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12/06/18 10:54:22 AM
Tried to find a games list and found this article


Says that he's just buying and reselling a Chinese piece of crap at a huge markup. Smh people really do throw rocks at things that shine.
12/06/18 11:07:59 AM
Last Christmas saw one of my cousins and her kids. The kids got these Chinese radio shack pieces of shit things like you mentioned instead of a 3ds or whatever. It said it has thousands of games, but the menu had the same 25 crappy ROM games loaded over and over, so you cycle through the same set of games thousands of times. I messed around with it for a bit. Giant POS product.
12/06/18 11:15:16 AM
Our older brother actually got me and Brian a Sega Genesis version of that like five years ago for Christmas. Classic gift you get when the person you're buying for doesn't need anything. Anyway here's what was cool about it: the pads were very much Genesis pads, and it boasted like 120 games and about 20 of them were for real Genesis games of varying quality. The older brother and I spent that Christmas Eve morning running some golden axe and what have you and had a great time.

Here's the bad stuff: the pads were wireless via infrared. You had to have them pointing at the console or it wouldn't work. I got my ass handed to me by random thugs in Streets of Rage 2 (still holds up btw) because I couldn't move until we realized that the button inputs were shooting out lasers. It was truly terrible. Besides that, there's a basic problem that for as cool as Sega was back then, there's only probably 15 or so games that are still worth playing at all and most will bore you pretty quickly. But besides personal preference, the thing was LOADED with fake games. 2600 looking ass garbage called Tennis or Helicopter or whatever. So they juiced the number on the box by including a ton of games that weren't even Sega games. It was so stupid and they were so bad.
12/06/18 11:16:10 AM
He made them available only in white at the suggestion of his neo-Nazi pals that he recorded the same message as Brett Favre with
12/06/18 11:44:40 AM
In sports topic secret santa I am going to get @MNTwins1991 a gift card to the Soulja store which he can use towards a variety of bootlegged products
12/06/18 12:16:41 PM
CaptainHammer posted...
In sports topic secret santa I am going to get @MNTwins1991 a gift card to the Soulja store which he can use towards a variety of bootlegged products

Thank you!
12/06/18 2:23:25 PM
You know I was thinking about newest Cardinal Paul Goldschmidt and I remembered the first I heard of him was in the futures game and I thought he was cool because he was a power hitter with a cool name. Now he plays for my favorite team nearly a decade later. Wow that really makes you think.
12/06/18 3:05:29 PM
His name isn't cool
12/06/18 4:57:39 PM
I put my two weeks in last week but they haven't given me the schedule for next week so I guess I'm maybe done? I just plan to not show up unless they ask me to. There is a schedule online and I'm not on it but it's not super reliable, it's possible they just left me off because they don't need me anymore
12/06/18 5:16:41 PM
At Menards after I put in my two weeks half my coworkers expressed surprise that I actually showed up for those two weeks.
12/06/18 5:25:57 PM
It's really tempting to just not show up but I have no idea what could possibly show up on a background check. It would be really dumb if I finally get a good job that I like but then they call this place and they put in a bad word about me bailing for the last week. Probably wouldn't happen (especially the part about me getting a good job) but not worth the risk

Plus I'd be losing out on, like... $400
12/06/18 5:48:26 PM
Putting in 2 weeks notice is just the decent way to do things, especially if you want to use this place as a reference or work there again in the future. A future employer isn't going to know you worked there by doing a background check. They'd only know if you told them you did/put it on your resume (which most employers probably expect you to do). Putting in a 2 weeks and working through it is the best thing to do though, obv
12/06/18 6:11:55 PM
I looked up about background checks a while back and couldn't find a consistent answer as to whether they'd be able to find out you worked there if you don't list it. I'm not going to put it on my resume since it has nothing to do with my career and I was there for a month and a half
12/06/18 6:15:25 PM
The only time I quit on the spot was at McDonald's. I gave my two week notice and the manager who also did the schedule decided to ream me out and swearing that I should have given her more notice. She would schedule me as the only one in the back during 11-3 on Saturdays, she was told not to do that but she did it because she allowed way too many people to not have to work during those times.

So as she was yelling at me I said forget it, I already had my new job lined up grabbed a burger and some fries and walked out. I was told she was fired since she made a scene and with scheduling only me back there they had no one that knew the back area to do the work.
12/06/18 6:24:12 PM
Inside is a pretty good game. I think I really like games where you just move linearly "forward" via novel game mechanics and don't have to deal with a bunch of bullshit filler along the way. I say "I think" because I don't think there are very many games of that type in general (Portal would probably be the most prominent example) so I haven't played enough to find a bad one or get tired of it
12/06/18 6:49:09 PM
I applaud you for not taking her shit for one more second and I'm glad she got fired.
12/06/18 7:31:20 PM
You lose the ability to walk out on a job as an adult, really. Obviously, if the job is as menial as McDonalds, nobody really cares, but you have to tough it out.

Only time where I walked out was on a telemarketing job I quit. I was only there for three weeks, though.
12/06/18 9:02:11 PM
Yeah the McDonalds job was a high school job back in the 90s.
12/06/18 9:15:15 PM
I'm watching the dumb Game Awards because I'm dumb but they just announced Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and of all crazy things it's exclusive to switch
12/06/18 9:16:14 PM
STLCards1991 posted...
I'm watching the dumb Game Awards because I'm dumb but they just announced Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and of all crazy things it's exclusive to switch

Omg omg omg omg omg omg
12/06/18 9:18:36 PM
I just watched 5 minutes of it but it was so bad I had to close the tab
12/06/18 9:19:11 PM
It's a very bad show and it is very bad every year yet I always watch it.
12/06/18 9:35:21 PM
what game won the best award?

To be honest, RDR2 deserves everything
12/06/18 9:38:20 PM
So far the only awards were

Best narrative - RDR 2
Best performance - Roger Clark as Arthur Morgan RDR2

So we're probably looking at a (well deserved) return of the king style sweep for Red Dead
12/06/18 9:44:55 PM
It just won best score too. Absolutely can't argue with that either, but I thought that was one it *might* lose.

Fuck man RDR 2 is so goddamn good
12/06/18 9:50:05 PM
I think Arthur's voice is kind of weird
12/06/18 10:12:23 PM
Ultima_Dragoon posted...
I think Arthur's voice is kind of weird

Yer alright girl.
Fun fact. Arthur Morgan's voice actor is an Irishman
12/06/18 10:16:41 PM
Best esports player just went to SonicFox and he's on stage in his furry costume. He's a blue wolf (fox I guess but it looks like a wolf to me)
12/06/18 10:18:36 PM
He said he was "super gay." Anyway my main thought is what a pain it would be to wear those big furry things on your arms all day. I guess the big mask is worse. But neither is good.
12/06/18 10:23:25 PM
Wow this show is really getting good. Weezer was just on stage to introduce a live performance of a Devil May Cry song. No Weezer did not perform. It's a really bad song too
12/06/18 10:29:58 PM
I never knew I wanted Weezer to perform the sountrack to DMC until now
12/06/18 10:45:02 PM
Half of this show is PSAs telling you not to vape.
12/06/18 11:32:51 PM
Oh hell yes. First Smash DLC character is gonna be Joker from Persona 5. Fuckin dope pick.
12/06/18 11:38:47 PM
I've never watched any of those. I thought it was mostly just bad back when it was marketed for Spike but even though it's not on Spike anymore what you're describing totally sounds like something that would be on Spike.

Aren't these kind of like, THE awards in the industry nowadays though? Back in the early Spike iterations I seem to remember it was kind of just treated as a joke and nobody cared about it
12/06/18 11:40:50 PM
I don't even know how something was GotY back in the day anyway. Like I remember OoT is generally considered the GotY for 1998 but traditionally didn't that just used to be a title from various publications with no real "one"?

And don't get me started on "GotY Editions" which are just included DLC
12/06/18 11:45:14 PM
God of War wins GOTY. This injustice will not stand!!!
12/06/18 11:51:50 PM
I had a pleasant experience with EA support. This doesn't feel like it's supposed to happen
12/07/18 9:20:49 AM
Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo (hadn't played in mlb since 2008) are this year's baseball players to die in a car accident. This sucks! I'm sick of this shit!
12/07/18 10:10:45 AM
I just read about those two. South America sounds like an awful place for driving.
12/07/18 11:16:24 AM
Shit is crazy. Apparently they ran over a big rock in the middle of the road.
12/07/18 2:20:34 PM
Just played a lil smash on my lunch break. I ran classic mode twice. Once with Link and once with the character I unlocked after the Link one.

Link feels very good but I definitely need to get some reps in to feel confident playing this game. Making his bombs into the remote bombs from BotW is extremely

King K. Rool is good as hell. They will be a huge noob character in early online play. Little Mac with that HUGE side smash but better and safer to play.

Now I won't be reviewing all 72 characters but I wanted to post about them. That's all
12/07/18 2:24:50 PM
Is shulk still insanely OP and a total noob character?
12/07/18 2:44:15 PM
I haven't unlocked him yet, I only have 11 of 72 characters now and those two I mentioned are the only ones I've played so far. He never really seemed that good to me in Smash 4 though, fucking around with the monado settings was a cool idea but kind of annoying if you're trying to win
12/07/18 3:11:05 PM
Shulk is supposed to be actually good in this one I think but I don't have him either. I know they made it easier to change monado arts.
12/07/18 3:13:15 PM
Stop talking about Smash until I have it please
12/07/18 4:35:09 PM
Chewster posted...
Stop talking about Smash until I have it please
12/07/18 6:26:55 PM
Ultima_Dragoon posted...
I just read about those two. South America sounds like an awful place for driving.

It generally is pretty terrible, from what I've heard (and will experience sometime next year). Rural Colombians get around this by using motorcycles everywhere.
12/07/18 10:00:53 PM
If you bought a physical copy of Smash, make sure you claim the Gold Points by January 31 so you get piranha plant for free
12/07/18 11:03:49 PM
I just lost the challenger approaching fight against Jiggs because the piece of shit used rest on me
12/07/18 11:08:05 PM
I lost to Ness the first time because I got impatient and he tickled me near the side
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