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04/05/17 5:59:20 PM

Like this

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04/05/17 6:17:14 PM

TC likes fat chicks, at least claims to in other threads.

How fat is this girl, TC? If she's fat enough just be like "hey, I'm going to old country buffet with plastic bags in my sweat pant pockets. Wanna join me?"
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04/05/17 8:18:37 PM

Syncronous posted...
I want to be confident and I don't know how. I have nothing to offer this girl. At least if I had muscles that's something. I don't think I can drink alcohol in school without it going unnoticed.

Do this, ask her out.

If she says yes, good for you. Now that you have her, improve yourself so that you can keep her

If she says no, improve yourself so that the next girl doesn't say no

I know this'll be hard for us introverts but that's the only way you gain anything, ever
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04/05/17 9:28:25 PM

That sounds like a recipe for rejection, but I'll give it a shot. I mean, what have I got to lose? Besides my dignity and what little self-confidence I have.
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