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11/22/18 11:07:10 AM
In this topic we discuss the career renaissance of Andy Dalton. Without looking at the stats I assume he is having a career year.

11/22/18 11:15:03 AM
Kevein Durant sucks without Papa Curry
11/22/18 11:16:12 AM
I'm looking at the eShop deals now on switch. I can't vouch for all these games as switch ports except VC4 which is competent but the rest are at least really good games on the consoles I played on:

Skyrim of course - $30
Doom - $30
Valkyria Chronicles 4 - $30
Dragon Ball FighterZ - $42 (really great even if you don't care about DBZ and just want a good fighting game)
Wolfenstein 2 - $30 (very good story especially for an FPS but I like Doom better as a game)
11/22/18 11:20:05 AM
Also I'm buying The Messenger down from $20 to $14
11/22/18 12:03:17 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, all.
11/22/18 4:35:40 PM
Colt McCoy time! Hook 'em
11/22/18 4:36:46 PM
FinalFantasyVII posted...
Kevein Durant sucks without Papa Curry

Durant is doing fine but gs definitely sucks with green and curry out
11/22/18 5:14:26 PM
how the fuck is colt mccoy even still in the nfl
I'm thinkin' about starting a corporation. WHO'S WITH ME?
11/22/18 5:31:27 PM
Colt McCoy to Vernon Davis!!

Former Texas Longhorn to former Maryland Terrapin. My heart is throbbing!!
11/22/18 5:34:16 PM
Colt McCoy is a fine backup. I wish the Packers had a backup like him.
11/22/18 8:03:15 PM
Cowboys win 31-23.
11/22/18 9:33:37 PM
Who could have foreseen a shitty game from Colt McCoy? But congrats to Chase Daniel on the big W
11/22/18 9:43:22 PM
Nah, man. Amari Cooper was on a roll tonight.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiVdcXeJYj8" data-time="
11/22/18 9:45:59 PM
WastelandCowboy posted...
Cowboys win 31-23.

Thanks you.
11/22/18 9:48:09 PM
CaptainHammer posted...
WastelandCowboy posted...
Cowboys win 31-23.

Thanks you.

I just realized that this could be spoilers to those who haven't watched it yet.

11/22/18 10:03:47 PM
I was joking when I thanked you because I had jokingly asked for score updates in the previous topic because some dummy had recently asked for the score (it's much easier to google it than to ask for someone on gfaqs to tell you which means it was silly performative sports liking) but I'll be sincere now and say that you're fine to post the score and post who won and stuff. I don't think anyone here watches sports on dvr or anything, and the code sports fans live by is that the onus is on you to watch the game in real time if you don't want it spoiled. The rest of us don't need to wait for you to watch the game 8 hours later before we talk about it.

Also, today I learned my paw paw still watches and roots for the Rams. My cousin's boyfriend is a Bears fan so they are also football fans. My other cousin's husband is one of those fans of the league guys who is from the area but I don't think really rooted for the Rams anyway, and then there's me and my brothers and my one uncle and his son who sort of casually follow the goings on but don't watch. I think that's it for actual football fans still remaining in my gigantic Irish family. Pretty strange on Thanksgiving.
11/22/18 10:19:49 PM
My family talked about politics and they're also going deaf and have dementia so I got to hear the same conversation about Trump like 4 times. Did you guys know he ordered the California forests to be burned down to make room for the high speed railways?
11/23/18 3:28:38 AM
I had a stupid thought while at Thanksgiving: I noticed a lot of people around here say "Back east" when referring to that side of the country. What do people say for the west? Back west? Out west?

I just googled it and "back east" is in the dictionary but "back west" doesn't exist.
11/23/18 9:07:17 AM
I saw this celebration live and in my unworthiness I didn't recognize it and thought it was dumb
11/23/18 12:36:22 PM
Out west
11/23/18 1:56:08 PM
I tried to do a random Pokemon battle online to see what it was like (just type in three Pikachus and you'll get a random opponent) and the dude started the fight off with a Mega Mewtwo
11/23/18 5:17:36 PM
I looked up why the Cowboys and Lions always play on Thanksgiving and it turns out it's a pretty lame story. Basically the Lions just decided to do it once to increase publicity, and the Cowboys pretty much copied the idea a few decades later. I wonder if a team now could just decide they want Thanksgiving games every year.

I mean I don't really know what I expected but it would've been interesting if it happened because they were forced to postpone a game or something
11/23/18 5:23:42 PM
Creed 2 is very good.
11/23/18 5:40:54 PM
Hulu is offering their plan with commercials for 99 cents a month for a full year for new subscribers
11/23/18 6:25:31 PM
Ultima_Dragoon posted...
I had a stupid thought while at Thanksgiving: I noticed a lot of people around here say "Back east" when referring to that side of the country. What do people say for the west? Back west? Out west?

I just googled it and "back east" is in the dictionary but "back west" doesn't exist.

Up north, down south
11/23/18 6:34:21 PM
I don't think I've ever said "back east." Out west, up north, down south I've said though. I feel like I'd probably say "in the east" or something
11/23/18 8:10:57 PM
STLCards1991 posted...
Hulu is offering their plan with commercials for 99 cents a month for a full year for new subscribers

Shit, I wish I was a new subscriber
11/23/18 8:37:20 PM
I should do that but I'd probably watch like two things over the course of the whole year. Also I wonder if there's a catch like you are required to stay subscribed the next year or something.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy was my only physical purchase on Black Friday, but I got a few eShop games yesterday and those games I bought a while back on the Target B2G1. I have too much shit to play now (well, always, but even more so now)
11/23/18 10:39:27 PM
I have some truly devastating news. Bob McNair has died.
11/23/18 10:40:08 PM
If you guys want to watch a snow game Washington Washington State on Fox is being played in a winter wonderland
11/23/18 10:40:43 PM
Also UVA found another way to rip my heart out this year. 15 damn years
11/24/18 12:14:10 AM
I ran out of space on my Switch so I have to download stuff to an SD card now. Some of the downloads failed and I tried them over again several times before I could finally get them to (so far) work, but now it says my SD card has like 25 GB fewer than it should, so I'm probably going to end up wiping it and having to try all the downloads over again. Fuck this shit

Does the Switch download in sleep mode? I don't even know. It kind of seems like it but also I'm not sure if being in sleep is what fucked up my downloads in the first place. There should just be a setting to have it go to sleep after downloads finish
11/24/18 12:15:41 AM
Chewster posted...
Does the Switch download in sleep mode?

Yes. Faster than while awake, too.
11/24/18 12:21:59 AM
Well I've been doing this shit wrong then, but like I said, afraid sleeping will fuck something up. It's fucked up either way at this point though.

Maybe my SD card is shitty, I don't know. AFAIK some of them can be pretty crappy, especially if you re-format them a few times, which I've had to do with this one.
11/24/18 12:32:14 AM
Yeah I don't know what the issue is. I haven't had issues downloading stuff. Just downloaded the 14 GB patch for LA Noire and put it to sleep and woke it up two times. No problems.
11/24/18 12:33:13 AM
Also it sucks that the Switch carts make you have to do that. The Mega Man collections didn't all fit on the cart and half had to be downloaded if you bought them physically.
11/24/18 8:31:41 AM
I'm gonna do a chewy post real quick

Searching for jobs really does suck. I just came across one for the front desk at a doctor's office. The qualifications were a bachelor's degree - required, psychology degree - preffered. Must love animals. Pays $17 an hour.

I applied anyway because animals are cool, but damn. It's either stuff like this, or calling (harassing) people for sales, or retail stuff. Anything that looks decent, I'm pretty sure I'm getting beaten by guys who should be extremely overqualified.
11/24/18 8:38:25 AM
If I saw that when I was applying for jobs, I would have jumped on that in a heartbeat. Then again, I have a psych degree, so I fit that qualification to a tee.

Yeah, job hunting sucks, but I may put myself through the trouble of doing it. I won't quit my current job, but even if I get a raise, I feel like I've learned all I can learn at my job.
11/24/18 8:39:02 AM
Not really related but a while back I remember seeing a post for a QA engineer here that paid $30k a year. The funny part about it was that this was advertised very clearly in the title of the posting. Most jobs like that you don't even find out until you interview, and for a QA Engineer anywhere else it's like $45k bare minimum, but probably more often around $60k. Who exactly are they trying to get by loudly advertising their half market value salary? And it wasn't like they had low requirements, they were the same for a $60k QA job.
11/24/18 9:43:06 AM
I want to quit my job because it's boring but primarily because I can feel my boss growing to loathe me more every day and he's so non confrontational that he's probably just going to keep doing little things to keep me on edge until I quit and that's not fun
11/24/18 9:43:28 AM
Don't we love our bosses, folks?
11/24/18 10:09:43 AM
I've never really had problems with bosses.

At my old job, we charged $135 or something for each hour billed (I believe it went up every year, probably by more than my annual raise). The most I made was a hair under $25. I have no idea what is considered a normal rate but doesn't 18.5% sound pretty shitty?

I guess the justification is there is a lot of overhead and nonbillable time, but they were so wasteful. Questionable at best initiatives, over hiring, mandatory overtime for no reason, etc.
11/24/18 10:30:53 AM
If you think that's bad, wait until you hear what retail workers make in relation to sales revenue.
11/24/18 10:57:33 AM
True but if I was at a similar company I bet they would've paid more.

One more rant, I promise. You shouldn't have gotten me on the subject cause I could rant on this for days.

Yesterday at work some lady (older, and kinda crass) was like "How old are you, like 17?" Then when I told her she tried to save it and say I had good genes. It's like Michael Bolton in Office Space, everybody thinks they're the first one to point out his famous name, but he gets sick of hearing it all the time. Same thing with me and my age.

I've gone to a couple of my college career fairs as an alum. I should note that I'm wearing a name tag with my grad year and an alumni sticker. So I give my spiel about my background, then like half the time the company rep goes "So are you a freshman?" Fucking great, really makes you feel like the conversation was over before it even started. I legitimately wonder if part of the reason I can't get a desirable job is people subconsciously judging me on my age. I'm sick of looking like a fucking high schooler. How old am I gonna be, like 40, before people start treating me like a normal adult?
11/24/18 11:24:04 AM
Now here's a good topic


We better hold those GameFAQs poll-makers accountable or else Christmas could go away forever!
11/24/18 11:38:38 AM
He doesn't even know how to use imgur
11/24/18 11:46:24 AM
That's the guy who posts on every single one of those boards called like Temple of the Ancients or whatever that you can only access when you reach that karma level. When someone comes in and says like "finally reached Idol!" He will post something like "welcome! *Hands you idolic necklace*" or some shit.
11/24/18 4:07:18 PM
Package tracking is such a bad invention for somebody like me. The package always ends up landing somewhere like 20 minutes away and then I'll tell myself "Cool, it'll be here any time now" but then it's like three more days and several transfers later. The worst is when it says "out for delivery" at like 9 AM but the mail doesn't actually get delivered til like 6 PM.

I don't even need what I'm waiting on that urgently, I just like the gratification of knowing it's here
11/24/18 6:31:21 PM
Just checked my Switch and my download is in the same spot as it was when I went to bed last night, what the fuck. Download while sleeping is definitely not a setting you can enable/disable, right? I couldn't find anything like that except auto-update, which is on.

This SD card shit sucks. At least the lack of storage is somewhat justified by the size of the console, unlike the shitty Wii U
11/24/18 6:52:53 PM
Yeah it's never been an issue for me and I have an SD card in my switch too. All I can say is I followed their instructions online but you probably did too
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