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01/08/19 7:21:16 AM
I haven't seen many movies in the past 5 years or so, but we used to get 2 DVDs from Netflix every week and I watched a ton of movies that way. It's hard to estimate how many I've seen. It could be anywhere from 500-1500. Part of me wants to write down every movie I can remember seeing but that's too much work for not enough payoff.
01/08/19 7:45:16 AM
I feel bad for that bears kicker. Officially, that last kick was scored as a block since an eagle got a wing on it but that's not stopping dumbass fans from sending him death threats.
I'd rather die helping others survive than be all alone, UNSCATHED, after all others have fallen -DEC
01/08/19 9:34:50 AM
7 years ago today my Facebook status was

Tim Tebow just. wins. football games.
01/08/19 10:21:13 AM
And rigged/predetermined outcomes
01/08/19 10:28:26 AM
As far as movies, I wouldn't even begin to be able to count them all but it would be well over a thousand. I watched movies more as a kid plus, as I said in the movie topic, one of the Spanish stations growing up showed movies made in Mexico every weekend and my parents would watch so I have seen many of those movies too.
01/08/19 5:21:40 PM
The past month or so I've been messing around with this stock trading app. I've mostly been checking it every once in a while while bored at work doing minor trades just to learn about it.
This morning I made my first big move (big for me, not for anyone who trades seriously), and it worked out and my $70 purchase turned into $350 in 5 minutes. I could have made more if I waited but I sold, which I don't regret. I can see how people get addicted and ruin their lives and stuff
Any of you guys done stock trading?
01/08/19 5:27:44 PM
Nice. I've had some success trading turnips in the stalk market in Animal Crossing.
01/08/19 5:32:49 PM
01/08/19 6:05:04 PM
Back in grade school we did mock stock trade in math class for a few months so we got a better understanding of how it worked. I have some funds in stock but have a broker who does the work.
01/08/19 6:18:11 PM
We did that in high school as well. I've also got a 401k but all that does is sit there and make my paycheck smaller
01/08/19 6:55:31 PM
Yeah my 401 has seen its ups and many downs but for the most part it is positive growth so I'll take it.
01/08/19 7:12:40 PM
Bruce Arians, who once said he'd only come out of retirement to coach the Browns, is now apparently going to coach... the Bucs? Talk about one of the worst possibilities to choose from.

Actually, maybe it makes sense and he wants a really crappy team for the challenge of the turnaround. After all I think he said his Browns comments before anybody thought they're actually becoming good.
01/08/19 9:19:58 PM
How long was he retired? A year?
01/08/19 9:22:54 PM
Yeah and I thought he had some kind of health problems so I'm not sure why he'd be coaching anybody. Kubiak is widely expected to come back as well but just as an OC
01/08/19 9:25:08 PM
Interesting... Kubiak coming back makes sense as long as he's got his health in a good place. And I guess I'd say the same about Arians if it was a health thing for him. But for some reason I feel like it wasn't.
01/08/19 10:42:40 PM
Alright time for tonight's Smash post. I don't think I'll ever get to the point that I want to main Ken or Ryu (I think I prefer Ken) but they have a really cool/highly technical play style and when playing online it's honestly a big advantage that they always turn to face their opponent when it's 1v1. Anyway back to sports or whatever.
01/09/19 12:33:49 AM
I tried to play Smash online tonight but this time it straight up wouldn't let me, said my connection was too unstable. Oh well at least with my subscription I can play NES games I beat 15 years ago
01/09/19 8:10:40 AM
That sucks. It's weird too because we did play online largely without issue in the past.
01/09/19 12:14:14 PM
Broncos are going to hire Vic Fangio (Bears D coordinator). VJ was a D coordinator too and we all know how that went, but at least this guy didn't come off one year of coaching a bottom-half defense, so I guess it's an improvement? I can't pretend to know much about coaching candidates. The Broncos have a history of doing poorly with rookie HCs but I also feel like retreads are almost always hard to get excited about
01/09/19 12:17:34 PM
Oh and the Browns promoted Freddie Kitchens to HC. Weird, remember that guy who tweeted that McCarthy was going to be the coach that I said was full of shit?
01/09/19 1:06:29 PM
And it looks like McCarthy only wants to coach the Jets.
01/09/19 11:25:57 PM
The Brewers got Grandal. Not a huge move but I'm sad cause I wanted the Rockies to get him since he was like the only good FA catcher. There's probably no chance they'll be in on Realmuto
01/09/19 11:31:30 PM
Apparently he turned down 4 and 60 earlier this offseason from the Mets. For a catcher his age I'm surprised he turned that down and now he's got 1 and 18.5
01/09/19 11:31:47 PM
Anyway the Brewers are good and that's a good add. "Oh well"
01/09/19 11:48:42 PM
Kyler Murray now declaring for the NFL draft what are you doing dude
01/10/19 12:01:30 AM
Chewster posted...
Kyler Murray now declaring for the NFL draft what are you doing dude

This is foolish. He must legit just like football way more than baseball. I think he's too small to succeed in the NFL though.
01/10/19 7:50:52 AM
If he's got his heart set on the NFL he should play one year, see if he's any good and then decide whether or not to keep going. But he should just do MLB anyway. Less glamorous and he'd have to wait a while before playing in front of a national audience but just do it for your health.
01/10/19 8:04:44 AM
He's probably looking at the free agent market in the bigs right now and cringing, though. That alone would make me consider playing in the NFL. Plus, mid-tier QB salaries are competitive with a 2-3 WAR player, and even though careers are on average shorter in the NFL, you aren't getting into the majors for a few years, nor will you get to free agency for at least 6.
01/10/19 8:58:25 AM
What he should do is try baseball first like everyone else then go back to football if he's 24 And it's not working. He can't be cringing too much just because as bad as MLB contracts have gotten they're still better than NFL contracts. That Cousins deal was once in a lifetime and in MLB it's known as Jake Arrieta money.
01/10/19 9:39:13 AM
He should wait for the A's to move so he doesn't have to play in that dump
01/10/19 9:49:30 AM
Zeeky_Bomb posted...
He's probably looking at the free agent market in the bigs right now and cringing, though. That alone would make me consider playing in the NFL. Plus, mid-tier QB salaries are competitive with a 2-3 WAR player, and even though careers are on average shorter in the NFL, you aren't getting into the majors for a few years, nor will you get to free agency for at least 6.

This is what I was thinking. It is a smart move for him. He will likely get better pay even if he is a back up QB than playing in the minors. He is young enough to head back to MLB if he doesn't make it in the NFL. Baseball players tend to have longer careers, so if he doesn't get hurt in the NFL and it's not a good fit for him it would be easier to move to baseball than it would be to move from baseball to NFL years later.
01/10/19 12:46:16 PM
Dirk is playing his likely last season and my god, he sucks. I mean it's way worse than Kobe or Duncan's last years. He's averaging 3.9/1.5/0.4.

That's only in 10 minutes a game and I think he was coming off surgery, but still, that doesn't bode well. Those are like 13th man numbers. Too bad cause he's one of the all-time greats. You wanna see him turn it around even just a little, but at the same time, if it goes on like that, why even bother finishing out the year?
01/10/19 12:59:55 PM
Reminds me of Ken Griffey Jr's last year when he just up and quit out of nowhere one day because he was so bad
01/10/19 7:12:00 PM
The white sox signed Jon Jay apparently in part because he and Machado are friends. They also signed Alonso who is Manny's brother in law. This is really pathetic
01/10/19 7:16:50 PM
More like White Sux mirite

It would be less pathetic if they weren't a 100-loss team last year. I don't know what guys they have coming up but the team can't be good soon, right? What makes them think that, not only Machado would want to go there, but that he'd actually be useful for their team right now?
01/10/19 9:26:04 PM
I did a free trial for The Athletic because they kept advertising a UVA story in my news feed.
01/10/19 10:35:00 PM
I went to my mom's tonight and she said the cat died while she was in the process of bringing him breakfast this morning. He was meowing at her because she was late with food, she said something to him and he stopped meowing and walked to his bowl, and when she went to give him food he was dead. Absolute wtf
01/10/19 11:49:40 PM
SkynyrdRocker posted...
I did a free trial for The Athletic because they kept advertising a UVA story in my news feed.

My friend gave me his athletic password and I've skimmed a few articles. It really does seem like quality content but lately I had trouble reading things longer than a tweet.
Mostly I don't want to read a 5000 word article on what the vikings could (in hindsight) have done better with offensive line the past 5 years.
01/11/19 12:09:01 AM
Everything I saw said Nintendo preorders unlock at midnight Eastern on release date so I stayed up so I could play NSMBU. It didn't unlock. Thanks Nintendo.
01/11/19 12:09:20 AM
Omg it finally did

Apparently 12:09 Eastern is the sweet spot
01/11/19 12:31:45 AM
Have you unlocked Bowsette yet
01/11/19 9:13:12 AM
Peachette is a truly insane new piece of Mario canon, but at least no one got super horny over it.
01/11/19 1:11:25 PM
The switch remaster I idiotically want is Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition
01/11/19 1:21:07 PM
Man DJ LeMahieu went to the fucking Yankees. If they don't get in on Machado (and maybe even if they do) you know they'll be looking at Arenado next year. Guess they're going for an all-Rockie infield. Well Tulo will probably be gone by 2020 but still

At least it wasn't like the Dodgers though, who Arenado also has been linked to
01/11/19 1:24:52 PM
They only signed Tulo to lure DJ
01/11/19 3:43:19 PM
Looks like a snowpocalypse is headed my way. If I die on the drive home from work, I hope you all remember me as the biggest raptors fan you ever knew.
01/11/19 3:49:53 PM
Safe driving. Pretty much every snow storm this year has either tracked just south or north of here. This one will be just south and we are expected to see a dusting if anything.
01/11/19 4:03:32 PM
I'm hoping to die in this one
01/11/19 4:34:54 PM
It's supposed to hit us but nothing like it's hitting St Louis. Good luck.
01/11/19 6:23:17 PM
It's snowing here but not too crazy
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