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04/05/17 9:33:14 PM

Mormaurd posted...
1. Buy small house in a good neighborhood.
2. Invest in mutual funds.
3. Live as I normally do. No need for fancy cars or mansions or crap like that.

lol...why even post in this topic?
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04/05/17 10:03:18 PM

Questionmarktarius posted...
fire_bolt posted...
6) Create a platform for uploading videos to rival YouTube. Never play ads on it ever because I don't need to monetize the damn thing since I'm rich AF already. Set it up on a subscriber pay wall similar to how Twitch works, so that ANYONE can view videos but you can subscribe to the channel. All revenue from subs goes to the channel creator. Set it up to stream as well. Put both YouTube and Twitch out of business when all their content creators realize they can make WAAAAAAAY more money on my site. This allows content creators to have the freedom to create content the way they want without sweating likes, subs, views, or whatever the hell YT has added to the most recent algorithm. Allows channels to run their OWN ads (but not site sponsored) so they can maintain their ad revenue. In general, make a site where creative people can freely express themselves for our viewing pleasure.

Physically locate the server somewhere in orbit, so that no sovereign state can enforce censorship or copyright.

More likely to just buy some desolate Eastern European country and locate them there. Owning my own country would make sense for tax purposes tbh.
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04/05/17 10:25:42 PM

Vindris_SNH posted...
GOATSLAYER posted...
Donate 1 million dollars to cancer research, quit my job and dedicate myself full time to goat slaying.

You get a hundred bill and you only donate 1 mil to cancer research? Come on.

I read the title as 100 million lol. In that case I'd donate 10 billion to cancer research.
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04/05/17 10:31:17 PM

I would start a YouTube channel dedicated to blowing up exotic sports cars.

"On this week's show, we're gonna push a Lamborghini off a cliff, where it will land on a Ferrari!"
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04/05/17 10:42:42 PM

fire_bolt posted...
More likely to just buy some desolate Eastern European country and locate them there. Owning my own country would make sense for tax purposes tbh.

You could probably get a great deal on what's left of Sealand.
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04/05/17 10:44:42 PM

Sleep in for 365 days straight.
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04/05/17 10:45:48 PM

BuckVanHammer posted...
Get my family in order
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04/05/17 11:07:29 PM

Jesus gets his cut.

Then me and my family take the rest and use it to not work ever again.
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04/05/17 11:09:55 PM

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04/05/17 11:12:05 PM

1) Wonder why the check was made out to Dr. Evil.
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04/06/17 12:29:45 AM

Shin Kudo posted...
I read through a couple of these and it surprises me how much people will still waste time playing video games while having more money than you could ever imagine. Yes I know, video game site, etc etc but damn have the willpower to go outside at least

just because id rather play video games doesnt mean i lack the willpower to go outside

it's just that if i was a billionaire i wouldnt want to
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04/06/17 1:03:17 AM

2 chicks.

And I don't know why everything I'm thinking of is from Office Space, but I'd hire a big guy to walk around behind me with a giant 80s boombox playing a continuous loop of Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta.
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