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Full Throttle
04/05/17 11:14:08 PM

Would you freak if the "Purge" became real in a trump administration?

Jared Kushner has just hired a Hollywood HORROR film publicist to lead his communications team at Trump White House...

Public relations executive Josh Raffel worked on the hollywood horror hit THE PURGE as he is leaving his role at Blumhouse Productions to take up the new offer.

He lead the Blumhouse publicity team since 2015 with the company by pumping out profitable low budget movies such as The Purge and Paranormal Activity.

He will take up the newly created White House Office of American Innovation as it was revealed last month by Trump to bring in new "business" ideas to further policy and help reform government.

The Office of American Innovation involves business leaders including Elon Musk, Tim Cook and Marc Benioff

Before working at Blumhouse, Josh worked with Glenn Beck and Sony

Would you freak if "The Purge" became real in a Trump administration? let's see what people will vote

Jared and Josh - Nepostism Hires




Purge -

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04/05/17 11:15:21 PM

The purge is fiction, just stop.
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04/06/17 1:09:56 AM

omg hes gunna purge everone!!! run 4 teh hills ermgerd!
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04/06/17 1:15:26 AM

There's nothing controversial in the decision, but it makes for humorous remarks, at least. Granted, he's just a PR guy rather than anybody who actually wrote, produced, or had anything to do with the film itself but that won't stop late-night comedians. Expect Jon Oliver to do a 5-minute bit on this.
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