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02/10/19 3:04:51 PM
Pic files 150x150. I'd been zipping them and uploading em. You can also find just picture material that you think would make a good pic but yeah.

Bios you can just... do whatever you want to fill out the page. I just make them kinda silly blurbs that sorta describe the character and sorta give them flavor. Like my FE7 Eliwood bio is:

Lord of Phaerae, father of Roy, and long time best friend of Hector, Eliwood prefers to take a diplomatic approach to problems if able. Unfortunately, given the usual situations he faces, that is almost never possible, leaving all of his diplomatic techniques that don't involve stammering out variations of "wait!" or "let's talk about this!" rather rusty.

Has the reputation among some select circles of having low 'stats' across the board, despite strong growth rates. Eliwood is unsure of what this all means, and figures this presumably refers to some manner of fantasy wrestling that he does not play.

Which is complete nonsense but I was amused writing it and it beats a blank space.

Tom Bombadil posted...
So you don't want to have control of the db again?

I don't want to have a turn. Way I see it if I get everything I need to do in a row I can just have the db for a day and just do it all in like an hour or two. Having the db itself doesn't serve any purpose for me as it hasn't been able to motivate me with a "deadline" or whatever.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
Tom Bombadil
02/10/19 7:48:19 PM
Gotcha, I think? So you still want to have a turn, sorta, just like a day or two when you're prepped instead of a couple weeks when you're not? And you're still on board for all the same stuff?

I just wanna make sure I am 100% understanding you
A thousand candles of peace
02/10/19 8:23:15 PM
I'll ask for a turn when I'm ready for one and it'll be a really short one but I'm done with the multi week ones cause I just waste time

I'll keep updates on my word document progress
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
Tom Bombadil
02/11/19 10:52:07 AM
Gotcha! It might be kinda tricky working that in on short notice but eh the schedule's kinda junked at this point anyway
A thousand candles of peace
02/11/19 11:08:38 AM
Strictly speaking I can be very flexible with the timing of the one day so it doesn't need to be a short notice! Anyway yeah let's hope this works better. I'm hopeful!
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
02/11/19 11:56:10 AM
First update

Single spaced list of every character in the spreadsheets is 117 pages

So hyped to write a novel of bios.

Now granted there are some repeats here and some that probably aren't going in the DB period (right? Or no? Give me a heads up I guess.), and some I've already done, but yeah.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
02/11/19 11:57:27 AM
I would be doing one or 2 line bios honestly
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris
Tom Bombadil
02/11/19 12:01:01 PM
if it's yellow or green it's already in, if it's red there's something up with it and maybe not, if it's white, probably not, and if it's crossed out it's cut
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/11/19 5:59:18 PM
also IDK about the other two but I would rather write bios than cut pictures if you wind up needing to offload a bit of the stuff that isn't "yours"...I imagine you will anyway for some of the most obscure stuff >_>

at any rate in addition to (hopefully) eaed turn day it is TEEN TITANS DAY

-Check perf for Bumblebee, Jinx, Red X, Robin, Speedy
-No teams....but that may well have been intentional
-Income is good- boost PV+BQ+M
-Man this was a really uneventful one

My show: E+ NEUTRAL
ME: Slade d. Robin in a Texas Death Match to retain, E+
MotN: Red X d. Cyborg for the Mysterious Briefcase, D-

>TB: Post Random Screenshot
A thousand candles of peace
02/11/19 6:26:46 PM
...I can do pics for my guys if needed, finding and cutting is honestly fairly simple on my end when I need to break from these damned papers.
I'll die on this hill, but no one will show up to kill me.
02/11/19 7:10:45 PM
I had actual work today :-(. I forgot it was a payroll Monday and even though I'm not payroll the software I am in charge is for payroll. I hope to do it tomorrow.
02/12/19 12:22:46 PM
mental note to self the next time I have time : is (my) canon and database is to reflect that
I'll die on this hill, but no one will show up to kill me.
Tom Bombadil
02/12/19 7:06:53 PM
I like how incineroar wags its tail like a dog >_>


-Too many heels man, turn me and Hotshot- adjust tag and world storylines appropriately
-Perf: Dragon?, Hotshot?, Capoeira?, Stud?, Texan?, Wayne?
-The Fish Roles (RA)
-Buff Double S/Fish
-Miz starting out on this roster is still incredibly silly but hey I got a show out of him!
-"GoT sign Wishbone"
-One of my OCs complained about his booking after getting a win over the Miz (in a tag match well outside Miz's home base, but he's still the biggest star TCW will sniff before like 2020)
-"WWF sign Kakashi Hatake" o_o

My show: E- SUCCESS
ME: Jay West d. Mr. Boombastic for the title, E-
MotN: Team Impact d. Miz+Dragon Rosado, E
A thousand candles of peace
02/12/19 7:37:48 PM
Have you never had or met a doggish cat, or a cat raised around dogs, Tahm? ^_^

I'll die on this hill, but no one will show up to kill me.
Tom Bombadil
02/13/19 6:30:11 PM
Can't say as I have, although I did have a couple that would play fetch

it is time for STRIFE! what's hussie up to these days, anyway?

-*Needs* a music upgrade
-Tag titles are kinda low on the card- think I'll swap 'em to....Rose+Kanaya.
-I was gonna put Hiveswap people in here but then Hiveswap...kinda...yeah.
-Got plenty of money to throw around but not much reason to do so. Maybe I'll switch Distribution to Internet it a day?

==> (TV, auto)
MEs: Terezi d. Dave (C+); Rose+Roxy d. Team Scourge (B-); John d. Terezi (C+); Roxy d. Vriska (B-)
uMotNs: Karkat d. Caliborn (C); Dave d. Spades (B); Roxy d. Vriska (C+); Dave d. Spades (B-)

Unite (PPV, hand): C+ SUCCESS
ME: Dave d. Vriska for the Treasure, C
MotN: Karkat d. Jack, B

Today's random screen: Raw
A thousand candles of peace
02/13/19 7:08:05 PM
I've still never finished Homestuck. I should really do that at some point.
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris
02/13/19 7:19:09 PM
I... don't know, actually. Being Andrew Hussie, I suppose. ...And I heard Hiveswap was a bit... disappointing, never played though.
I'll die on this hill, but no one will show up to kill me.
02/13/19 7:30:52 PM
Yeah I did the kickstarter so I have hiveswap but never played it either.

I was so into it at one point but the last gigapause just went to long for my interest
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris
Tom Bombadil
02/13/19 7:53:38 PM
Hiveswap was fine IMO, it just didn't quite match the hype or timeline because the whole embezzlement thingy screwed it over. Also it is Chapter 1 and I don't even know if there are gonna be more chapters at this point. :(
A thousand candles of peace
02/14/19 2:51:26 PM
I got started today. I detailed 8 guys. Fixed the guys that were listed in previous posts for my companies. Here are the new F/H alignments for FFWD.

Balthier Bunansa
Bartz Klauser
Cecil Harvey
Cloud Strife
Laguna Loire
Machina Kunagiri
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Onion Knight
Ramza Beouvle
Sazh Katzroy
Squall Leonheart
Terra Branford
Tifa Lockhart
Warrior of Light
Y'shtola Rhul
Zidane Tribal

Aranea Highwind
Ardyn Izunia
Celes Chere
Chaos(Part Time Wrestler)
Cid Aulstyne
Cloud of Darkness
Delita Heiral
Emperor Mateus
Flomarv Tengile
Kain Highwind
Kefka Palazzo
Lady Lilith
Nero tol Scaeva

26 Heels. 25 Faces. I believe when Cloud was still in the company it was 26/26.
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Tom Bombadil
02/14/19 4:42:08 PM
something valentine's something SUPER SMASH BATTLEGROUND

-I'm noticing that there are not many "locker room leaders" in this mod, and your morale gets dinged a bit if you don't have one. This is why I've hired Becky Lynch in like half of these games >_> Once Lopen goes, a lot of his guys will fit the bill too!
-similarly, Olivier tends to be on the Hidden Gems list alongside a buncha folks I don't know, so he has made a bunch of appearances as well
-Only even months have PPV
-Noctis somehow managed to become the Nintendo Superstar o_O
-The & in Game & Watch's name doesn't display properly, presumably for the same reason as the one in S:T&R
-Kinda debating giving SSB a bit of a buff of some sort (entertainment, probably, as my entertainment scores got more generous over time)...they are having issues but I think they'd be doing better if I had hand booked the TV shows and not trusted Noctis in the ME. But would they be doing well enough to hold their ground?

Brawl (TV, auto)
MEs: Peach/Rosalina d. Master/Crazy (B-); Yoshi d. Luigi (B); Master/Crazy d. Peach/Rosalina (B); Kirby d. Master to retain (B)
uMotNs: Pikachu d. Joker (C+); Kirby/Puff d. DDD/Meta (B-); Wario d. Ness (C+); Wario d. Falcon (C+)

ME: Peach d. Noctis on Final Destination for the Nintendo Superstar Title (C+)
MotN: Yoshi d. Luigi (B+)

Today's random screen: Persona
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/15/19 3:59:54 PM
hey @Lopen in addition to TCW and GWA you probably don't need to worry about TOTAL EXTREME WRESTLING (also Wifebolo did like a fed and a half of pictures off my sheet)

-No momentum
-1 event (I think at one point I decided I was cool with feds not having monthly events but I am leaning the opposite way these days)
-I suspect 3 hours is too much
-Turn Fuyuko face
-Cash flow is an issue, but probably won't be once half the roster is poached. Downgrade Live Events.
-Maybe lock titles because it has a silly number of them and the AI usually drops half
-TCW All Action to...somebody more over than Edd Stone?
-I like how the world is named after Tommy Cornell and he only pushes to Midcard. I guess he IS kinda in the winding down phase of his career at this point though.
-Mortal Kombat picked up Varrick

My show: C- SUCCESS
ME: Steve DeColt d. Sam Strong for the SWF World Title (D+)
MotN: Dan Stone Jr. d. Sam Keith (C)
A thousand candles of peace
02/15/19 9:55:53 PM
I'm sorry guys I had to do actual work at work today.
Tom Bombadil
02/16/19 8:50:52 AM
the very nerve of them you should take your boss to TRAILS OF CONTINUED SUPLEX what I would say but I forgot that one hasn't been re-detailed yet so on to the next thing which is Disgaea
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/17/19 12:06:51 AM
-Still wanna come up with a better name (ideally one that would have a recognizable acronym)
-No momentum
-Women's Wrestling needs to be Integrated.
-Flonne gets to join the "forgot to toggle to female" club!
-Need some more heels- how many of Seraphina, Sapphire, Almaz, and Bloodis could turn heel? Backup plan: Rozalin and Fuka
-Check perf: Adell, Zommie
-Change Adell/Mid-Boss storyline to...something where they're not both heels
-Backstage is 80, which...seems high actually lol

My show: D- SUCCESS
ME: Laharl d. Etna in a Saw Blade match to retain, D
uMotN: Seraphina d. Kurtis, D-

Today's random screen: VGM Punch Their Face's Face

A second random screen because I just like this card so much:
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/17/19 8:54:35 PM
it's not the final frontier of playtesting but TURNBUCKLES OF SPACE *is* getting close to the end of the first pass!

-I think Nurse Chapel was supposed to be a Road Agent but isn't set as one.
-Rudo/Tecnico balance is weird (face heavy at the top and heel heavy at the bottom) but it kinda works out (and makes sense for the fandom)
-Storylines are not strong enough to start (need 2 at 77)
-Kirk is able to be a good figurehead (which seems very rare for some reason) so let's set him as one. Debate SETTLED :(
-Troi, Tasha Yar gender
-I feel like these guys could use a buff, but I'm not sure what specifically. Maybe just a few points for everybody in this or that.
-Upgrade PV, BQ, Music
-We fell to Cult lol

Star Trek (TV, Auto)
Overalls: 44 MIXED lolol; 62 MIXED; 70 MIXED; 69 MIXED
MEs: Kirk+Spock d. Q+Khan (82); Picard d. Borg (73); Borg d. Picard (81); Borg d. Worf (80)

The Voyage Home (PPV, hand): 69 MIXED
ME: Kirk d. Khan Last Man Standing for the title, 77
uMotN: Q d. Picard Submission, 78

today's random screen: comics TV winds up fairly comic-y despite having no starting roster
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/18/19 12:03:23 PM

-Need 2-6 more dudes, preferably mostly ones that can work face
-And 1-2 Road Agents (was that supposed to be Russo?) (or Bischoff?)
-Perf: Disco
-87 backstage seems high
-Change Hogan/Savage gimmick
-Give Robinson/Patrick ref
-"David Flair had an in-ring performance of 18"

Nitro (auto)
MEs: Hogan d. Savage to retain (75); Savage/Goldberg d. Outsiders (78); Sting/Goldberg d. Outsiders (80)
uMotNs: Outsiders d. Guerreros (65); Warriors d. Guerreros (81); Flair d. The Boulder (80)

Thunder (auto)
Scores: 46; 44; 47
MEs: Steamboat d. Tully (68); Raven d. R. Steiner, Steamboat (62); Malenko/Rey d. Knobbs/Buff (71)
uMotNs: Guerreros d. Nasty Boys (73); Tully d. Chavo (71); R. Steiner d. Stevie Ray (70)

Random screen of the day: SNSM (or rather, its placeholder that is instead filled with a fantastic collection of random jobbers)

why did I hit post I wasn't done and the edit box is a pain
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/18/19 1:02:58 PM
WCW continues

-Maybe we need buffs here? I don't think I did anything dumb in particular, and I didn't notice any standout issues other than the refs, whom I edited after the first show. I am already noticeably less generous than the rest of the mod, and I think I was particularly hard on the actual pro wrestlers. And the CHIKARA guys I brought in were among the better acts on the card despite being jobbers <_<
-Speaking of which, on the last Thunder, the auto booker gave Quack three promos and a main event match o_O
-Buffing production would've helped and WCW is rolling in both starting cash and income, so I'll be doing that

Souled Out (hand): 65 FAILURE
ME: Hogan d. Goldberg in a (yappapi) strap match to retain, 80
MotN: Flair d. Savage, 81

last Nitro: 75 NEUTRAL
ME: Flair d. Goldberg 76
MotN: Hogan d. R. Steiner, 79

last Thunder: 65
ME: Raven d. Quack, D. Flair, Regal, 65
MotN: Nasties d. Guerreros, 72
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/19/19 6:24:33 PM
I might take a day or two off the next week or so since I think I'm gonna run out of feds soon and work is gonna be heavy. But today, WORLD MARTIAL ARTS COUNCIL

-Road agent....?
-Switch title to Olympus or Turbo
-I brought in Cassius Bright as my RA and he costs more per show than all my MEs put together lol. Pays to pay attention to numbers!
-Even accounting for that, cash flow is an issue...downgrade PV I guess? Most corners are already cut.

My show: 26 SUCCESS
ME: Olympus d. Turbo in Battledome (24)
uMotN: Superstar d. Yin Yang Man (43)

Today's random screen: Soul Calibur
A thousand candles of peace
02/19/19 6:40:46 PM
CHIKARA stuff seems to be statted with the idea that As are common when they're not really. I'd hit it with a nerf bat really hard. You could probably drop almost every stat by 1 letter and be balanced still. Especially considering they're mostly young guys.

I can't actually find the stats for WCW on the spreadsheet but my inclination assuming they're consistent with your WWE statting as far as stats go is that the product definition is not weighted heavily enough towards popularity
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
02/19/19 9:55:39 PM
I did 2 today. Sounds pathetic I know but there are an unusual amount of relationships for Goku and Gohan lol
Tom Bombadil
02/20/19 10:43:24 AM
Tom Bombadil posted...
I might take a day or two off the next week or so is gonna be heavy

it be like that

eaedwards6400 posted...
there are an unusual amount of relationships for Goku and Gohan lol

it also be like that
A thousand candles of peace
02/20/19 7:33:05 PM
I did 3 today but I had to sit hour seminar and then had an early dismissal
02/21/19 2:32:40 PM
I did all of these guys today:
Mercenary Tao
Master Roshi(Jackie Chun)
King Piccolo

I had to stop to go back to work but it is a decent chunk. I am now halfway through DBZ.
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02/22/19 10:41:51 PM
So, am I the only one capable of going? I ask because my computer blue screened today and has not been running well. We are looking into getting a desktop computer but I'm worried about my current computer crashing. I think I can finish DBZ but I dont wanna risk it further if I don't have to. In the event that it is just me, I'll upload each time I get a section done just in case.
Tom Bombadil
02/23/19 7:28:33 AM
alrighty back to the grind. today we are STARDOM

-Check announce team- think it was supposed to be Kyubey/Kizuna
-Miss X is kinda dragging down the referee slot; I'll replace her with....Isabelle. Yes.
-Backstage is 52, which is fair I guess given the Yoshiko/Act situation, but income is nice so let's buff it
-Nanae Takahashi became CEO of F/GO. ....Works.
-that's right it's time once again to bring in Becky Lynch as a locker room leader but hey she'd be fun in stardom so it works

My show: 49
ME: Io d. Takahashi to retain, 48 lolwut
MotN: Taiyo d. Act to retain, 72
Today's random screen: Pony
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/23/19 7:29:40 AM
If nothing else I have a BIT of tinkering I can do? Lopen is gonna Lopen and I think CPU is still school-ing pretty hard?
A thousand candles of peace
02/23/19 9:58:46 AM
yeaaaaah, and it looks like that's gonna continue further past this week. I can try and update when I can but can't say anything concrete @[email protected]'''
"I like to quote, because I feel dead people shouldn't be excluded from the conversation." -Stuart Firestein, currently still alive.
Tom Bombadil
02/23/19 10:01:58 AM
so yeah I'd say finish DBZ if you can and then I guess I can mess with some stuff until somebody is able to go <_>
A thousand candles of peace
02/23/19 10:56:01 AM
I may get the new computer sooner rather than later too. First things first I have to get my wifes car in the shop
Tom Bombadil
02/23/19 6:09:28 PM
sounds like a rough time :(


-Give Scott Armstrong ref why am I so bad at that
-They generate oodles of money and have no good outlet to use it.
-They're getting dinged for the announce team. .....Fair.
-I suspended Edge for beating up Shane backstage o_o
-I tried to patch things up between Punk and Ryback and it backfired twice so now they hate each other
-A heated rivalry has sprung up between Maniac and Morrison :O
-"Buggy the Clown joins WWF"

Royal Rumble (Hand): 85
ME: Rollins wins (last eliminating Reigns), 80
MotN: Cena d. Orton, 95

Smackdown (Auto)
MEs: Punk d. Owens (76); Reigns d. Batista (78); Batista/Lesnar d. Rollins/Reigns (81); Lesnar d. Lashley (81)
uMotNs: Braun d. Ryback (81); Lashley d. Umaga (74); Ronda d. Paige (75); Bryan d. MVP (82)

NXT (Auto, B Show)
Ratings: 55; 47; 54; 60
MEs: Braun d. Umaga (69); Jey/Khali d. Sandow/Barrett (59); Strowman/Zayn d. Harper/MVP (74); Strowman d. Henry (76)
uMotNs: Big E d. Sin Cara II (67); Paige d. Nikki (47); Charlotte d. Nikki (54); Ronda d. Paige (75)

Random screen: WoT
A thousand candles of peace
02/23/19 6:16:33 PM
Buggy shall be the modern day Doink and it will be great.
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris
Tom Bombadil
02/24/19 11:59:28 PM

-Could maybe use another couple dudes
-Lots and lots of injuries- safety buff?
-Move IC title to J. Hardy? (Perfect is LMC)
-Perf: Chyna, Jake
-Check Mankind gimmick
-Mechanically, they need drug testing. Flavor, though....
-Jeff Hardy got two dings for wrestling on drugs the first night of the mod. .....Fair.
-Backstage in general is kinda a mess! ...which seems fair
-Austin sustained a Nervous Breakdown
-This was too good to be a random screen:

Raw (auto)
MEs: Austin d. HBK (80); Austin d. Andre (77); Andre d. Taker (75)
uMOtNs: Rock'n'Sock d. WGTT (79); Rock'n'Sock d. Owen/Yokozuna (76); ditto (80)

Heat (auto)
Scores: 63; 41; 58
MEs: Jake d. M. Hardy (62); Dogg/Owen d. Slaughter/Hurricane (58); M. Hardy/Slaughter d. Goldust/X-Pac (65)
uMotN: NAO d. Rikishi/Slaughter to retain (65); Trish d. Sherri (56); NAO d. Funaki/Rikishi (52)

Today's random screen: F/GO

gonna have to finish this tomorrow
A thousand candles of peace
02/25/19 2:07:00 PM
new computer ordered! My wife feels as if we need it and we get it first since her car is only going in for a tune up.. who am I to disagree!
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Tom Bombadil
02/25/19 4:08:13 PM
WWF continues

-Tons of funds. Let's put em in backstage and production.
-the AI put Touhou's title on Cirno. Good choice.

Raw 4: 83
ME: Rock'n'Sock d. Andre/HBK (85)
uMotN: Slaughter d. Christian (70)

Heat 4: 57
ME: Gunn d. Rikishi (56)
uMotN: Moolah d. Stacy (56)

In Your House 1 (hand booked): 80
ME: HBK d. Austin for the title thanks to guest referee Vince (81)
uMotN: Bret d. Piper (79)
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/26/19 4:38:45 PM
kick it HARDCORE
two thousand whateva

there have been other games since then and they probably have their own music but WRESTLING MPIRE is the iconic one to me

-Need 3ish more dudes, probably all faces
-Coach Emerson role: RA
-mDickie and/or Ian Collins need better reffing

Sure Shot: 44 SUCCESS
ME: Sierra d. Lazer to retain, 51
uMotN: Cabal/Ultra Bull d. Slip/Obelisk for the tag titles, 38
A thousand candles of peace
Tom Bombadil
02/27/19 2:55:22 PM
I still want a better name/acronym for WRESTLING OF THE GOLDEN WITCH. When They....Combat? 07th E....ntertainment?

-Right at min roster, maybe a couple more dudes
-My show sucked and I don't think I did anything particularly wrong. Buff time.
-Can also afford to bump up PV and BQ
-Krauss makes flavor sense for holding the Headship, but he's an opener. Maybe I should put it on....sigh....Ange. Or we could screw the flavor and stick it on Bray Wyatt.
-I booked Erika to win the Headship, forgetting the whole men-only plot point >_>
-"Kinzo is feeling vindictive- Beatrice must not gain any more popularity in Japan" This is one of those relationships that I think would benefit from 2020's more complex relationship system if we convert it. ....we're going to wind up converting it aren't we

My show: 30 FAILURE
ME: Beato d. Battler to retain (37)
uMotN: Lambda d. Bern (32)

Random screen: B8WL
A thousand candles of peace
02/27/19 3:49:08 PM
The first thought that comes to mind is 'When they Fight', but that might be too generalized?

...And I feel like an ass saying this, because I *like* Bray still, but I would like to point out that would involve putting a title on Bray Wyatt. George is a potential option, or someone that gets added to round out the roster?

....and that seems not unlikely, yes. ._.'
"I like to quote, because I feel dead people shouldn't be excluded from the conversation." -Stuart Firestein, currently still alive.
Tom Bombadil
02/27/19 4:00:46 PM
my main thing is I want it to be an acronym that you might reasonably look at and say "oh, umineko" otherwise I kinda like Wrestling of the Golden Witch. But the only things I can think of are When They Cry and 07th Expansion, neither of which have wrestling fed backronyms jumping out at me.
A thousand candles of peace
02/27/19 4:09:51 PM
...Umineko:Where There's Conflict/There're Contests, potentially? U:WTC?

...I got nothing for 7th Expansion, either. ._.'
"I like to quote, because I feel dead people shouldn't be excluded from the conversation." -Stuart Firestein, currently still alive.
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