturday, my family and I lost our mom.. we are so heartbroken by this sudden loss. My mom was a hard working single mom. She worked long hours for my family and always thought of us before herself. She did this so we wouldnt have to work as hard as she had to. I am very thankful for all she has done for us. I wish I had more time to tell her that but I am grateful for all the time we spent together. As Im going through her phone, she literally kept every single picture Ive sent her over the past couple of years. I know she was proud of all her children and we are very proud of her. God has called her home to finally rest, relax, and watch over us. We will miss her so so much.

I told the kids that their grandma is super grandma and they told me no, she was legendary grandma. They are right. My mom is legendary. We love her so much.

With her sudden loss, any donations will help my family out. My family and I thank you for your generosity and support. Please keep us in your prayer as we mourn the loss of our beloved mother."
01/09/19 5:57:16 AM
Earlier this month, a bartender chick at a local bar I frequent from time to time came into the bar when she wasnt drinking. According to the grapevine from the regulars, she tried to leave when she was really drunk. A co-worker ran out and tried to stop her from driving. She ran him over, killed him, and fled the scene.
01/09/19 6:01:50 AM
that's awful. something similar happened to a friend of mine a couple of years ago. he wasn't killed, but makes me think it could have gone a lot worse
Tell me your favourite things.
Tell me your favourite things.
01/09/19 6:02:16 AM
This is so fucked up
01/11/19 3:01:31 PM
Meth not even once
Cherish me
01/11/19 3:14:13 PM
Unfortunate but

Complete_Idi0t posted...
Imagine going in front of someone's car

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01/12/19 11:10:23 AM
FBI caught her!!!
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01/14/19 5:59:05 AM
01/14/19 6:07:36 AM
Two people lost their life over $35.
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01/14/19 6:10:29 AM
Of course she has tattoo'd eyebrows.
01/14/19 6:10:31 AM
Lvaneede posted...
I think this is why retail workers are told not to confront thieves

That's actually got more to do with liability

Employee harms or even just detains somebody unlawfully? That's a hefty lawsuit or settlement. Employee gets hurt, since it's on the job they'll be entitled to workers comp, and management will have to replace them during their scheduled hours while they recover.
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