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12/31/18 3:13:51 PM

Man you people post a lot. Which is good!

Division 6 Quarterfinal: (12)Pac-Man vs (4)Bayonetta

(12)Pac-Man - 14082 [47.93%]
(4)Bayonetta - 15299 [52.07%]
Total Votes - 29381
Prediction Percentage - 35.38%

This is one of the weirdest matches of the entire contest. It's close by final percentage, but legitimately stayed 52-48 for the entire match. Usually when things are close you get a rally in one way or the other, but that didn't happen here. It was just a steady, easy, 52-48 win for Bayonetta where she was never threatened. Either no one cares enough about Pac-Man to try rallying him, no one cares enough about Bayonetta enough to try rallying her, or no one cares about either of these two period so people just left the match alone.

What I don't get is how Pac-Man got 48% on her in the first place. I get Bayonetta being decent. She's all over Smash Bros and her series is on Nintendo consoles now, which is about all it takes to have decent strength on this site anymore. Pac-Man only has Smash, and he's not exactly a character people will rally behind. I have no clue what happened here, and we know Bayonetta would end up looking decent, so my best guess is Pac-Man boosted from being in Smash. Your guess is as good as mine, but something happened here. Clearly. Pac-Man is always good for a weird result, and this was his this year.

Because let's be honest, the guy has overlap with everyone and it's impossible to actually hate Pac-Man unless you're this guy.

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12/31/18 3:30:33 PM

Division 6 Quarterfinal: (3)Auron vs (11)Vincent Valentine

(3)Auron - 16396 [55.8%]
(11)Vincent - 12989 [44.2%]
Total Votes - 29385
Prediction Percentage - 37.61%

It dawned on me during this match that Auron always seems to be in matches against other badass male characters, which is probably just a quirk of bracket placement but it's kind of silly when you actually look at his history. He has gone against Cloud, Scorpion, Sephiroth, Big Boss, Ganondorf, Alucard, Sub-Zero, Crono, Chris Redfield, Pyramid Head, Shadow the Hedgehog, Ryu, Bowser, Marcus Fenix, Sonic (he counts as a cool and badass male character, shut up), Kratos, Zero, Squall, Revolver Ocelot, Ezio, Vincent, Geralt, and Snake. It's nuts how long that list is and how relatively few rematches there are, all without him ever facing Link, the king badass of GameFAQs itself. Auron is this remarkably consistent upper midcard dude that wins matches every year at the bottom of the bracket and is great for people who like consistent characters to adjust stats with.

This year he added Vincent to the list, and man was this embarrassing for Final Fantasy 7. While this wasn't quite as trashy as the Vincent we saw during that hellacious match picture in 2013, this was still really bad and I dare say Magus might have done better. This was well over 60% at one point, and Vincent's only saving face was bleeding Auron's percentage for awhile. I would love to say Vincent might have made a game of this a few years ago back when everyone believed in the dude, but his recent performances give me serious doubts there.

What exactly has Vincent done that's supposed to give me any faith in him? He did well in 2005 when he debuted. Okay, sure. He beat Dante and went 50-50 with Squall. Then he had a close match with Ganon before getting 48% on a neutered Sonic, overperformed in lol 4ways, and collapsed a bunch as the years have gone on. Auron has always been good. Vincent is all over the place. It should be no surprise to anyone this match was never close, and from the looks of it Board 8 pretty much all knew Auron was taking this fourpack. He was the overwhelming favorite in this division period and was definitely performing like it.
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12/31/18 3:34:18 PM

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12/31/18 3:34:50 PM

Why does anyone have an attachmanet for Pac Man?
I mean..yeah, I guess we played that game back on the Arcade 25 years ago...but who really cares about it?
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12/31/18 3:35:11 PM

The 2008 Crono match was basically a 1v1, so it can't just be brushed off. Vincent's really not all over the place, he was good until 2013 (in 2010 he blew out fodder and lost in an SFF match, calling that proof of a collapse is very revisionist) and bad in 2013 and 2018.
Advokaiser made an above average bracket, I'd say.
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12/31/18 3:56:25 PM

Oh hey I'm immortalised in an Ulti analysis.

I'll have you know that Pac-Man's whole contest run went exactly as I wished it to. Beat Sans, lost to Bayonetta in Round 2.
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12/31/18 3:58:39 PM

They might've been seeing Pacman vs Bayonetta in terms of a Smash Bros match. What tier are those two again?
>unironically playing video games
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