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Full Throttle
04/06/17 12:27:21 AM

Is Morgan Hot?

19 y/o Morgan Barley from California, a college student showed off her amazing weight loss journey as she gained 70 pounds because of depression and has posted her before and after pics on instagram which they keep DELETING for no apparent reason as Morgan is heartbroken that the site is doing..but has since been put back up after an appeal.

She shared 2 pics of herself in a swimsuit that shows her before and after pics as she wants to encourage others to find themselves to live a healthier path in life and was shocked that they had been taken down..

Morgan said "Somebody took their time to report this photo and have it deleted"..but she's not letting other people's negative reactions to keep her from celebrating her body and her weight loss

She said "So yeah, i've lost over 110 pounds and i think i look pretty freaking BOMB in a BATHING SUIT on the beach, and that's after a lifetime of letting insecurities hold me back from experiencing life. yes i'll continue to wear a full lace of makeup to the beach and yes, i'll continue to be DAMN proud of who i've worked so hard to become"

Instagram guidelines forbids nudity including images showing sexual intercourse, genitals, close ups of full nude buttocks which NONE have appeared on her photos. Those posts have been put back on the site

Morgan says she's sharing her journey with other people feeling low on their body and was devastated that instagram took the side of TROLLS that she was showing nudity when she didn't.

She has ovarian torsion which means she would not be able to have children that caused her depression and said she felt her body was failing her and could not have control what was happening in her life..after reaching 300lbs she decided to have weight loss surgery and changed her eating habits and took care of herself with a healthy diet and exercise routine

Morgan is not letting trolls dictate her success and learned how to fight off haters as 30,000 people have since liked her as she says if she can do it, so can you!!

Morgan is now at 172lbs and says she's never felt better about herself!

Is Morgan Hot? let's see what people think...(before you judge, she actually really IS, so trust me on that!!)

(and even though i see no nudity, i'm gonna censor them anyway since i was warned for the same thing 5 days ago when it showed NONE)

Morgan -




PROOF Morgan is attractive - Present Day
call me
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04/06/17 12:27:54 AM

her veins look like the hiroshima bomb is thats what she means
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04/06/17 12:28:27 AM

Woa she is cute in her present day photos.
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04/06/17 12:31:50 AM

I mean.... She looks a lot better than before, and i'm not going to shit on someone for making such a drastic improvement. I do get annoyed when 'journalists' write eye rolling puff pieces about how 'stunning and sexy' a morbidly obese landwhale is that has done nothing to improve themselves, but this girl has made massive improvements in a relatively short amount of time so she deserves to have a little body positivity.

Give her another couple years and a little bit of plastic surgery to fix those stretch marks and she could be a babe.
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04/06/17 12:32:45 AM

MrK3V posted...
her veins look like the hiroshima bomb is thats what she means

I think those are stretchmarks.

She has a nice face. She's attractive for a big girl.
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04/06/17 12:34:15 AM

MrK3V posted...
her veins look like the hiroshima bomb is thats what she means

damn son
BasileosPetros, KhanofKhans, CokeZero, and many more
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04/06/17 12:34:37 AM

She's got a cute face but I still would never fuck her if given the opportunity.
How can one person post so much stupid s***?
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04/06/17 12:38:11 AM

Lose the makeup and see how HOT she is then, lmao.
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04/06/17 12:39:33 AM

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04/06/17 12:54:44 AM

still gross
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