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Full Throttle
04/05/17 11:33:37 PM

Did you go to a school that had Police Officers?

18 y/o Heifer, Nichole Cevario from Maryland faces charges for STOCKPILING weapons and EXPLOSIVES that she intended to use in a Mass SCHOOL SHOOTING!!

She planned a deadly attack and got a shotgun and bomb making materials before being pulled out of class by police last Thursday.

The "Honours" student is held for a mental evaluation after the teen's parents tipped off police on her plot against Catoctin High School

They found a journal filled with an in-depth plan on the April attack that had information on the school officer and emergency procedures.

After she's released from the loony bin, she will be charged with possession of explosive materials with intent to create a destructive device

There was a shotgun with ammunition, bomb making materials including pipes with end caps, shrapnel, fireworks, magnesium tape and fuse material in her room..

She intended to die on the day of the attack as police said she could have caused a mass casualty if her attack went ahead..

Nichole was an honours student and was observing the school safety procedures and kept an eye on the school deputy officer to know his routines

Investigators are confident on the intent charge but will have to wait on evaluation of her mental health before offically charging her as she worked alone on this shooting.

Did you go to a school that had School Police Officers?

Nichole - Busted

Her Arsenal -

Her School -
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XSquander and this psycho in the same state.

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